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Solutions on 1080p GoPro Not Playing in VLC Media Player

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GoPro is a great choice for recording extreme sports events. Players' quick movements can be smoothly recorded with excellent quality. You can shoot many videos and playback in other media players such as VLC media player. (VLC Fail to play? See quick fix here.)

However out there are some problematic situations which frustrate users. First, many GoPro videos cannot be played in VLC. Although VLC claims to support various kinds of recorded videos, some GoPro users reflects that they are unable to be played in VLC. Second, videos in giant file size can't be played in VLC in some times. GoPro videos usually occupy large file size owing to its big code rate and frame rate. Thus if 1080p GoPro videos can't be played in VLC, you don't expect bigger-sized 4K videos be played well in VLC, either.

In the following, we are going to analyze the reason why 1080p GoPro video cannot play well in VLC, and how to troubleshoot that problem in the most fast and flawless way. Keep reading.

VLC Fail to Play GoPro Video

Why GoPro Videos Can't Be Played Well in VLC?

There are two possible reasons:

  • Step 1. GoPro videos can't be played in VLC.
  • Is the video corrupted? Absolutely not. The reason lies in the encoding system of GoPro videos. As the code rate, frame rate or the format of the videos are not compatible with VLC, so some videos are unable to be played.

  • Step 2. VLC doesn't support large-size videos.
  • As we know, GoPro are applied to record action videos which requires high resolution, high frame rate (even up to 240fps), and high bitrate, no wonder the video file is large in size. The 1080p GoPro videos have, netherlessly to say, a resolution higher than 720p videos so that they are unable to be played in VLC properly.

A Rapid Fix to GoPro Fail to Play in VLC: Perfectly Solved by VideoProc in 4 Simple Steps.Easy-to-use & Error-free

As VLC doesn't support large file size videos, you can consider compressing your large sized video into a smaller sized one. VideoProc can compress the action video to a sound size with lossless quality. Below are the step-by-step guide to compress the video. To begin with, free download this clean and lightweight tool in your Windows (10, 8, 8.1, 7) or Mac (Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina (10.15)).

VideoProc - Why Is it the Best Troubleshooter for Video Format Conversion?

  • 100% safe and clean software.
  • More than 420+ media formats are well-supported.
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  • Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology for rapid processing.

Download VideoProc on Windows

Download VideoProc on Mac

Step 1. Run VideoProc and click the first Video graphic button. Then you will enter another video editing interface.

Step 2. Import your large-sized GoPro video(s) to the center editing panel.

You can click on the +Video button on the upper toolbar to upload it, or you can simply drag and drop the video in the center area. As VideoProc supports batch process, you can throw all files in it at once. If you have several GoPro 1080p video files packed in one folder, you can simply add them by click on the +Video Folder button next to the +Video button on top.

Step 3. Reset some parameters of your video.

After you have loaded the video, there will a pending profile window under the toolbar. There are two ways to enter the Format Edition panel: You can either click the Codec Option button in the rear of pending profile or you can click on Video tab in the lower bottom toolbar > click MP4(H.264) > click the wheel graphic icon in the tag's upper right corner, which can both lead you to the Format Edition panel.

Add 1080p GoPro Video in VideoProc

Next you can reset the resolution, frame rate (FPS) in it: move to the resolution box > pick up 1280x720 in the drop-down list. (For some uncommonly seen resolution, you can edit it in the Custom button.) > click Done in the lower right space.

Reset GoPro Parameters in VideoProc

Step 4. Export the new content.

Check both the Nividia/Intel/AMD and Use High Quality Engine checkboxes under the top right preview window > Click Browse button to set an output destination for your pending file(s) > Click the bottom right RUN button to start processing. Within minutes, you will get the perfectly compressed 720p video popping up (open output folder when the conversion is completed command is set by default).

Export Compressed GoPro Video in VideoPorc
Final Words

VideoProc supports more than 420+ format input/output thus it is a professional media converter; better than that, it allows you to customize your video by cutting, trimming, cropping, adding 10+ special filters, adding subtitles, adding watermarks, color correction, making GIF image, catching snapshots, creating M3U8 and much more, which makes it an efficient video editor, as well.

Free download VideoProc on Windows or Mac now to explore more unexpected possibilities and dig out more fun!

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