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Best 5 Google Movie Makers You Should Know

A couple of days ago, my friend asked me that if Google Chrome would be capable of editing videos, proving a fact that a lot of people could hear of how powerful Google Chrome is, while the majority have no idea how to use Chrome properly.

Google Chrome features an intuitive interface, fast running speed, and high stability that dramatically elevates the surfing experience. Plus, it has a strong expansion capability that allows users to enable plug-ins to achieve a variety of functionality.

More importantly, you can directly get the extensions you need from Chrome web store. Those plug-ins downloaded from the Chrome web store are clean and safe, you don't need to concern the security issue.

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To solve my friend's query, I am about to offering some insights regarding several top Google movie Maker extensions in this post.

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Besides, you can add some nice visuals to your movie by adding filters/subtitle files, adjusting image color, combining clips, etc., or make a screencast using built-in screen recorder.

VideoProc Interface
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#NO 1: MovieStudio

Trusted by more than 150,000 users, MovieStudio is a simple and timeline-based video editing extension used to composite clips, add images/watermark/titles and post video directly to YouTube.

In addition to adding the clips to the layer from the local hard drive, you can paste a WEBM/MP4/MP3 URL to your library, or you can import a recording/image from webcam in real-time by clicking on the red buttons in the top left corner of the viewer.

In the timeline panel, drag and drop the clips from the library on the right side, you will get clips combined. Moreover, you are allowed to shorten or extend the video time by dragging the green arrows on two side.

If you are not pleased to the clips, highlight it and hit the Backspace/Delete key to remove it from the timeline. When you finish creating, move to the Project Option tab and click xxx to generate a new video (it takes you a while). After that, you can save or upload the video as you wish.

Movie Studio
Movie Studio


  • • Support local files and URL files.
  • • Very simple to use.
  • • Upload 1080p videos for free.


  • • There are Ads get in the way everywhere on the main screen.
  • • Only support MP4, MP3 and WEBM files.
  • • Lack of basic editing features like cutting, cropping, rotating, etc.
  • • Video aspect ratio is automatically switched to 16:9.
  • • It takes time to open this Google movie maker and render the clips.

#NO 2: OpenShot Online

It's an online version of the open-source video editing software – OpenShot.

This Chrome editor has the completely the same interface as the desktop version, but the biggest difference is that you cannot load the video or audio files directly from the hard drive instead of importing video files from hard drive/Google Drive to the File Manager at the very beginning.

To save files from this Chrome editor, you should export clips to the File Manager first and download clips from the File Manager later.

In this Google movie maker, you can do the basic editing to the clips, such as cutting, trimming, scaling, resizing and rotating. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to add nice visual transitions and a variety of filters to the clips.

However, you will notice the operations in this Google movie maker followed a bit of lag, which results in wasting time to respond to every editing step. And the monitor does not play videos at good quality.

OpenShot Online
OpenShot Online


  • • More editing features like cutting, trimming, scaling, resizing, etc.
  • • Support VP9, HEVC, AVCHD, MPEG-4, OGV, Blu-ray and other video formats.
  • • Unlimited tracks.
  • • Transitions and filters available.


  • • It takes time to respond to every editing step.
  • • Troublesome to import and save files.
  • • Discontinuous upgrade and maintenance.

#NO 3: Avidemux

I would like to tell you that this Google movie maker is very similar to VLC in terms of functionality.

Firstly, this small Chrome editor possesses several popular video profiles, covering FLV, MPEG2, PMEG4, AAC, MP3, AVI, MKV, MP4 and more, which allows you to convert movies to the most compatible one.

Pair that Avidemux makes it possible to join multiple movies into one with no need to adjust on the timeline (but the movies being combined should be the same resolution, or you will get an error message), it deserves the name of "Chrome VLC".

Let say that there is a damaged part over the movie, you can go through the entire movie frame by frame and cut it off.

Also, you can adjust image color by enabling contrast, hue, saturation, contrast, brightness to yield a better visual. Last but not least, you can load subtitle files (.ass/.ssa, etc) to make your movie easier to understand.



  • • Build-in video converter can transcode videos to MKV, Flash, AVI, MPEG-4, AAC and more.
  • • Joining multiple videos with ease.
  • • It features cutting, resizing, deinterlacing, adding subtitle files, etc.


  • • Only one audio track available.
  • • Fails to combine movies with various resolution.
  • • It has no hardware encoding.

#NO 4: Video2Edit

Video2Edit is a browser-based and versatile movie make that has features like image rotation, cutting, video profile conversion. Users are allowed to import files via a URL, cloud services and hard drives.

But the point is that it always fails to recognize the contents from URLs, therefore, it would be nice if you could import files the via other two methods.

What sets Video2Edit apart from other Google movie maker. I guess it should be the ability to convert any video files as well as customize video specs.

If you would get a large video file that would take too much space to save, you could resize it by modifying frame rate, resolution, bitrate, codec using this tool. Moreover, it can help you remove the audio track from a video, which you will get a muted video.

That may be a good option when you are going to mix other background music to the clips.



  • • Supports dealing with video files via a URL, cloud service and hard drive.
  • • Converts any video file to WMV, MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc.
  • • Customize the specs of video files.


  • • Slow conversion
  • • It always fails to recognize the contents from URLs.

#NO 5: Screencastify

Apart from video editors, you may need a screen recorder to get source videos filmed.

Screencastify has enjoyed the name of the #No. 1 screen recorder for Chrome and had the features toward high quality recording, transcoding and basic video editing, which deserves to be a ground-breaking extension for Chrome.

What amazes me is that this small browser-based add-on is capable of capturing movies at 1080P@60FPS for free, which has outrun most of the paid desktop screen recorders and online recorders.

Also, it automatically saves the recordings you made to Google Drive (if you have signed in Google account at first), so you don't need to worry about losing your data anymore.

Last but not least, when recording is complete, you can move to its nifty video editor where you can crop, trim, add titles, transcode and more.

Using Screencastify


  • • Clean and intuitive interface with no ads.
  • • Cloud service.
  • • Highest video quality at 1080P@60FPS.
  • • Basic editing features.
  • • Upload movies to YouTube directly.
  • • Movie does not be watermarked.


  • • 5-mins video length in the trial version.

Closing words:

Using Google Chrome to browse online is the very beginning level for Chrome users. To dig out its strength, you should move to Chrome web store and get several add-ons that can give you a surprise. Hope today add-on review being able to help. Thanks for reading!


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Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share more creative content and useful information to readers. She has strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in video editing tips.

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