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Fix: VLC 4K Video Playback Greenish, Choppy, Freezing…

Does your VLC work well in playing 4K 60FPS videos? As a VLC user, you might have encountered the following plight. When you try to play a H.265/HEVC 4K 60fps video with VLC, your video becomes greenish or choppy. Sometimes, the VLC media player gets freezing after seconds of playback, or even interrupted by the prompt [Codec not supported: VLC could not decode the format "hevc"]. All of those are the real issues found by VLC users. So what are the real causes behind those errors and how to fix those VLC 4K playback issues?

Cause 1: Your VLC Media Player Doesn't Support 4K H.265 Codec

Solution 1: Try Other Free Media Players to Play the File

You can download a bunch of different free media players on your computer, such as 5KPlayer, PotPlayer, and MPC. Try another when one doesn't work. If your H.265 UHD video can be displayed smoothly in these players, it means the previous errors are only out of your VLC media player.

Solution 2: Transcode the 4K Video into Other Codecs Compatible with VLC, Like H.264

If you are totally a VLC fan and stick to that use, or have constant demands for transcoding videos, the excellent quality-oriented transcoding tool - VideoProc is strongly recommended. It can help you transcode your video at a full-GPU acceleration without any quality loss (4K remained). Below are procedures.

How to Transcode with VideoProc (4K HEVC to 4K H.264 for example)?

Step 1: Start up VideoProc > Hit Video button

VideoProc Video Convert

Step 2: Hit +Video to import the video > Choose 4K H.264 at the bottom > Browse to choose output folder > Click Run.

VideoProc Converts to 4K h264

As seen from the above, VideoProc is obviously an easy-to-handle tool to fix VLC not playing 4K video issue, even for entry-level users.

As a streamlined video processing tool, VideoProc allows users to convert any format/codecs, transform DVDs, download web videos and record screens before editing. It helps fetch videos in any form of being – incompatible to compatible, physical to digital, online to offline, ongoing to everlasting. And after that, you can creatively tweak those videos – cutting, trimming, cropping, and adding subtitles or varied effects. Light-weight and focused, VideoProc represents the outmost video editing efficiency.

Cause 2: Your VLC Version is Too Old

Solution 1: Get the Latest VLC Version (Version 3.0 and later ones)

In fact, the HEVC decoding capacity of VLC 3.0.0 has been tremendously optimized after being overwhelmed by plenty of unfriendly feedbacks about VLC 4K H.265 playback errors. From version 3.0, VLC ultimately supports HEVC decoding and allows users to process H.265 UHD much easier.

Solution 2: To Download a VLC HEVC Codec Pack

By downloading and installing a VLC H.265 codec pack, you can actually add HEVC codec to your VLC, which will then be empowered to decode HEVC videos. But there are evidently two drawbacks about this approach. Firstly, you might download a virus pack that disguises itself as a normal codec pack, and that would put your computer and private information in danger. Secondly, it's not friendly for beginner-level users.

Cause 3: Your Device/Processor Doesn't Support H.265/HEVC

Solution: Replace Your Old Processor with an advanced one.

For example, you can actually obtain a HEVC-decoding supported processor, such as Intel-I7-core processor, to help process H.265 videos. To be frank, that is not among the most recommended ways concerning its high costs, unless you happen to plan on changing your old device.

Final Words:

To sum up, all the playback issues can be resulted from either the corrupted file, the incompatible player or low hardware specs. While downloading a variety of media players is much trivial and time-consuming, and we surely can't purchase every time an advanced processor or GPU when a playback issue be found, the most recommended way is to install a brilliant video editing tool -VideoProc, which can help you transcode the unsupported codecs/formats into universal ones.

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