Top 4 Video Filter Tools (Online) for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone

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Video filters can be thought of as effects that are put to normal footages for enhancing its quality and making it more impressive. Queries of people searching for a potent video filter tool is not rare. Well, the market is filled with a large number of such tools, but it becomes difficult to find the one which shall be in sync with your specific editing needs.

Keeping such things in mind, we have collated a list of 4 best video filters that can assist you in all your video editing chores.

VideoProc - Best Video Filter Software on Windows/Mac

Be it 4K or HD footages captured using your DJI drones, GoPro or smartphones, you can smoothly edit all of them using VideoProc. Various preset visual effects and filters like Mirror, Grayscale, Painting, Edge, Lens Correction, Vignette, CMYK, Technicolor, Blur, and Sharpen can be added to the video tracks. The captured footages can be further fine-tuned by altering its image brightness, colors, gamma, hue, contrast, and saturation.

VideoProc is available for both Mac and Windows users. Its intuitive interface is well suited for amateur users who are trying to learn the tricks of the trade. After uploading the video, users will have to click on the Effect function button which resembles a magic wand icon. Doing this opens up the video effects controls and you can choose the video filter you like the most after previewing the same.


  • It provides 47 times faster results and that too without making any compromise in terms of quality.
  • Shaky video footage captured using GoPro, iPhone and similar devices can be stabilized to render smooth frames.
  • Text, logo, timecode or image watermark can be added to the captured footages.

Clideo - Best Online Video Filter Tool

This popular online video tool has been specially crafted for those users who are trying out video editing for the very first time. However, it packs in a solid punch in terms of features that can allow users to create professional-grade videos with a few simple clicks. Whether you wish to collate pictures, GIFs and other small videos to make a big one or simply create a funny meme, Clideo can help you do all of this and a lot more.

Users need to take their pick amongst the available preset and compare their looks. All communications are performed through secure channels that allow only authorized users to access the files. It is compatible with all popular formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, VOB, WMV and many more which opens up newer opportunities ahead of the users. All of this can be done without having to install any software as the tool works perfectly in your browser.


  • Videos can be converted to an array of other formats as per your requirement.
  • An intuitive interface makes the tool well suited for amateur users.
  • Videos having a maximum 500 MB size can be uploaded directly from the Dropbox account, Google Drive account or the device for free.


This tool cannot be accessed without a proper internet connection.

Chromic - Best Video Filter App for iPhone/iPad

Wish to bring Hollywood style color-correction filters to your home-style iPhone videos? Then think no more and opt straight for Chromic which comes powered to the core by a highly advanced image processing engine. It can seamlessly load videos in a digital negative form and develop it into expressive movies.

Chromic presents users with a variety of filters such as Dramatic Hollywood Environments, Film Emulation, Authentic Vintage Aging, Antique, Split/Tone, Special Effects, Monotone and Pastel Colors. You can enjoy a preview of the video footage in each of these filters before taking your call regarding the same. Users are also allowed to take their pick amongst 9 adjustment parameters of contrast, exposure, vibrancy, saturation, temperature, shadows, hue, sharpen/blur, highlights and straighten.


  • All the edited videos are stored in the iOS Photo Library so that users can access and share it easily with others.
  • The full-screen view of the player can be enjoyed in landscape mode which makes it easy to edit videos.
  • Users can scrub through videos by dragging the footages left or right. Similarly, they can set filter strength from the filters preview by dragging the videos up and down.


Audio quality gets hampered after importing the video.

Quik - Best Android Video Filter App

Quik serves as the best tool for novice users as it allows them to create awesome videos with a few taps. All you need to do is select your preferred videos and this video editing tool can next work its magic on the selected frames. Quik allows users to add videos from Dropbox, Google Photos, Albums, Gallery, GoPro Quik Key, and GoPro Plus.

It can access data from the GoPro footage and analyze the same to select the perfect moments. Both colors and faces get auto-detected by Quick for perfectly framing each photo. The interesting point or layout can even be adjusted manually. Users are provided with 23 different themes wherein each one of them have graphics and transitions designed for specific occasions. The filters, font, and graphics can even be adjusted for blending in with your particular style.


  • Videos can be fully customized with this free tool by reordering, rotating and trimming the footages.
  • The footages can be played either in Slo-Mo or sped up for that added punch.
  • Title slides and text overlays can be added to personalize your story. Users can even add emoji for rendering a personal touch.


Tends to crash often.

Final Words

All of the tools mentioned above come with their specific set of bells and whistles. But VideoProc stands out from its peers with its immense possibility. This fully GPU accelerated tool can provide buttery smooth results and that too without making any compromise in terms of quality. So, download it today and get ready to stun everyone with premium-grade results.

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