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A Video Transcoder | How to Transcode A Video with Original Quality

Summary: In order to play a video on various digital devices in an error-free manner, first you need to make sure that your source video file has the compatible media format that your target electronic device can handle. If your video is encoded in a container format that the device player can hardly support, then you need to transcode the file before playing. In this post, we offer you the most efficient way to transcode a video, and a bonus tip on DVD transcode is also brought up in the article. Now, start reading.

What Is Video Transcoding?

Video transcoding has a combination process of decoding and reencoding, and there are three types of transcoding: lossy to lossy; lossless to lossless and lossless to lossy. In the process of video transcoding, decoding comes up first, to which the original encoded data is transferred. Then, the reencoding process followed by, in which the uncompressed format will be compressed and reencoded to a target format you choose. Unlike encoding that aims to compressing files to be compatible with one single device, transcoding targets at converting the encoded data to other compatible formats that can be played on many devices.

When Do We Need Video Transcoding?

HD and UHD videos of our days are getting increasingly big in amount, but you may find that sometimes they won't be able to play well on your electronic devices. Sometimes, errors may occur when you try to play a high-quality content, eg. HEVC/h.265 4K video, on an Apple device with sort of out-of-date iOS 10 system. Moreover, DVD enables people to store the big digital data in a portable disc and video programs stored in a DVD can be watched via a DVD player. As we know that DVD discs are vulnerable to be scratched and easily get broken, many DVD enthusiasts who have collected piles of DVD discs at home have started to seek a way out to convert DVD to a digital media format such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, ISO, etc..

Situations may be even worse than what have been raised above, and in order to solve those unpleasant problems, a handy DVD/video transcoder, which is designed to help you convert your video to a compatible format that your target device supports to play, making it convenient to transferring data and sharing videos on social networking sites, can be your first aid. As some pieces of DVD/video transcoding software doesn't support HEVC format at all, here we'll recommend you with one most versatile DVD video transcoder - VideoProc - which can perfectly deal with HEVC file format.

Why Do You Need VideoProc Video Transcoder/Converter?

The truth is not all of the video transcoder software can fulfill users' expectations. Some seriously bring down the original video quality, while some others like Handbrake may dreadfully exhaust you for its complicated operating process. In this article, we are going to introduce you an easy-to-use video transcoding tool - VideoProc, without any of those troubles mentioned above, will surely bring you an enjoyable experience of both DVD and video transcoding.

VideoProc, a video transcoder and editor software, is a good choice for video transcoding for the following outstanding features:

    Highlight Features of VideoProc for Video/DVD Transcoding

  • • It supports a great variety of video formats, which means users can convert any videos into any other new codec or format.
  • • It supports DVD transcoding. That's to say, users can achieve transcoding work through VideoProc, even if the video is recorded on a DVD.
  • • The operating process is simple because the whole transcoding process only requires the user to move the mouse and click a few times.
  • • As we all know, each transcoding bears the risk of losing the video quality, but VideoProc's unique features such as its de-interlacing, High Quality Engine, 2-pass encoding, GOP, etc. can best avoid this issue.
  • • Fast transcoding speed. VideoProc supports level-3 hardware acceleration technology, which can maximize its hardware's video processing capacity and accelerate the transcoding speed of the video.
  • Free Download VideoProc to Fast Transcode Video/DVD Video!

    How to Transcode A Video with VideoProc

    In four simple steps, you'll be able to transcode your video without any quality loss.

    Step 1. Open the VideoProc. Click the +Video button to load one or more videos into the program.

    Add video
    Add video

    Step 2. Click the Video tab which locates at the bottom of this interface and searches for the desired format as your output format. In case you have no desired format in this bar, click the Target Format button in which you'll find more transcoding formats such as H.264, MPEG4, MOV, HEVC, WebM, etc under the General Profiles tab.

    Choose output profile
    Choose output profile

    Step 3. Click the Browse button and set a target folder.

    Step 4. Click the RUN button to start transcoding.

    Transcode Video
    Transcode Video

    Tips: to avoid any quality loss, you must pay attention to the following:

    1. In the main interface, you have to tick Use High Quality Engine or Deinterlacing.

    2. Adjusting the quality under the quality option bar to ensure the lossless quality of the video.

    3. Tick 2-pass encoding option or set the GOP parameter to guarantee video quality.

    Bonus Tip: How to Transcode A DVD with VideoProc

    Step 1. Insert the DVD to the DVD drive and Open the VideoProc. Click the DVD tab on the main interface.

    DVD transcoder
    DVD transcoder

    Step 2. Click the DVD Disc button to select the source DVDs. Click the Done button to finish this step.

    Load DVD
    Load DVD

    Step 3. Click the Video button to choose your output video format.

    Choose output format
    Choose output format

    Step 4. Click the Browse button to select your target folder.

    Step 5. Click the RUN button to begin the DVD transcoding.

    Convert DVD
    Convert DVD

    Final Words

    VideoProc is such an easy-to-operate video transcoder that can not only help you transcoding videos at high speed but transferring them without any quality loss. So, why not give it a try and thus make your transcoding much easier? Free download the brand-new video transcoder and start your video transcoding journey now!


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