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VLC Help - How to Free Convert WMA to MP3 with VLC

The easiest way to convert WMA to MP3, See the most recommended solution

Why You Need Convert WMA to MP3?

Most Internet users may encounter the situation where they need to convert the audio formats. Although there are various kinds of audio players, not all of them can support the audio you prefer. Hence converting the audio into a common format is favored by many users. Among all the audio formats, WMA and MP3 appear most frequently.

Compared with MP3, WMA approaches the CD acoustic quality while MP3 sacrifices the acoustic quality for reducing the sizes of the audio files, yet the acoustic quality of MP3 is better than most audio formats with bigger sizes. What's more, in contrast with WMA, MP3 offers more flexibility in playing. MP3 can be played by nearly all players. MP3 is still the mainstream of audios formats by virtue of its small size and good acoustic quality.

How to free convert WMA to MP3 using VLC

Among those audio players, VLC (Video LAN Client) media player is a common one. VLC is a free and open cross-platform multimedia player, and most multimedia files can be played in it, including DVD, CD, VCD and various kinds of streaming media protocols. VLC is both good at playing and converting audios. Therefore, Users can convert audios in VLC. And here are tips of how to free convert WMA to MP3 via VLC.

Step1: Free download VLC and install it.

Step2: Open VLC and enter the converting interface.

  • Double click VLC to open the software.
  • Click "Media" on the toolbar and select "Convert/Save" in the dropdown menu.

Step3: Load the audio.

Click "Add" button to import the a WMA file.

Add WMA File to VLC

Step4: Choose output MP3 audio format.

  • Click "Convert/Save" (Click the arrow-down beside Play to open the drop-down menu. Select Convert/Save)
  • Under Settings > Profile, choose MP3 as the output format.

Note: You can also edit the current MP3 profile or create a new MP3 profile with your own ideal pick of encapsulation, audio codec and subtitles.

Step5: Click "Start" button. Then go to the file you choose to preserve and you can get the audio you want.

Create new profile

Although VLC can afford the job of converting audios, actually it cannot convert as professionally as play videos and audios. Meanwhile using VLC to operate audios need complicated steps and it's hard to fully master. Thus, we need to find out a better tool which can offer more practical functions and is easy to operate.

And we strongly recommend you VideoProc, with powerful functions of audio-editing and video-editing. It covers plenty of input and output formats, like MP3, WMV, OGG and so on. Meanwhile, it gets high speed in hard software and has high quality in transcoder. What's more, it even can extract audios from desired videos. Most importantly, it's easy to grasp.

How to Convert WMA to MP3 with VideoProc in 3 Steps? Batch convert WMA audio files to MP3 and any more other formats with Zero Sound Quality lossEasier & fast Solution

VideoProc -Your One Click Solution to Convert WMA to MP3

  • Losslessly convert WMA to MP3 and more audio formats in batch.
  • Quality enhancer: allow you to fine-tune video parameters like bit rate to optimize the clips' quality.
  • Beginner friendly: the straightforward interface enables you do any conversion job in just seconds.
  • Support of full GPU acceleration: the conversion speed is 47X faster than real-time play.

Download VideoProc on Windows to Convert WMA to MP3

Download VideoProc on Mac to Convert WMA to MP3

Step 1. Free download VideoProc and install it.

Download VideoProc

Step 2. Open VideoProc and import your audio.

  • Double click the software icon to open it.
  • Click "Video" button, then click "+Music" button to import your WMA file.
Load WMA Files
Load WMA Files

Step 3. Choose output format.

  • Click "Browse" button on the right of the interface and choose "MP3".
  • Choose the output path you want to save.
  • Click "Run" button to start.
Output Format
Select Output Format
Final Words:

Apart from audio format conversion, VideoProc still has plenty of other features. It offers a lot of choices in editing videos and audios. And it also builds a bridge between videos and audios. So it’s not a bad choice for you to have a try of VideoProc.

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