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How to Use Clip Video Converter to Get an MP4 & MP3?

Clip Converter is an online free tool that can let you convert your source video into the output format you want. In this post, we will walk you through how to convert a video to another format, namely YouTube to MP4 step by step.

Clip Converter is an online free video conversion application which allows you to copy & paste a URL or upload your video to it, then you can convert your video to the format you desire. Currently, it supports various media formats as follows: audio formats like MP3, M4A, AAC and video formats such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MKV.

As a free online converter, Clip Converter offers you not only postive gains but unneglected losses as well.

  • It is an online application with free service
  • You can specify the start and end time of your video to be converted
  • Popular media formats partially supported
  • Some of clip converters allow you to change defaults

    • Cons
  • Video URL you copy & paste is malfunctioning - you may be navigated to the fraud sites
  • Lack of media formats for different purposes
  • Default option built-in, unavailable to customize parameters
  • Unavailable to batch processing conversion file
  • Poor server infrastructure that easily drives you nuts
  • IE6 browser fails to support YouTube video conversion
  • An online tool, security untestified and data leak risk unknown
  • From what we've got from its users, online Clip Converter has far more cons than pros of its degree, which demonstrates that it isn't your perfect choice to convert a video clip and you need to┬áspend time on finding an alternative.┬áLuckily, we've brought you with the best video clip converter offline in the following part.

    Looking for a Versatile Video Clip Covnerter? VideoProc Is Just Your Way to Go

    You must be annoyed by the large-sized videos especially when you want to upload them to YouTube or send them through Facebook, Twitter, etc. while the uploading speed is enormously affected by the poor internet connection or limited bandwidth. Or, there's an occasion on which you want to get rid of the unwanted parts of your videos which you hurriedly filmed during your journey. Or, you may find it difficult to carry your treasured 4K/HD movies and TV shows in your portable electronic device such as your iPhone due to the video's incompatible format and its lumbersome size.

    All of these problems are resulted from incompatible video format or large video sizes. If you can just extract the important part of the video, and convert the video clip to the desired format, then these issues won't bother you anymore.

    To solve the problems above, we highly recommend you to make full advantage of the best video clip converter and video editor - VideoProc, for it can:

    • 1. Support hundreds of video formats to meet various requirements of players, playback devices, editors, video websites, etc.
    • 2. Cut a video into clips and convert video clips in one stop.
    • 3. Batch convert loads of video clips in one time.
    • 4. Rapidly deal with 4K/1080p HD video with its full GPU acceleration technology.
    • 5. Complete cutting and converting tasks in a few simple clicks.

    Free Download VideoProc to Convert Video Clips with Ease and Fast Speed!

    Convert Clip Video with the Best Clip Video Converter - VideoProc

    Before we start the guide on how to convert video clips, please free download and install this best video clip converteryou ever use, VideoProc. It is available on Window 10/8/7 and macOS Catalina as well as all of its previous versions.

    Convert Video Clips to Other Formats [YouTube to MP4]

    a. Load the YouTube video clip(s) that you want to convert by clicking +Video in the top toolbar. Or you can simply drag and drop all clip(s) in the center panel.

    b. Click Video tab on the bottom side bar to select an output format, for example, MP4. To have more formats, you can hit Target Format in which you can find many format categories in terms of different devices and websites.

    Select Output Format

    c. If you have some special requirements, you can customize video quality, and video/audio codes by clicking the Codec Option button to set up resolution, bitrate and frame rate etc. Or just keep the defaults.

    Customize Video Settings

    d. Check the Hardware Acceleration Engine to speed up converting process on the right side. Finally hit RUN to start convert video clips.

    Export Converted Video Clips

    Bonus Tip

    VideoProc not only provides you with the best format for YouTube, but allows you to cut your video to the perfect lengths that YouTube requires. You can chop off the excessive parts with one-click on your mouse, stitch the rest parts together and merge these clips into a new video. Better than that, you can reorder those clips you just cut and rearrange them as you like, in which way can you endow your video a jump cut effect.

    Cut a Video into Clips [2 Steps Only]

    a. Launch VideoProc > click Video to enter the editing interface > click the +Video button to import one or more videos into the program > click the Cut button on the edit toolbar to get into the cut interface.

    b. After you've entered the cut interface, drag the two green knobs to set the starting and ending time of your targeted video > click the scissor-shaped icon on the right side to cut out your desired part(s). You are allowed to cut down as many clips as you want, with no limitations > you may rearrange the clip order by clicking the triangle symbols in the rear of the clip > hit Done to finish the cutting. Click Run button in the last interface to export the new video content you just produced.

    Cut & Edit Video Clips

    Warm Notes:

    1. After you've cut multiple clips, reordered them, and hit the Done button in blue, all clips cut from your original video will be merged into a new video automatically.
    2. There are 3 ways to cut a video in VideoProc, namely Cut, Trim and Split. You may find Trim and Split in ToolBox in the bottom toolbar. To help you have a better understanding on them, let's explain them in plain words: Cut is to help you extract the desired part, while Trim is removing the unwanted start and end. And Split is to divide the video into several equal pieces.

    Final Words

    No matter what you require for, convert a clip video or cut a video into clips, VideoProc would definitely be your best choice. It is a multifunctional toolkit, for it not only perfectly converts video clips to the best video format for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, but also provides you with many other incredible features for video editing, such as joining videos, rotating & flipping, adding effects, deshaking, denoising, etc. All video processing features are wrapped up in this lightweight yet powerful utility.

    Free download this clip video converter and start a YouTube to MP4 conversion now!

    Disclaimer: We do not advocate downloading or converting authorized or copy-protected media content.


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