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How to Convert an Old or New DVD to Digital Copy on a Mobile or PC?

When you are at home, you can watch your favorite movies and TV series DVDs with a cumbersome disc drive. You can select DVDs from your bulky collections on the shelves and inserting them into the DVD drive of the computer to play.

However, it is exceptionally awkward to do this especially when you are having a flight or a train ride. Thus, it is necessary to find solutions to make your entertainment portable for your trip or any outdoor activities. This article will offer you two ways of converting DVDs to digital copies on a mobile device or on a Windows/macOS PC.

Method 1: VUDU: a Convenient Disc to Digital Service for Mobile Users

VUDU is one of the most high-efficient tools you can find to convert DVD/Blu-ray discs to digital on a mobile device. Nevertheless, different from the general converting software on the IT market, it is an In-mobile disc to digital service which asks users to scan barcodes through their iOS/Android smartphone or tablets to achieve the conversion.

Although VUDU is much more convenient than In-Home Disc to Digital converter, it only provides converting service to a very limited number of discs (100 discs per year) from a few major film studio.

Besides, a barcode is a prerequisite for using VUDU service, but the unfavorable fact is that there is usually no barcode available on your old DVD or the barcode is badly torn and smudged.

Another problem is VUDU can only output DVD/Blu-ray discs to an MP4 format in the quality of SD (480p)/HDX (1080p), which means the output profile may be incompatible with your targeted electronic device and you may be unable to enjoy the original clarity of images.

Disc to Digital - VUDU


  • - It supports both DVD and Blu-ray discs.
  • - It is cheap for a single disc conversion ($2 + tax per DVD to SD conversion; $5 + tax per DVD or Blu-ray to HDX conversion).


  • - It only supports some discs. To find whether your movie is eligible, you have to check on the list.
  • - It won't serve for recent DVDs and many popular discs, such as Disney, Touchstone DVDs, workout DVD, etc.
  • - It is a "location-and-GPS-based" service: you must convert inside the United States and also at the same billing location.
  • - Even though some movies are listed as eligible titles on vudu.com, the UPCs may still be not recognized.
  • - The digital copy converted by VUDU is not actually owned by you.

Guide How to Convert Disc to Digital on Mobile with VUDU?

To convert DVDs to digital, you can achieve it in five steps.

Step 1. Download VUDU app to your Android/iOS smartphone;

Step 2. Create your own VUDU account and sign in;

Step 3. Choose Disc to Digital option and scan the Barcode of your disc;

Step 4. Select your ideal output quality and tap Submit List;

Step 5. Enjoy your watching on a VUDU-enabled device.

A Sum-up: VUDU is a very applicable solution to convert DVD disc to digital on mobile service while it is not the case for a PC user.

Method 2: VideoProc Comes as the Best Way to Convert DVD to Digital without Limits

VideoProc is more PC-friendly solution to convert discs to digital. It can rip and convert any hard discs (incl. new and old ones) to digital of any formats in any qualities without limits. Unlike VUDU, VideoProc can digitalize DVD discs not only into MP4 files but into a great variety of other popular formats like DVD to ISO, AVI, MKV, MPEG2, iPhone, Android Samsung and Xbox, etc.

Also, VideoProc supports nearly all disc titles of any film studio, for instance, the disc from Disney; and even after the conversion, the digital copy will flawlessly retain its sharp quality of the original disc. Last but not least, VideoProc can finish its conversion at a full GPU accelerated speed and offer many other useful functions for video editing such as cutting, cropping, merging and adding effects to name just a few.


  • - Can convert any types of DVDs, old and new, even copy-protected Disney ones.
  • - Can convert a DVD to any popular video/audio format.
  • - Pay once for lifetime use without limit, always supporting the new DVDs.
  • - You can further edit the digital file conveniently using VideoProc.


  • - Cannot convert a DVD on a mobile or tablet.
  • - Cannot rip Blu-ray discs.

Guide How to Convert a DVD to Digital Using VideoProc?

Easily, you can convert your Blu-ray/DVD disc to digital within five simple steps.

Step 1. Insert the DVD disc you wish to convert into the DVD drive of your PC. Open VideoProc and click "DVD" on the main interface.

DVD Converter - VideoProc

Step 2. Click "DVD Disc" button and select the source DVD disc from the new window which pops up on the screen. Click "Done" to finish this step.

Add Source DVD - VideoProc

Step 3. Click the "Video" tab to select your wanted output format. If there is no targeted format, click "Target Format" for more choices.

Select an Output Format - VideoProc

Step 4. Click the "Browse" button to choose a destination folder.

Step 5. Click the "Run" button to convert your DVD disc to digital.

Start DVD to Digital Copy - VideoProc

Final Thoughts

VideoProc is a powerful and super-fast software for both ripping and converting Blu-ray/DVD disc to digital of various formats in its best quality, and also provides a solid support for a wide range of discs titles, esp. Disney disc. Most importantly, this video converter is a multi-functional tool whose other features can help you polish your video to a highly professional level. Last but not least, it is an easy-to-learn tool which you can handle with no difficulty only by a few practices.


We does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for commercial purpose. We suggest you refer to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before converting an encrypted DVD to digital copy.


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