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The Best YouTube Converter Software for Windows and Mac

A powerful YouTube converter may be simply designed for saving YouTube videos as the format we want. But when we start to look for such one tool, there are just so many things we need to consider or even lots of things we have probably not heard of.

But don't worry. In this guide, we will share with you all this information; and more importantly, we will do the searching and choosing work for you. Before writing this post, we have tested like 20 tools, all of which claim themselves as the best YouTube converter. However, we only picked 3, with our rules. And in the following, it is how we choose the winners.

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Part 1: The Criteria for Choosing the Best YouTube Converter

Does It Only Convert YouTube to Video, or Only YouTube to Audio, or Both?

When you are searching for the best YouTube converter on Google or somewhere else, some of you are looking for a converter which can change the YouTube video to another video format, like MP4, M4A, MOV; and some of you prefer YouTube to audio, like MP3; and perhaps, you want both.

While we don't know what exactly you want. And even though at this time you may need just only one feature, next time, you may need the other one, right? So to make everyone happy, and once for all, the first rule when choosing a YouTube converter is making sure that it supports both YouTube to video and audio.

Honestly, this is kind of a harsh one, which helped us weed out lots of the candidates.

Does It Offer a Range of Output Video and Audio Format Options?

Even though most of the users are looking for software to convert YouTube to MP4 and MP3, according to the user feedback, there are still a large number of people who want YouTube to be saved in WAV format, compatible with iTunes, and more. So as the best YouTube converter, it should carry a wide range of output formats, video, and audio.

If it provides the format compatible with the exact devices, for example, when you want to convert YouTube to save on the iPhone 11 Pro, the tool has the iPhone 11 Pro compatible format option for you, which would give it the extra points.

Is It an Online YouTube Converter or a Desktop Application?

Yeah, we know that most users prefer online sites to download and convert videos. Online tools do have their advantages. Online ones require no installation, compared to desktop applications. People can convert YouTube videos with just a URL. Most online ones are easy to use. Etc.

But desktop applications have their advantages, too. Compared to online ones, desktop applications normally can provide more format options. This is because most desktop applications have conversion features, and you can convert the YouTube video to any format you like if the original YouTube video format is not what you want.

On the contrary, most online tools are working more like information collecting. They can only convert YouTube to the format that they have found. Because they have no conversion features. Besides, some desktop applications will be also equipped with video editing features.

So basically, we would not say online tools suck, and desktop applications rule, or vice versa. But we will carefully check their features to see whether it is the best YouTube video converter or not. And as users, you need to choose the one which is more suitable, also according to its features.

Does It Have a Built-in YouTube Video Downloading Engine?

This one is especially for desktop applications. Among the tested tools, many desktop applications have no built-in YouTube downloading feature. It means users need to first download YouTube videos to the computer, then they can convert to another format. This is very unfriendly.

So as the best YouTube video converter, it must have the downloading feature. If it also supports downloading the whole playlist and streaming videos, that would give it the extra points.

How is Its Conversion Speed?

Conversion speed, we cannot miss this one. Imagine if the converter takes hours to finish a YouTube video conversion, can we call it the best tool? Possibly, we will get rid of it as soon as possible, and move on to the next one, especially when you have dozens of YouTube videos waiting for converting.

During our tests, we have the same YouTube material to record the time consumed for conversion. And the 3 picks can 100% ensure you fast conversion speed.

Is It Easy to Use?

The last criterion but not least is user-friendliness. Converting YouTube videos between formats is not a born nature to us, and not every one of us is a computer expert. So the best YouTube video converter should be easy to use, or at least provide some kind of tutorial or user guide to help us with any questions we may have.

Part 2: The Best YouTube Converter Software – VideoProc

Best YouTube Converter Software: VideoProc

VideoProc homepage

VideoProc is a multi-purpose desktop application. To be precise, its functions fall into 4 categories, video-related, DVD related, downloading, and recording. In the following, let's check them one by one, and how it helps us convert YouTube videos.

1. Video

This one is mainly designed for video editing, but that is not all about it. It is also good at video and audio converting. If you already have a YouTube video on your computer, in this section, the YouTube video converting job can be perfectly finished.

First, import your YouTube video with the +Video button; if you have multiple files needed to be converted, no worries, and just click the +Video Folder button to make it; if you would like to convert an audio file, it can do it, too, with +Music button.

After the video is added, on the left side, you can see its original information, like its codec, resolution, duration, audio track info, subtitle, etc. On the right side, it would show you the output info if you have already set them; if not, we will show you how to do it in the following steps.

VideoProc video info

Besides, you must have seen that there are also other features, like Effect, Watermark, Cut, Crop, Rotate, Subtitle, and the gear button codec Option. These options are editing features.

At the bottom, you can choose the output format there. Video box includes popular video formats; if you want to convert the YouTube video to the format compatible with some devices, then you can go to the Device box; the Music box has the MP3 format; the last one is Toolbox, which has nothing to do with the video converting. But it can polish your video with a bunch of editing options.

VideoProc Video footer toolbar

If in the Video and Music boxes, you did not find the format you want, you can click on the Target Format button for more. This feature ensures a wide range of output format options.

VideoProc target format

Lastly, you can just click on the RUN button to start conversion. The tested video file, with the size of 200MB, is converted to MP4 within 5 seconds. That is as fast as the flash.

