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Convert DVD to ISO: How to Extract ISO File from DVD?

You may encounter the situation where you need to extract videos from DVDs to back up, to share, or to convert DVD videos to other formats to play them on other devices. Under such circumstance, creating an ISO image from a DVD on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 is a commendable solution.

What Is an ISO File?

ISO file (also referred to as ISO image) is an exact digital copy of a DVD, CD or other optical disc. The data, structure and everything on an ISO file is exactly the same to the original disc, and there will be no data or quality loss. ISO files are gaining greater importance for the easy storage and wonderful representations of the data on a disc. So, ISO is a good archive file format if you want to store the DVD data for longer time, or further burned to a DVD. And sharing ISO files can be much more convenient than DVDs.

The name ISO comes from the ISO 9660, which is a file system used for optical disc (CD-ROM) media. Such image file might also contain a UDF (ISO/IEC 13346) file system that is used for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

Create ISO Image from DVD

Does Windows Have a Default ISO Image Maker, ISO Mounter or ISO Burner?

Windows 10 has built-in CD/DVD burning feature in Windows Media Player or File Explorer. It allows you to burn media files like videos, movies, music, photos, documents, and other data to a DVD/CD.

But Windows earlier than Win 8 doesn't have a built-in way of creating an ISO image from a DVD. You have to download a DVD ripping/conversion application or a DVD authoring software to do this job.

There are so many incidental DVD to ISO programs, but most of them are not ideal:

  1. - Some applications may fail to extract the ISO image from a DVD due to the copyright protection of DVD.
  2. - They need to spend much time extracting the image.
  3. - In a few cases, there may be lack of audio tracks or the disorder of image and sound.

As for all these problems, one piece of software is competent to solve them.

VideoProc: An Excellent DVD Converter and Video Editor

VideoProc is a one-stop video processing software. It seeks to constantly improve its quality and best benefit its customers.

  • - It allows users to make ISO from DVD files of any kind, including scratched DVD, 99-titled DVD, etc.
  • - It can rip DVD/ISO/DVD folder to MP4, AVI, MPEG, H.264, HEVC, MOV, or any device format.
  • - There is a Safe Mode to make sure the ISO image you create from a DVD is of good quality.
  • - You can fine-tune video and audio to prevent sounds off or A/V out of sync.

Compared to others, VideoProc creates an ISO image from a DVD at a faster speed, but lower quality loss. VideoProc is the only full GPU accelerated video processing software, you can finish the extracting process at high speed (the fastest speed can reach 47 times faster than the real-time speed).

After finishing extracting ISO image from DVD videos, you have the convenient access to editing the video directly on VideoProc, for instance, cut, trim, merge, compress, etc. And VideoProc is a totally safe tool, you can free download and launch without any redundant programs.

Steps to Create an ISO Image from a DVD on Windows

Step 1: Free download and install VideoPoc.

Step 2: Insert the DVD you'd like to operate.

Step 3: Open VideoProc and select the DVD you want to convert.

Launch VideoProc and click DVD on the interface.

DVD to ISO converter - VideoProc
DVD to ISO converter - VideoProc

Click DVD Disc on the top of the interface. Then a small window will pop up, asking you to "Select the source DVD disc". Choose the one you insert in. Then click Done button.

(The software can automatically check the DVD, users can retain the default setting.)

Select the source DVD disc - VideoProc
Select the source DVD disc - VideoProc

Step 4: Choose output folder and export ISO image.

Click Browse button to choose proper storage folder for saving the backup file.

Step 5: Choose output format: ISO.

Click Backup button at the bottom of the interface. Choose ISO format. Then click RUN to start the DVD to ISO conversion. Later, you can get an ISO video, a virtual file copy you want without a built-in ISO creator on your Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.

Start DVD to ISO conversion – VideoProc
Start DVD conversion – VideoProc

Free Download VideoProc to Have a Try

VideoProc helps Windows/Mac users conveniently create an ISO image from a DVD, quickly and effectively without quality loss.

It makes it possible to convert a DVD file to some other mainstream formats like H.264, MPEG4, MOV, iPhone, Android, HEVC, WebM, etc.

Beyond that, it is an easy-to-use DVD/video editing software application that can also download online videos and help record from your screen or webcam.


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