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How to Timestamp Video/Movie: Easiest and Fastest Way

Looking for the easiest way to add timecodes to videos or movies? You are in the right place. We are going to show you how to get a timer clock to appear on the video with the best-recommended tool - VideoProc. This simple yet powerful editor enables you to timecode a film, recording, and any other types of videos in seconds. Better yet, you can customize the timecode information and put it on your videos in your favored fonts, color, and size.

Add Timecode to Vide
Add Timecode to Vide

VideoProc - Fastest and Easiest Way to Add a Timestamp to a Video

  • Add dynamically time with or without year/month/day information
  • Directly drag the time stamp to change its position on the frame
  • Customize the size/font/color/transparency/position of the timecode
  • One-click to add subtitles/watermarks/effects to MP4/MOV/AVI/AVI/MKV videos

  • How to Add Timecode to Video/Movie at One Go?

    Step 1: Import Video to VideoProc

    Download VideoProc on Windows or VideoProc on Mac . Launch VideoProc and then you Click Video > +Video to load the source media to VideoProc. Or you can directly drag and drop videos from your computer to VideoProc.

    Step 2: Enable Timecode

    Click Watermark and then check the box of Enable Watermark and Timecode on the pop-up panel. Now you can find the dynamical timecode is already displayed on the preview window.

    Step 3: Adjust the Timecode

    Adjust the Timecode
    Adjust the Timecode

    1. How to Adjust the Time Information Displayed on the Video?

  • Check the box of Year/Month/Day, and then the video will be marked with year, month and day.
  • Use the up and down arrow aside of time information or input the accurate time to have an adjustment of the displayed time.
  • 2. How to Change the Timecode font/size/color?

    Click A to find 3 option boxes. And from the left, they are the setting of:

  • Font: The drop-down box lists the available fonts installed on your computer. Roll down to select the desired one.
  • Color: Click to set your timecode with the ideal color.
  • Size: Input the needed size value or you can use the up/down arrow aside that to adjust the size of the timecode.
  • 3. How to Change the Position/Transparency of the Timecode?

    Transparency: move the slider to the left/right to decrease/increase the transparency.

    Position: Drag the timecode directly in the preview window to anywhere of the frames. You can input the precise position value on the box of Left/Top/Width/Height, and then fine-tuning the position by using the up/down arrow aside Left/Top/Width/Height.

    Step 4: Export the Video with Timecode

    Click Done, and then hit Run. Now VideoProc is puting timecode on your video. The output folder will pop up once it finishes processing.

    Final Thought

    Besides adding timecode to your video, there are a lot more things you can do with VideoProc. This versatile video editor comes with a complete toolkit that allows you to cut, trim, split, merge, rotate, deshake, crop, resize, filter, and watermark your videos in just a few clicks. VideoProc offers advanced settings, in addition, to let you take over control of the output quality. So there won't be any visible quality loss even when you are handling some 4K videos. And the whole process will be easy and fast thanks to the support of level-3 hardware acceleration and the beginner-friendly interface. Do give it a go, a really excellent program.

    Free Download VideoProc to Timecode your Video Clips Fast with Ease


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