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Best Vimeo Video Editor – Trim, Crop And Splice Videos

With 80 million active users, Vimeo is giving a tough competition to other video sharing platforms. It is a nice platform where people love to share their videos. For whatever purpose to share videos on Vimeo, you might prefer not to share it as raw or unedited. There are slip-of-tones to cut off, dull part to speed up, and fun part to add background music. To make a Vimeo video appealing, you can edit it using the right tools, even as a beginner.

Can You Edit Videos on Vimeo?


For most people editing videos is just simple cut and trim to remove the unnecessary parts. This type of editing is mostly applicable to videos that are shot with a phone. Videos which serve as tutorials actually require some serious editing with fully-fledged NLEs. It is not possible to edit a video using Vimeo. Worry not, in this post we will present you with several easy to use Vimeo video editing software.

Part 1: The Best Vimeo Video Editor

What's the best Vimeo video editor that is available on the internet? Here are the criteria based on which we picked the vimeo editing software.

• Time saving: user friendly and intuitive.
• Using efficient underlying coding that won't slow down the operating system.
• Basic and advanced video editing tools for various editing needs
• Handy presets for users to output best video quality for Vimeo sharing.
• Edit HD and 4K videos without crashing or freezing.

You may find it difficult to find all these features in a single video editor, but it definitely gets easy if you choose to use VideoProc as the prime Vimeo video editor. Below are solid reasons to crown this tool as the best Vimeo video editor.

Trim Video for Vimeo

• Highly intuitive, user friendly, and runs stably.
• Light-weight, less than 100 MB in size and fast even on old computers.
• It provides a quality set of video editing tools including the most useful multi-trim tool, crop, rotate, flip, soft-coded or hard-coded subtitles, watermark, cut, merge, and audio-video sync.
• Powered by the level-3 hardware acceleration to boost the processing speed significantly.
• HD and 4K video editing is butter smooth without any program crashes.
• 370+ input formats supported, rare extensions, DVDs, Video_TS, and more.

Let's check out some quick tutorials to use VideoProc to cut, trim, and splice videos together before uploading to Vimeo. But before proceeding further you should now download and install VideoProc so that you can use the software besides reading the tutorials. Check the download links below.

How to Trim Vimeo Videos With VideoProc?

Step1. Click +Video to load one or multiple clips.

Step 2. Once the video gets loaded, click Toolbox at the bottom, and double click on Trim.

Step 3. Drag the green handle to select start and end point. VideoProc will trim off the gray parts on both sides, and keep the blue part in between.

Trim Video for Vimeo

Can You Crop Videos on Vimeo?

At present, there is no cropping feature available in Vimeo. But you can use VideoProc to crop videos easily in just a few steps.

Step 1. Load a video in VideoProc and now click the Crop option just next to the Cut option.

Step 2. In the pop up window, click Enable Crop and select your preset for auto crop. Select Free from preset if you want a customized crop size. Then drag the white edges. Click Done when finished.

Step 3. Select output video format from Target Format. Change Video Settings like resolution, quality, aspect ratio etc. if required.

Step 4. Click Run to transcode your video.

How to Splice Videos Together?

Splice or the merge function is highly useful if you want to create a single video out of many. Unfortunately, Vimeo also doesn't provide this function too. You can resort to VideoProc to merge multiple clips together.

Step1. Open VideoProc and load all the videos at once. Or click +Video Folder to load the videos from a folder.

Step 2. From the Target Format select the output format.

Step 3. Click Merge option and also put a check on Auto Copy.

This will auto copy all the video settings like resolution, aspect ratio etc. Auto Copy help you remux video without transcoding. This is a time saving option for inexperienced users.

Merge Video for Vimeo

Step 4. Click Run and this will splice all your videos together.

Tips: You can also click Cut to select wanted sections from each clips, and then repeat step 3 to merge all the selected sections into a single clip.

Part 2: Best Video Editing Apps

In this part we are going to talk about the top 3 video editing apps for smartphones and tablets. Video editing apps can help you edit videos and directly share them to Vimeo from your phone.

1. Cameo

Cameo is the official video editing app of Vimeo. But it is only available to iOS users. If you do own an iPhone then you can use it create some good videos. Here's the list of its features below.

Merge Video for Vimeo

• Trim clips
• Change video order by dragging and dropping on the timeline.
• Apply themes to your videos.
• Add, edit, or delete background music.
• Add captions, title, and images.
• Create cinematic videos
• Directly share to Vimeo.

2. PowerDirector

PowerDirector works like a desktop video editor which uses a timeline based editor. Though it will take you some time to get used to this app but the time that you'll invest in it will help you create awesome videos.

Cameo for Vimeo

Apart from basic video editing you can use features like slow motion video editing and green screen. Green screen or chroma key is a kind of special effect which Hollywood movies use the most . It also includes several transition effects and can export your videos to Full HD or 4K resolutions. But its advanced features aren't free.

3. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is another best video editing app with a desktop-like video editor design. The best thing about it is that it lets you add multiple videos, text titles, stickers, overlays without confusing you as all the media will be clearly visible. Some of its notable features are as follows.

Cameo for Vimeo

• Reverse videos with ease.
• Use speed control for slow motion videos.
• Apply color filters
• Add voiceovers, background music, sound effects and voice changers.
• Use basic tools like trim, crop, and splice.
• Export 4K video with 30 frames per second.


If you don't have any questions left then you can now start editing your videos before uploading to Vimeo. Use VideoProc if you're on Mac or Windows to enjoy big screen editing, and use above mentioned Apps for rough cut on the go.


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