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Adobe Apps Are Not Working on macOS Catalina / Big Sur?

That's the 64-bit compatibility issue. Click Here to See Solutions.

macOS Catalina was at the receiving end of profound controversy since its launch on October 7th, 2019. One of the biggest warnings was shared by Adobe in its support page which pointed at the incompatibility of several of its applications with macOS Catalina.

The main reason behind this is the 32-bit applications which cannot run on macOS Catalina. This makes it difficult for older Adobe apps to function in the changed setup. Thus, if you have been using an Adobe application which has not been updated lately, then you might just receive an output error on launching the same in your Mac device.

Most of the Adobe apps run on 64-bit architecture. However, a certain segment of people who have not yet updated to the latest version of Adobe apps can be seen constantly worrying about whether they should update their Adobe apps or keep on pressing the 'Remind Me Later' button of the update prompt for macOS Catalina.

For further adding to the confusion, Adobe has also urged its users of Lightroom and Photoshop to delay the macOS update. Today we are going to take a brief look at this burning issue and prescribe the best way out from this fiasco.

Adobe Photoshop Not Working on macOS Catalina

Solutions to Adobe Catalina 64-bit Compatibility Problem

The easiest solution to this Adobe Catalina problem is updating all the Adobe apps to their 64-bit compliant versions. However, all the older 32-bit Adobe apps might not be compatible with the 64-bit architecture and in this case. It's best to continue using the macOS versions which are recommended for them.

Best Alternatives for Adobe Apps Which Are Compatible With macOS Catalina / Big Sur

Adobe has also revealed that all of its applications have not been tested for compatibility with Catalina. Creative Cloud apps or Acrobat DC are some of the biggest examples of such apps which are hanging from a thin string in the Adobe and Catalina debate.

Some of the other apps which are facing compatibility concerns are Presenter Video Express, Adobe Captivate, Speedgate and Fuse. HOWEVER, the same cannot be said about the rest of the applications mentioned above.

In this case, users can switch over to newer apps which offer similar functionality and are compatible with the changed OS of Apple platform.

  • If your Adobe is not working on Mac, then you can switch over the 32-bit Creative Suite of Apps to Creative Cloud.
  • Users of Adobe Fuse on the other hand can move over with Mixamo.
  • Users of Adobe Presenter Video Express can feel well at ease after switching over to Adobe Captivate.

By now, it seems no problem for Adobe premiere on Catalina, but - if you have installed some 32-bit plug-ins on Premiere, they'll not be able to use. You are still likely in need of alternatives for the video editor or the plug-ins and wait for the Adobe Catalina problem totally gets solved.

Try VideoProc - the Well Compatible and All-purpose Video Software for Mac

VideoProc is an excellent tool of Digiarty which can help users with an easy transition into the macOS Catalina (and even Big Sur, soon). This all-in-one software can be of great assistance in meeting various video conversion, editing, downloading and recording needs on your macOS. Whether you are trying to solve the problem when you can't import MOV file into Adobe Premiere, to merge multiple small clips into the creation of a Facebook story, or to trim a big clip into short and more interesting ones, VideoProc can get it all done for you in a seamless manner.

VideoProc is compatible with all the mainstream macOS versions as well as Catalina (10.15).

  1. Download VideoProc on Mac
  2. Download VideoProc on Windows

Let's now take a look at some of the features which sets VideoProc apart from its peer video editing tools available in the market:

  • It supports level-3 hardware acceleration which guarantees super smooth video transcoding and editing in 4K format without undergoing any quality loss.
  • Shaky footages captured by iPhone and GoPro can be stabilised easily using VideoProc to render a seamless and professional grade finish to the same.
  • Users can protect the authenticity of their documents by watermarking their videos with logos, texts, images as well as timecodes.
  • VideoProc allows its users to add multiple preset visual filters and effects like Mirror, Grayscale, Painting, Edge as well as Sharpen. It also becomes possible to make adjustment of image brightness, colors, hue, contrast, saturation and gamma.
  • It becomes possible for users to enable, disable and even export movie subtitles after making the selection of subtitle language. Users can add external subtitle files to their videos and also search for the subtitles online.
  • VideoProc makes it easy for users to mirror flip their videos both vertically and horizontally. The frames can also be rotated in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

VideoProc has already gained a massive fan following amongst its users who simply can’t get enough out of its massive potential. Such popularity has led its manufactures to the expansion of this software for covering both video and audio editing pretty soon.

Final Word

If your Adobe is not working on macOS Catalina, then VideoProc can come in to your immediate rescue. It packs in a plethora of features which can easily put most of the peer video tools to shame. You can even convert the end video into a variety of output options for greater compatibility. So, try it out for yourself and get ready to put a full-stop to this Adobe Catalina compatibility issue once and for all.

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