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Upload YouTube Videos to Instagram with the Best Settings | VideoProc

YouTube has taken the shape of the world's second-largest search engine with numerous videos uploaded on this portal every day. The rich content of YouTube can also serve you well if you wish to fill up your Instagram feed whether in the form of posts or stories. Instances of users posing an exciting teaser of a YouTube video on Instagram for driving in more traffic is also not rare. Instagram also serves as the perfect platform for users to create a mash-up of YouTube content especially if you wish to take your followers on a trip down the memory lane of older content.

Video uploaded on YouTube can belong to a variety of quality ranging from 144p to 4K. Instagram being a mobile-oriented application has lower compression ability which is otherwise necessary for playing the content optimally with minimal buffering. Today we are going to share with you the method of uploading YouTube videos to Instagram while retaining its top-notch quality.

IG story, IGTV and IG post, which you should use?

Instagram support 3 types of video content, IGTV, Story, and commen post. They are diiferent for various video content. As an Instagram user, have you ever qustioned which one should you use? Here we made a comparison list according to several aspects, check it out!


IG Story

IG Post

Life span

They are like normal videos and stay forever unless deleted manually.

They disappear from public view after the passage of 24 hours.

They are like normal videos and stay forever unless deleted manually.

Time Limit

Users can post hour-long videos.

Allows posting videos having a maximum length of 15 seconds.

Allows posting videos having a maximum length of 1 minute.

Separate Application

Comes with a dedicated app.

Does not have any dedicated app.

Does not have any dedicated app.

User Interface

IGTV videos can be played by searching for your desired channel from a particular user’s profile or by pressing the dedicated button located at the top for going to the TV section.

Instagram stories can be accessed from the top portion of the home screen where all the stories posted by the accounts we follow are lined out.

Instagram posts can be accessed directly from the feed or by navigating to a particular user’s profile.

Part 1. How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram?

Instagram allows users to post YouTube videos having a maximum file size of 100 MB. It also imposes an upper limit of 60 seconds in terms of playback length. The maximum dimension can be either 1080 or less whereas the frame rate needs to max 30 FPS. MP4 or MOV is the preferred format for posting YouTube videos on Instagram with the video bitrate of 3500 kbps.

One of the oldest tricks of uploading YouTube videos directly from the mobile or PC is by using cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Once you have created an account, you will simply have to paste the video in the same before initiating the sync process. Ultimately, you need to share the uploaded video over your preferred social media platform which will be Instagram in our case. But in this case, users need to deal with the video for two different times. This time taking method can only suffice your requirements if you are dealing with a small-sized video.

Optimal Instagram upload encoding settings

Instagram is a platform with more restrictions on uploading videos. Besides the factors we mentioned above, there are more things you should take into consideration for Instagram uploading. Here we made a test and concluded the best Instagram uploading setting for better video sharing on Instagram.

  • • Container: MP4/MOV
  • • Video codec: H.264
  • • Resolution: 640X360 @5-6Mbps, VBR, 1 pass
  • • Audio track: Stereo AAC @320Kbps

But, whether you just want to upload successfully or upload with the best settings, there are many YouTube videos of large size, incompatible formats or bitrate. So you need other tools to convert videos that fit Instagram.

Part 2. How to Convert YouTube Videos to Instagram for Free?

Today we will take a look at VideoProc which is a GPU accelerated video converter software. It can help you convert YouTube videos into complete works of art with its stellar features. Let’s start with the steps in which it can help you convert YouTube videos to Instagram.

Step 1. Download and launch the software

Primarily you need to free download VideoProc in your Windows or Mac device. It is a light-weight program, supporting Windows 7 and later, macOS X 10.6 and later.

Step 2. Load a YouTube video to VideoProc.

Click "Video" to get to the video processing interface. Hit the "+Video" button to add the video/videos you want to work on.

Load a video to VideoProc

Step 3. Set the output format and other settings.

In this step, you need to determine the resultant file format. This can be done by clicking the "Video" option present at the bottom of the interface and choose MP4/MOV as the output format (here we take MP4 as the example). And double click the MP4 icon to set video resolution or audio track as we mentioned in the Optimal Settings part.

Select the output format
Set codec option

Step 4. Initiate the transcoding process.

You can determine the destination folder by clicking on "Browse". Ultimately, you need to hit the "RUN" button for initiating the transcoding process.

Export the video

Final Words

One of the biggest concerns plaguing video enthusiasts who wish to increase their Instagram fans following by posting video content is the issue of sub-par video quality. VideoProc can, however, keep you buffered from all such probability with its Level-3 hardware acceleration which can guarantee smooth results at a fast speed without making any sacrifice of quality. This 4K capable video converter can easily cater to your complicated transcoding needs without imposing a stringent learning curve. All these attributes make VideoProc the best choice for converting YouTube videos to Instagram.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate downloading or converting authorized or copy-protected media content.


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