2. Downloader

This is a downloading engine built in VideoProc. This one works when you plan to convert an online YouTube video with just its URL, and even the live ones.

After you enter this category, you will see 4 options in its top toolbar.

VideoProc Downloader header toolbar

Add Video would be what you are looking for. Click on it, enter the URL, and then check the Analyze button.

VideoProc Downloader add video page

It would then check the information on this YouTube video.

VideoProc Downloader analyze page

After analyzing, it would return the available video and audio formats for this YouTube video. So just choose the MP4 or MP3 to download; if there is no MP4 and MP3, no need to worry about it. Just select one random format to download, and after downloading, you can refer to the Video method above to make the job done.

VideoProc Downloader return page

Next, it will go back to the Downloader homepage, and there, just click on the Download Now button to save the file.

VideoProc Downloader download now page

Is this feature accessible for YouTube playlist and live videos?

Short answer, YES! And in the following, let's check how it finishes these jobs.

If you plan to convert the whole YouTube playlist, just paste the playlist link into the Analyze box, and it would show you all the videos in this playlist.

VideoProc Downloader playlist return page

For the YouTube live video, the operation steps are just as same as a normal YouTube video downloading. After you put in the live video URL, it would show you the options you can choose.

VideoProc Downloader live return page

The difference is that after you choose a video format option from the analyzing results, VideoProc enables you to not download the video, but record the video. And you can set the Start Time and the whole duration of the recording.

VideoProc Downloader start recording page

Besides YouTube, there are over 1000 other online video websites where you can use VideoProc to get off the files. Click here to check all the supported sites.

VideoProc supported websites

3. DVD & Recorder

We put these two features together because they have nothing to do with the YouTube video converting. But they can also bring you a lot of fun.

DVD feature enables you to backup your DVDs in different ways, or change them to video and audio formats. Recorder helps you record your computer, webcam, or both.

To Sum Up

VideoProc can be your best option for YouTube converting, with its both online and offline video converting service, and supporting for numerous output format options, fast conversion speed, clean interface, etc. If you have any questions about how to use it, there is this User Guide page to assist you and save your time and life. So why not give it try now?

Part 3: The Best Online YouTube Converter – OnlineVideoConverter

Onlinevideoconverter interface

At its homepage, there are three major functions provided for us, i.e. Convert A Video Link, Convert A Video File, and Record A Video. It is quite easy to understand what each function can do. And in the following, we will show you the specifics about each one of them.

1. Convert a Video Link

This one helps us convert a YouTube video, or some other sourced materials, only with the link. There is no need to download or get the online video saved on the local first. Then we enter this feature page to find more.

Onlinevideoconverter convert a video link

After we put in the URL, there are just several parameters that we need or can set. Format, More Settings, Video Quality, Convert From/To.

From the screenshot, we may see only MP4, but OnlineVideoConveter supports more formats. Audio formats include .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .m4a, .wma, .flac, .wav; video formats include .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .flv, .avi, .mpg, .wmv. Not all audio and video formats are covered, but the popular ones are on its list.

Onlinevideoconverter Supported Formats

When clicking the More Settings option, it would drop down with the Video Quality and Convert From/To options. Properly speaking, the Video Quality is about output video resolution (when you plan to convert YouTube to video), and audio bitrate (when you choose to convert YouTube to audio).

Convert From/To is an option to decide to convert which part of the YouTube video. If you want to convert the whole YouTube video, just tick the Start of Video and End of Video boxes. Or uncheck them, and set the exact period of this video that you want.

Then you can click the Start button to convert now. A 2-minute long YouTube video takes about 15 seconds.

Besides, it supports not only the YouTube website but also many other online video sites.

Onlinevideoconverter Supported Sites

2. Convert a Video File

If we have a saved YouTube video already, this one can help a lot. And here are the detailed steps.

1. Import YouTube Video. Surely any saved video can be imported as long as its format is WAV, MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, MKV, M4V, WEBM, FLV, or 3GP. And in fact, it is also an audio converter, supported audio formats including MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, FLAC.

Onlinevideoconverter convert a video file

2. Select the format. The supported output formats are just as same as those Convert A Video Link features have.

3. Click the Start button and wait for the conversion finishing.

3. Record a Video

This one is a recording tool. You can use it to record a video, even a broadcasting one, and the computer screen. But you need to download and install a launcher file first to activate this feature. Since this one seems little business of the YouTube converting topic, we will just stop here, but you can try it by yourself in the future.

Part 4: The Free YouTube to Video/Audio Converter Online – YTMP3

This is still a free online YouTube converter. So why it was chosen, and how it differs from the onlinevideoconverter software, which we have shown you in the last part?


Well, we noticed, and also have told you, that most users only ask for converting YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4. It seems they have little interest in another format. Maybe we are wrong about this. But anyway, to make the thing simple, we find this tool for you. It can help you change the YouTube video file to MP4 and MP3.

As you see from the screenshot of this software, its interface is very clean. Operation steps are also simple. You paste the YouTube URL in the box, choose the mp3 or mp4 button right below the box, and then click the Convert button to go. There is nothing difficult to deal with. Even the very little kids can do it, right?

And its conversion speed is good, too. A 2-minute long video was done within like 20 seconds for both MP3 and MP4.

If you want to convert YouTube to MP3 only, this software can be your best option. But please remember that it can only help you with YouTube videos with a duration of fewer than 2 hours. Playlist and streaming videos are not on its radar.


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