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Deinterlacing DVD: Remove Horizontal Lines on Ripped DVD

People rip and compress DVD videos for many good reasons, and the primary ones are archiving digital copies and saving storage space. Everyone wants the compressed video quality to stay close to the original's. Yet, after ripping and compressing, you might encounter a serious issue: the ripped DVD contains horizontal lines on the image. This is happening because you have an interlaced DVD.

Interlaced vs Deinterlaced
Interlaced vs Deinterlaced

Why Are DVDs Interlaced?

If interlaced videos would appear as horizontal lines on screens, making it impossible to watch, then why encode DVD as interlaced ones in the first place?

Well, interlacing videos is a 1930s technology. It works fine with TVs or any other monitors at that time. In fact, it's a clever move considering the bandwidth limit when technology and equipment were not as advanced as in the 21 century. Now we all know that a 50 fps video would looks more fluid than a 25 fps video. But the problem is, at that time, there were yet recorders capable to record high fps videos or monitors to display them.

When you play interlaced videos with players or TVs that are not capable to offer real time deinterlacing, you will see those horizontal lines. The best practice is to use a player with deinterlacing utility or to convert interlaced to progressive videos.

Effective DVD Deinterlacing Software - VideoProc

VideoProc satisfies all your needs for compressing DVDs and videos. No matter you have old DVDs or 4k 8k videos, this excellent program significantly reduces video size up to 90% with lossless quality in a few clicks. The efficient deinterlacing algorithms help remove horizontal lines while maintaining a good image quality. Moreover, it supports 370+ codecs. That's to say, VideoProc supports exporting videos in many formats, such as MP4, MKV, MOV, HEVC. Powered by GPU hardware acceleration, VideoProc improves conversion speed up to 5X faster than other converters on the market.

Free Download VideoProc to 1-click Deinterlace DVD Videos.

Should I Deinterlace When Ripping DVD?

You can determine whether your video is an interlaced or a progressive one by simply looking at the image, or using MediaInfo to check detailed information. When you see those artifact lines, you might want to deinterlace the DVD.

There are many deinterlacing algorithms exist. However, algorithms catering for all problems could be really slow while algorithms targeting at a single problem might cause other unsatisfactory result. Motion Compensation is an algorithm that deals with most video clips and images. It is quite in-efficient, and takes up large CPU and storage space because lots of movement predictions need to be done. Software for industrial level usage could be extremely costly.

For household DVD ripping and converting, you can resort to VideoProc for worry-free deinterlacing.

How to Deinterlace Video with VideoProc

After downloading and installing VideoProc on your PC (VideoProc for Windows ) or Mac ( VideoProc for Mac ), you are free to go. Follow these easy steps to rip and deinterlace DVD.

Step 1: Launch VideoProc and click on DVD icon.

DVD Converter

Step 2: Insert a DVD to your computer first. Hit the + button to load your DVD.

Step 3: Choose a desired format at the bottom of the screen.

If you don't know which format to choose, you can click Target Format guide, and easily select a format with regard to your end use.

DVD Converter


Step 4: Tick Deinterlacing which is right above the run button. Hit Run to start conversion.

Plus, you can Tick Hardware Acceleration Engine to enable Full Hardware Acceleration before hitting run.

Free Download VideoProc to Effectively Deinterlace Old DVDs.


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