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Is it Possible to Sync Audio with Video in VLC? [Perfectly Solved]

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Sometimes when you are in the middle of an action thriller film, your nerve tense, face stern and you are ready to enjoy the thrilling denouement. However, you are dragged back into the reality as the audio delays - the sound lags behind the video. You are not alone. Many users have been bothered by the similar video/audio out-of-sync issue, here is one cry from them:

Is there a way to resync audio when the video and audio don't match? In some video files the audio is like a second behind or ahead, and that's really annoying. Can you like press a button to make the audio jump ahead or back a few milliseconds, or something like that?  — from VideoLAN Forums

Honestly speaking, audio/video asynchronous issue happens from time to time. There, two main reasons are responsible for the problem. Firstly, the file itself is out of sync which counts for one possible factor. Secondly, the frame rate's change while editing or during video format conversion process is the other possible factor.

Sync Audio in VLC Media Player

To sync audio in VLC media player, you need to do the followings:

  • Step 1. Open VLC media player.
  • Step 2. Click Tools on the top menu you will see the go-down list and move to Preferences at the bottom list.
  • Step 3. Click the Audio tab and check All in the bottom to see the extent audio preferences.
  • Step 4. Find the Audio desynchronization compensation in the audio preferences. Then you can set it either in positive or negative way. For example, if your audio is playing 1 second ahead of video, enter negative -1000 milliseconds in the box; if the audio lags 1 second behind the video, press positive +1000 milliseconds in the box.
  • Step 5. After the correction is done, click the Save button in the right corner to match up audio track with video track.
Sync Audio in VLC

Some users reflect that even though VLC media player can fix the asynchronous issue, it is only working well on the PC. However, those changes are not permanent:

I use an external HDD to watch some programme on my TV. These are stored on my PC. I fixed some out of sync subtitles using the advice you offer and it works perfectly on the PC using VLC media player. However the changes are not saved and once it is transferred to the external HDD they are out of sync again. Can you please tell me how to save the changes permanently. - from VLC Help

If You Call for One Permanent Way to Sync Audio Track with Video Track: 4 Simple Steps to Sync Audio with Video Using VideoProc.Easy-to-use & Errorless Troubleshooter

To begin with, free download this clean and lightweight tool in your Windows or Mac.

VideoProc - The Ultimate Killer to Audio Unmatch with Video Issue.

  • It supports more than 420+ media formats conversion.
  • Auto-copy technology retains you 1:1 video and audio quality.
  • Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Engine built-in for rapid processing.
  • Intuitive user interface and all-round features give you a wonderful edition experience.

Download VideoProc on Windows to match audio with video.

Download VideoProc on Mac to match audio with video.

After you have finished the installation, see how to rectify stuttering audio track step by step.

Step 1. Run VideoProc and click the first Video graphic button. Then you will enter the video editing interface.

Step 2. Add out-of-sync video in the center editing panel.
You can click on the +Video button on the upper toolbar, or you can simply drag and drop it in the center area.

Step 3. Audio&video synchronization.
After you have loaded the video, there will a pending profile window under the toolbar. Click the Codec Option in the rear of pending profile then you’ll enter another Edit Window. Click the Edit Video tab > check the Recalculate time stamp (Force a/v Sync) checkbox under the Audio&Video tab. Click Done in the lower corner and you will go back to the last interface.

Sync Audio Track in VideoProc

Step 4. Save the synced video and export it.
After you have synced the audio track with video track, you can now export it to your selected file folder. Click the RUN button to start processing. With its built-in Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Engine, within your eyes blinking, you will get the perfectly synced video popping up ("open output folder when the conversion is completed" command is set by default).

Save Synced Video

Bonus tip

If you want to watch the video in other devices such as iPhone, iPad, PS4, Samsung, HUAWEI, and other Android phones, you can rapidly pick up the compatible format under Device tab in the lower toolbar to customize your preferences while you are syncing the audio track with video track, which will surely return you twice the result with half the effort at the same time.

Final Words

VideoProc is a professional and efficient video editor that can be a good fixer if, say, your iPhone video and audio are out of sync.
Besides, it is one-stop video software that makes it easy to download, edit, convert, resize and adjust 4k ultra high-definition (UHD) videos, DVDs, and music to produce a polished video you'd be happy to share. No matter you are a pro or just getting started, powerful VideoPro can be your perfect choice.

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