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How to Convert Videos to the Best Format for Posting on Twitter

Twitter videos are growing very fast to be the dominant option for users. Researches show that videos on Twitter have about 1.2 billion views per day. And the tweets with videos generate 10x more engagement than those without, in particular, 2.5x more responses, 1.9x more favorites, and 2.8x more retweets. You can tell from these statistics that why more and more users opt to post videos on Twitter.

But to process and manage such huge amounts of video files, Twitter has to make some restrictions on video format, codec options, length and so forth. This article will explain Twitter video upload requirements and guide you to have the best video format for Twitter.

What Video Format Does Twitter Support? 2020 Update

Currently, Twitter supports MP4 and MOV video format on mobile apps, and MP4 (H.264 codec and AAC audio) video format only on the web. On aside of requirements in format, Twitter set restrictions for the uploading videos on the size, length and video resolutions,etc.

What is the Maximum Video Size/Resolution/Aspect Ratios Supported by Twitter?

  • • Maximum file size: 512MB
  • • Maximum frame rate: 40 fps
  • • Maximum bitrate: 25 Mbps
  • • Maximum length: 140 seconds
  • • Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • • Aspect ratios: 1:2.39 to 2.39:1(inclusive)
  • That is to Say...

  • • File size: Twitter will refuse to load any video with a size larger than 512MB
  • • Bitrate: Keep your video at a bitrate lower than 25Mbps to get avoid Twitter compress your videos using their awful compression algorithm
  • • Length: Is your clip shorter than 140 seconds? If not, trim your videos so its length is no longer than 140second for sharing on Twitter
  • • Resolution: The minimum resolution specs is 32 x 32 pixels, but it's not advised to share that small clip as a higher resolution always wins
  • • Aspect ratio: It really matters to make sure your video is in the Twitter requested aspect ratio. Or your videos may be distorted.
  • • Frame rate: Twitter doesn't like high frame rate videos. If you are uploading DJI videos, very often they come with the frame rate at 60fps or higher figure. In this case, you should downgrade the frame rate
  • What Is the Best Twitter Video Format?

    MP4 is doubtlessly the best Twitter Video Format. You can share MP4 videos via both web and mobile apps. As for the video codec and audio codec capsuled in MP3 format, the best recommended is H.264 and AAC. H.264 codec has high compression efficiency. It keeps videos in small size with relatively high picture quality. AAC is very compatible and is one of the most popular and commonly audio codecs that fits the H.264 MP4 video.

    But the simple truth is, we often have other video format files to upload except for MP4 and MOV, for example, the HEVC videos taken by iPhone, AVI and AVCHD video formats by some professional cameras, such as Sony, Canon, GoPro, etc. If you want to post these videos on Twitter, you have to convert HEVC, AVCHD, AVI videos to MP4 or MOV first. Or we wan to upload videos shot of higher resolution and frame rate, etc.

    How to Convert Any Videos to the Best Video Format for Twitter?

    VideoProc is a powerful video converter which can convert video and audio from 370+ formats, as 4K H.264, HEVC, AVCHD, AVI, and MOV, to 420+ popular and rare formats including the MP4. It enables you to compress any videos to Twitter friendly size without visible quality loss. This versatile Twitter converter also comes with robust video editing toolkits, with it you to cut, trim, merger, subtitle, watermark, deshake your clips in an extremely easy manner. The most alluring part of VideoProc is it supports level-3 hardware acceleration which translates to processing videos at speed 47x faster than real-time play.

    Step 1. Import the Video to Twitter Converter

    Launch VideoProc after downloading and installing.
    Click Video > +Video or drag the file to the interface to add the video you want to process.
    It also supports batch processing by clicking +Video Folder.

    Add Video to VideoProc

    Step 2. Convert Any Video to Best Format for Twitter

    Click Target Format on the bottom to select the output video format, choose MP4

    Convert Video to MOV

    If you want to change other settings, e.g. aspect ratio, resolution, bitrate and frame rate, click Codec Option. You can click Toolkit to find cut/trim and other tools to cut off unwanted frames.

    Change Video Codec Options

    Step 3. Start the Conversion Process

    Click Browse on the right sidebar to select a folder where you will save the video and then hit Run to start conversion.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Q1. How to fix twitter video quality?

    A1. Generally there are 3 ways to fix twitter video quality. 1) Make your video fits Twitter specs requirements in 2020 to get avoid Twitter recompress your files using its own compression algorithm. 2) Optimize your network condition. Some services online will downgrade the picture quality for users under poor internet connection for serving a smoother viewing experience. 3) Untick data saving settings on your browser sometimes make sense.

    Q2. How do I upload 4k video to Twitter?

    A2. You are not yet allowed to upload the original 4K video to Twitter. But you can convert 4K video to 1080p, H.264 MP4 videos using losslessly video converter like VideoProc to share high-quality footages on Twitter. And the process won't render any visible quality loss.

    Bottom Line

    In addition to converting video format for Twitter, VideoProc can also edit videos before you post them on Twitter, such as cut, merge, rotate, adding watermarks, denoise, etc. Another feature worth mentioning is that it compresses video size by 90% without degrading video quality. That is to say, VideoProc can solve all videos issues to meet every requirement of Twitter. Moreover, you can easily save Twitter videos, and other online videos from Facebook, YouTube, and 1000+ platforms by pasting the URL with its powerful built-in downloader engine.


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