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How to Convert MKV to MOV without Losing Quality丨Fastest Converter

"How do I convert MKV to MOV on MAC faster?"
"How to convert MKV to MOV without losing quality?"

If you have similar doubts in mind, then you have come to the right place as today we are going to talk about two different ways of doing the same in a fast manner and that too without undergoing any quality loss.

Converet MKV to MOV
Converet MKV to MOV

What is MKV & MOV?

As a multi-media container, MKV encapsulates more than 16 different formats of audio and subtitle streams in different languages. While MOV is a common multimedia container file format developed by Apple that holds multiple tracks of different video and audio data.


These two are universal container formats which can store audio, video and even subtitles. Both AAC (audio codec) and H.264 (video codec) can be encapsulated by MKV and MOV formats as a video file. However, each of these two formats, come with their specific set of highs and lows.

MKV files can hold some premium grade codecs such as Dolby True Audio, FLAC and DTS Audio which cannot be encapsulated by MOV. This very quality causes the MKV file to be extremely bulky in size and makes it difficult to play MKV on iPhone or iPad, and share the same over different online channels.

MOV container format ranks higher in terms of compatibility with a broader section of devices and players. It can compress videos without compromising on the quality aspect which brings us to our topic of how to convert MKV to MOV without losing quality.

Ways to convert MKV to MOV – Remux & Transcode

• Remux MKV to MOV

While trying to convert a certain format of video into another one, people usually face two different issues of time lag and the end quality not being up to the mark.

In such cases, remux MKV might serve as the ultimate nirvana as it helps in lossless extraction of both audio and video data from one format to another. You can bank on remux for extracting contents from the MKV container and placing it in the MOV container. Re-encoding does not happen during this entire process which fastens up the whole process.

• Transcode MKV to MOV

This refers to the process of converting one digital encoding format to another. All the three different elements of a digital video, namely its video, audio and file format get converted into the target format. Transcoding becomes an absolute necessity if your current media format is not supported by the target device. While debating about how to convert MKV to MOV, transcoding might seem like a potent option as it helps in reducing the size of video files for fitting in reduced storage space and that too with 1080p or 1080i, and even 4K resolution.

How to convert MKV to MOV fast and without quality loss? - VideoProc

While various tools offer the conversion function, VideoProc stands out from its peers coupled with its user-friendly operation and concise interface. It can help you convert MKV to MOV in a super-fast manner without undergoing any quality loss.

Step 1. Free download and launch VideoProc, and click Video to get to the main interface.

Step 2. Click +Video on the top side, and select the .mkv file that you want to convert. You can also proceed with batch processing of files by clicking the +Video Folder.

Step 3. Click Target Format to set the output format, MOV.

Set output format as MOV
Set output format as MOV

Step 4. Set the resolution by clicking the Option icon, and choose original resolution in Video Codec Options. Click Done.

Keep Original Resolution
Keep Original Resolution

Step 5. Check the Hardware Acceleration Engine button to enhance the video processing speed further. Select output folder, and finally hit RUN to convert and export the video.

Convert MKV to MOV
Convert MKV to MOV

Other software to convert MKV to MOV

To solve MKV play issues, you may proceed with an open source media player such as VLC or an online converter tool. But these two options also come with their very own set of baggages. VLC for starters can deal with just one file at a time and online converters usually have an upper limit on the file size which can be processed.

Handbrake is an extremely popular open source video transcoder which renders support to a wide variety of video codec. But what it supports for output format are merely MP4 and MKV. You have no choice but to go after other MKV to MOV converters.

Final Words

Video formats can be pretty confusing as all of them might not be compatible with your preferred video player. VideoProc can serve as an absolute blessing in such cases by helping you exercise complete control over the video processing work.

This fast media converter supports more than 420+ video formats, almost every format you are using can be converted and edited in VideoProc. You can bank on it to carry out simple video editing tasks such as watermarking, rotating, cropping, merging, adding effects and a lot more. GPU acceleration especially helps in processing high-quality 4K videos without exerting too much pressure on the CPU.

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