2 Easy Ways to Convert YouTube to WMV [Desktop, Mobile]

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When browsing through YouTube videos online, you may consider downloading and saving them offline for later playback. Unluckily, YouTube doesn't offer you any downloading tool to make it. If you can download YouTube, which format should you choose? Amongst a wide variety of video formats out there, WMV format, for being small in size for online streaming and data transmitting, is acknowledged as the most suitable format to store YouTube videos on both desktop and mobile devices. In that case, you cast doubts on: How do I convert YouTube videos to WMV? Today, we introduce you 2 easy methods to convert YouTube to WMV with simple steps. Let's have a look at them one by one.

Convert YouTube to WMV

1. How to Convert YouTube Video to WMV on Windows and Mac

WMV files can be both downloaded and converted using your Windows or Mac computers. There are a bunch of software that claim to do the job well, however, they can either download a YouTube video or convert it to WMV format. On that account, two pieces of software are needed to convert YouTube to WMV. In order to simplify the process, it is preferable to use one-stop software that can download YouTube video and convert it to WMV format with ease. The tool we are using is VideoProc.

VideoProc - The Ultimate Solution to Convert YouTube to WMV

It is one-stop versatile video processing software that can be used on all existing versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. On top of all its excellence, VideoProc rest assured you to convert YouTube to WMV in the most hassle-free manner while retain the high-definition quality when export. Besides free convert between broad video and audio formats, VideoProc editing wizard offers you a horde of edit functions, to name a few, you can add filters and subtitles to enrich the content of a video, and cut a YouTube video into the compatible length for various uses. After convert YouTube to WMV, you can extract the audio from WMV video into MP3 format, and crop the video dimension to any aspect ratio you would like.


  • A wide variety of formats support - Can free convert YouTube to WMV, MOV, AVI, and many more video and audio formats, and vice versa.
  • A-class video conversion capability - Convert YouTube video to WMV without compromising the quality.
  • Abound in edit features - Built with the powerful video processing tool that allows for free cut, crop, compress, resize YouTube video with no limitations.
  • A-level conversion speed - Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Tech ensures the YouTube to WMV conversion at full tilt.


  • None.

How to convert YouTube to WMV using VideoProc? Generally speaking, it takes 2 steps to convert a YouTube video to WMV format: first, we need to download and save the YouTube video offline, second, we convert YouTube to WMV. In the following, I'll take you around detailed steps:

Step 1. Download the YouTube Video to the Desktop

Download YouTube Video on Desktop
How to download YouTube video on Windows computer

1. Free download VideoProc on your PC or Mac, and open it on the desktop. After launching, click on Downloader.

2. Copy the URL address of the YouTube video that you want to convert, and paste the link to VideoProc.

3. After the source has been analyzed, choose MP4 format as the output format > click on Browse located in the Output folder section, and save the video on desktop.

4. Click on Download now, and you can access to the downloaded YouTube video on the desktop in a few seconds.

Step 2. Convert YouTube Video You Downloaded to WMV Format

Convert YouTube Video to WMV Format
How to convert YouTube video to WMV format on desktop

1. Click the backward icon located on the top left area of the interface and go back to VideoProc's launching interface > click on Video.

2. In the top toolbar, click the +Video button and import the downloaded YouTube video from the desktop.

3. In the bottom Video format tab, choose WMV format.

4. Set the location path > click on RUN to export.

A Bonus Tip:

What player can play WMV files? Being the Microsoft Windows Media Video file, the best solution is to use the Windows Media Player of its Microsoft family. As WMP has ceased services for macOS, VLC Media Player and 5KPlayer can serve as best alternatives for both Windows and Mac users.

Now, you've learned how to convert YouTube to WMV on desktop. Next, we introduce you how to convert YouTube video to WMV through mobile devices. Let's move on.

2. How to Convert YouTube Video to WMV on Mobile Phones

There are many mobile devices that support WMV format, to name a few, iPhone, Windows phone, Microsoft Zune, etc. For iPhone or Android users, you can download an application for downloading YouTube video on your mobile phones. There are numerous applications on the App Store, however, the app to convert YouTube to WMV should meet the demands of downloading YouTube video and supporting WMV format at the same time.

We tested those applications and have picked the best one - TubeMate YouTube Downloader. It enables you to convert videos from YouTube to WMV format directly. With it, you can save your favorite YouTube videos onto your mobile phone, and enjoy YouTube at the joy of no internet.


  • It supports converting between various formats.
  • It can directly download a YouTube video and save it to WMV format.
  • The YouTube to WMV process can be worked out through your mobile phone.


  • Can only be used on Android 8.1.1 and higher OS.
  • The video saved on your SD memory card may take large space of your mobile phone, which is not friendly to those with small storage space.
  • Can not customize any parameters of WMV format.
  • Extra app may be needed to play some incompatible formats applied to it.

Detailed steps to convert YouTube to WMV using TubeMate mobile app:

Convert YouTube to WMV on Mobile Phone
Download YouTube video and choose WMV format in TubeMate mobile app

1. Download TubeMate YouTude Downloader from Android App Store.

2. Copy the URL address of the YouTube video that you'd like to convert.

3. Open TubeMate YouTude Downloader on your Android phone.

4. Paste the link in its search box, then press the green arrow in the bottom of the screen.

5. Choose WMV as the output format > select the download quality.

6. Click on Start Download.

The Bottom Line

To watch YouTube videos offline would be a bliss for YouTube lovers to get the entertainment anywhere. Unluckily, YouTube officially doesn't provide you any downloading tool to make it. In that case, to convert YouTube to WMV would be the most ideal way to watch YouTube video when the Internet is not available. With 2 easy methods mentioned above, you can easily convert a video from YouTube to WMV format with several clicks and watch it on your desktop or mobile devices. Given that powerful conversion capabilities and free edit features, it is more recommending to use the desktop VideoProc to convert YouTube to WMV. Free download VideoProc now and convert YouTube to WMV in 2 steps.

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