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What Is the Best Frame Rate (FPS) for YouTube?


Individual frames captured by cameras in a video appear in a certain frequency in a given amount of time. This frequency is known as frame rate and has a big role to play in determining the way in which we perceive video footages. 30fps or 60fps, which makes your video look better after uploading to YouTube? Find the answers below.

What is frame rate or FPS?

FPS or 'Frames Per Second' is the most common measurement of video frame rate. FPS comes in different standards, such as 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 60fps, 120fps or even higher. A 24fps video means 24 individual frames are taken each second and displayed as one continuous video.

Low frame rate may cause video choppy playback problems, while higher-frame-rate clip tends to be much smoother. Especially, when shooting on a handheld mode with high frame rate, you can nail a smoother shot by slowing everything down and making camera shakes less recognizable.

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Part 1. Best Frame Rate for Uploading YouTube Videos in Different Resolutions

There are official video uploading parameter setting suggestions provided by YouTube, including video bitrate, encoding method, encoding format, and of course frame rate. See the following best frame rate value for video uploading on YouTube.

Frame Rate

Best Suited For


HD video having cinematic look


PAL, HD video


Black and white NTSC video, HD video, Live TV broadcasts


HD video, 4K video


Slow-motion video

Part 2. Changing Video Frame Rates

As the frame rate increases, it leads to a more fluent video, which also takes up more disk space. 24fps is the most commonly used frame rate for a decent output in reasonable file size. Human eyes can see a maximum of 10 to 12 images every second for being processed separately. 16fps is perceived as a movement but might seem jerky in videos.

Maybe this is why both movie cameras and DSLR's offer three different frame rates of 24, 30 and 60fps. The first two are ideal for those who wish to produce television content and the last one is perfect for capturing sports and similar scenes involving rapid motion.

Even after deciding on a frame rate, users are often faced with queries such as:

  • • How do I change my frame rate?
  • • How do I lower my FPS?
  • • How do I increase FPS of a video?
  • • How do I change frame rate in QuickTime?

If you have been facing similar doubts lately, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to solve all your doubts in regards to the best frame rate for YouTube and how to change frame rate using VideoProc - a beginners-friendly video processing and editing tool.

The first thing which is bound to delight you is that VideoProc comes with intuitive user interface, helping you adjust the frame rate with a few simple clicks. And once you are done, you can enjoy more of its expert features such as ability to edit 4K as well as make slow-motion videos, easy adjustment of contrast, saturation, brightness, adding of subtitle and watermark, application of fisheye correction, video splitting into smaller clips and a lot more.

Part 3. How To Change Frame Rate With VideoProc

Step 1. Download and install

Feel free to download and install this popular video frame rate converter on your Windows or Mac device.

Step 2. Select Video
On completion of the installation process, you will be provided with the following interface. You need to select Video from the screen.

Step 3. Add source video file(s)
You need to click on the +Video button appearing at the top portion of the interface. Doing this helps in adding one or mode video files which you wish to process.

Step 4. Choose a target format
Now, you will be required to click the Video tab appearing at the bottom of the screen to take your pick from the popular video formats. You can also click on Target Format to make your selection from a wider list of options.

Choose a Target Format - VideoProc

Step 5. Adjust video frame rate

Video codec, audio codec as well as quality can be adjusted now by simply clicking on the Codec Option button.

Doing this shall present you with the following screen and you can exercise complete flexibility in terms of Frame Rate(FPS) and a lot more. Precisely, you can choose from the listed Frame Rate options according to what've recommended in the former part of the article, or you can custom it by yourself.

Change Bit Rate

Step 6. The Final Things

Next you are suggested to determine the destination folder by clicking on Browse.
Once you have followed the above steps, you will simply have to click on Done.

Bottom Line

If you found our today's blog helpful, then don't forget to share it with your friends. One of the best thing about VideoProc is it supports GPU acceleration powered by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA chips. This helps in 4K video editing without slowing down the whole system. It becomes easy to edit 4K videos even on a slow computer while being engaged simultaneously in multiple other activities and having numerous other tabs open.


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