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iMovie VS Final Cut Pro: Which Should You Have for Video Editing?

If you are Windows users, here's the workaround for you: Recommended by [92%] Windows users

When we shoot some really stunning video footages by our mobile devices, sports cameras, drones, etc., we will need to post-produce them a bit before we share them to our social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.. If your footages are shoot by Apple devices, chances are that you may have iMovie or Final Cut Pro for the post-production work. As you can't have both the two operating at the same time, you have to decide to use one or the other. Which should you have for video editing? How do you know who's the best choice for you? Here, we have made thorough comparisons between the two top-rated nominees, iMovie vs Final Cut Pro, feature by feature. Continue reading.

It's worth noting that neither iMovie nor Final Cut Pro can be applied in Windows OS. If you are Windows users, here's the exclusive workaround for you.

iMovie VS Final Cut Pro

iMovie and Final Cut Pro are video editing software application developed by Apple Inc., and both of them can be run in Macintosh computers. In the following, we will make thorough comparisons between the two nominees with analysis on both strengths and weaknesses of each. Hopefully, you can make a better decision after reading. Let's begin with iMovie.

Part 1: Review on iMovie (10.1.13)

As is easy to use, iMovie is the preferred option by many beginners and amateur users in video editing. For some simply cutting necessities, namely, to cut some homemade video clips for fun, to create several powerpoint videos for presentation or to make electric albums for storage, iMovie can be your No.1 choice.

iMovie is free on almost all Macs, and you can obtain it from Mac App Store. To download and install iMovie, you have to make sure that you have at least 3GB free local space spare (iMovie 10.1.13 weighs in 2.23GB). It runs in macOS 10.14.6 or later well.

iMovie on App Store

  • Pros
    • 1. Easy-to-use and is friendly to most novice starters;
      2. Has a relatively intuitive user interface;
      3. Basic video editing features such as color correction, special effects, shakiness removal included;
      4. Eminent chroma key tool;
      5. 4K resolution available;
      6. Free of charge.

  • Cons
    • 1. There are two video tracks ONLY, which puts some restrictions on further flexible video editing;
      2. Some video formats such as AVI, MKV, RMVB, etc. are not supported by iMoive, which means that you cannot import or export those video formats in iMovie;
      3. 3D editing unavailable;
      4. Screen recording unavailable;
      5. Slow in rendering;

    Part 2: Review on Final Cut Pro (10.4.9)

    Final Cut Pro, Apple's professional video editing software, targets at users who call for more profound video editing features than iMovie provides, and professionals who want to create more meticulous contents such as film editing.

    In the year of 2011, Final Cut Pro upgraded to its latest version Final Cut Pro X. Massive changes have been made in this update: some Final Cut Pro old-versioned programs are not supported by Final Cut Pro X; some profound features that long exists in Final Cut Pro have been chopped in Final Cut Pro X; and big changes have been made to human-computer interaction interface. Under such circumstances, many active users of Final Cut Pro abandon Final Cut Pro X for many reasons. They satirize the latest version of Final Cut Pro - Final Cut Pro X an "iMovie Pro" and "iMovie-fication" because it is very similar to iMovie technically.

    To download and install Final Cut Pro X, you have to make sure that there are over 3GB free space in your local disk as the app itself costs 2.95GB. It can be run in macOS Mojave 10.14.6 or later, with 64-bit processor required. A minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360-degree video editing) and 1GB VRAM (for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360-degree video editing) are essentially needed.

    Final Cut Pro
  • Pros
    • 1. A trackless timeline;
      2. Multicam available.
      3. Muti-track shooting clip-cut available;
      4. 360-degree footage and HDR available;
      5. Support playback of 8K Canon Cinema RAW Light files

  • Cons
    • 1. If you want to import the old-versioned content into Final Cut Pro, you'll have to turn to third-party software;
      2. Nontraditional timeline-editing, takes you longer time to shut it down after rendering;
      3. A Mac app, can be obtained from Mac App Store ONLY (iOS device not obtainable);
      4. It priced at $299.99.

    Part 3: iMovie Vs Final Cut Pro Features Comparison by Chart

    We wrap up the idea for you here, and, in the following chart, you'll have a clear understanding of the main differences between iMovie and Final Cut Pro:

    Fianl Cut Pro
    Size 2.23GB 2.95GB
    Compatibility macOS 10.14.6 or later macOS 10.14.6 or later, 64-bit processor
    User Interface Intuitive Complicated
    Target users Beginners & Amateurs Professionals
    iOS support Y (iPhone, iPad) N (macOS only)
    Chroma keying Y Y
    iCloud synchronization Y N
    Fine-tune edits Y Y
    Family sharing Y Y
    Number of video tracks 2 Unlimited
    3D editing - -
    4K resolution 4K, 60fps Y
    Screen recording N Y
    Pricing Free $299.99

    Best iMovie/FCPX Alternative - VideoProc - Breathes New Life in Your Video(s)

    Why can VideoProc be the best iMovie alternative? VideoProc is a lightweight video editing software (weighs 49.2MB). It has an intuitive interface and is quite easy-to-use, just like iMovie does. Although has similar features with iMovie, VideoProc outshines iMovie in the following aspects: there are more than 370 input formats and over 420 output formats, both commonly-used container formats and other unpopular formats are well-supported by VideoProc, in which you can freely import any video format(s) in VideoProc and export them to any format(s) you require for; or, you can simply convert your incompatible container format(s) to any format(s) you desire with no restrictions.

    VideoProc - The Professional Video Editor [Mac & Windows]

    • Easy-to-use: Intuitive interface, most friendly to all users;
    • Make best adjustment on your video: Customizable editing features;
    • Can be used as a powerful media converter: Convert over 420 container formats freely;
    • Fully enpowered by: Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology, batch processing rapidly.

    Download VideoProc on Mac

    Download VideoProc on Windows

    In VideoProc, you can cut, split, crop, add special effects, color correction, chroma keying your video(s) out of your wishes and customize parameters to your desired extent.

    Brighten up iPhone Video(s)

    There are times that you shoot videos in low light and get the dark video contents afterwards. In VideoProc, you are able to adjust the parameters of these inferior video clip(s) and brighten up your dark iPhone video(s).

    >> Follow step-by-step instructions <<

    Change Aspect Ratio

    The video you take with your iOS devices, sports camera (GoPro), drones (DJI), etc. are shot in different aspect ratios, so when you publish them on your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr account, you will be rejected by incompatible aspect ratios or simply play them on different players, you will notice that the source video cannot be adapted properly to your screen. Your problem is perfectly solved by VideoProc.

    >> Follow step-by-step instructions <<

    Chroma Keying

    Chroma keying is a post-production technique for posing after-effects for your videos. With chroma keying, you can simply composite two image sources together and stitch them into one video.

    >> Follow step-by-step instructions <<

    Final Thoughts

    Despite the fact that Final Cut Pro is professional and has many daunting features, it is high in price and make beginners scratch their head over its complicated interface and sophisticated options. Some Mac users prefer iMovie to Final Cut Pro since iMovie is much friendly to novices and cost lower price than Final Cut Pro. However, as iMovie has limitations in some container formats, there are so many aftermaths brough with video rendering that cannot be overlooked easily. Try VideoProc, the best alternative for iMovie, which covers all editing features that iMovie already has but outshines iMovie by supporting up to 420 container formats conversion, you can enjoy a flawless video editing experience. Free download VideoProc and have a go with it now!

    1. Download VideoProc on Mac
    2. Download VideoProc on Windows

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