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How to Use VLC to Convert AVI to MP4 Video on PC/MAC [6 Steps]

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What you Should Know About AVI and MP4?

Before converting AVI to MP4 by using VLC, you should also know AVI and MP4 are both popular video container format for today's video. Although they share some common features - they can maintain the best quality of the video after compression and have wild compatibilities with many most commonly seen electronic devices, they have apparent differences at some point:


Below are the differences between MP4 and AVI. The platforms and devices that go compatible with MP4 and AVI vary. In addition, AVI often comes with a larger size than MP4 and other formats of videos, mainly due to its minimal compression features of supported codecs. Briefly, the supported codecs of MP4 and AVI varies, and as a result, they support different platforms and devices.

Supported Platforms
Supported Devices
AVI Microsoft HD, Full HD codecs like DivX, Xvid, Cinepak, Motion JPEG Windows-based media players like Windows Media Player Microsoft devices, game console, and some Android devices.
MP4 MPEG 4K Ultra, UHD codecs like AVC MPEG-4, and H.264 video codecs Almost all the media players All the portable devices

What if you want to play AVI videos on your iPhone or MacBook? That means, need to transcode AVI to MP4. To get that work done, you need to use a decent AVI to MP4 converter. Among many options of converters around, VLC media player ranked top as it allows you to make things work without a penny. Now, follow my steps to convert AVI to MP4 using VLC in just 6 steps.

How to Use VLC to Convert AVI to MP4 on Your PC or Mac?

VLC is an open-source media player that allows you to play almost all types of video files and do video conversion or compression tasks with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and some others. This guide is carried out on Windows 7.

Step 1: Install VLC to your PC

  • Go to VLC official site to download the installation package: videolan.org.
  • Select the right one from the 6 versions provided by VLC official site.
  • You are not suggested to install VLC on your system disk.

Step 2: Import Video to VLC

  • Launch VLC and click the Convert/Save button.
  • Click the Add button to import one or more AVI video files to be converted.
  • Click Convert/Save to end this step.

Step 3: Select Output Path

  • The Target file box will allow you to choose a destination folder for your output video files and to name your new video.

Step 4: Set MP4 as the Target Format

  • Click the Profile button and choose MP4 from a list of available formats.

Step 5: Other Settings

  • Under the tool-box icon (Edit selected profile), you can adjust many features for the output video such as its resolution, frame rate, and bit rate, etc.

Step 6: Start the Conversion

  • When finished the setup, click the Start button to begin the conversion. You’ll find the output MP4 file in the destination folder you set before.
Select Output Folder Path
Select Output Folder Path

Although VLC can transcode AVI to MP4 with its basic feature, it always gives much comprise to quality and the conversion process is usually slowed down by the large size of AVI files. Luckily, a professional converter like VideoProc can fix this issue easily.

Since VLC often causes quality loss when converting AVI to MP4 More people tend to: transcode avi videos to mp4 losslessly in one click as follows:

VideoProc can convert AVI to MP4 without visible quality loss thanks to the applied of the entropy codec technique. Besides, with its support of GPU acceleration capability, this video converter is especially applicable to the conversion of large video files and high-resolution files like UHD/4K footages at an amazingly fast speed - 47X faster than real-time play. Better yet, the interface of VideoProc is super simple and straightforward, different from the out-dated design of VLC media players, allowing you to transcode AVI to MP4 in seconds.

Before get started, download and install VideoProc on your PC or Mac computer.

VideoProc - The One-click Way to Convert AVI to MP4 without Quality Loss.

  • Convert or compress large-sized 4K/HD footages without quality loss.
  • Enhance video quality by dragging the quality slider without further ado.
  • Customize video parameters like bit rate to fine-tune video quality
  • Full GPU accelerated - process and convert videos at the world NO.1 speed.

Download VideoProc on Windows to Convert AVI to MP4

Download VideoProc on Mac to Convert AVI to MP4

Step 1. Launch it and click the +Video button to import the AVI video file into the program.

Step 2. Click the Video icon on the bottom of the interface where you can see a list of different formats. Select the mp4 format as the output format

Merge and Convert Videos - VideoProc
Convert and merge videos using VideoProc

Step 3. Click the Browse button to choose the destination folder and click the RUN button to begin the conversion.

Final Words:

VideoProc is not one-fold video converters that can only transcode videos into one format. Totally it supports more than 370 built-in video and audio codecs and comes ready to play ISO images, HEVC, MKV, MOV, M2TS, MOD camcorder footage in 1080P or 4K. Before conversion, the robust built-in editing toolkits allow you do basic editing works like cutting, trimming, rotating videos in just a few clicks.

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