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What is the Best Video Format for Laptops? [Windows & Mac OS]

The laptop has nowadays become an indispensable working companion in our routine, so it has been developed to support a great variety of video formats to satisfy our needs of everyday entertainments. However, there's neither best format for all the laptops nor best computer for all the formats, as laptops vary by their different installed systems (for example, Windows and Mac OS). Besides, the updating speed of video formats is too fast to be caught up by PC, as a result, many old computers failed to identify the newest video formats.

If you're troubled by similar problems as above, you've come to the right place as this article is going to tell you which video format will work best on which laptop.

Choose an optimal video format for laptops
Choose an optimal video format for laptops

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Part 1: A Comparison of 4 Popular Video Formats for Laptop

1. ASF

ASF is notable for its small size, so it is suitable for data transmission through networks. Besides, it can integrate multiple data forms into one single file, for example, it combines different graphics, sound and animation into one ASF file.

Supported Video Codec: any.
Supported Audio Codec: any.

2. MOV

MOV has a high compression ratio and video definition. It can save alpha channel and also support 25 bits colour and 150 video effects. Moreover, it is equipped with more than 200 stereo and sound device for MIDI. MOV format is compatible with both Windows and mac OS laptop.

Supported Video Codec: MPEG-4 and more.
Supported Audio Codec: ACC, MP4 and others.

3. MP4

MP4 is one of the most poplar formats that supported by laptop, mobiles, TVs, and many other media players. As a standard digital multimedia container format, MP4 is able to store data of all sorts ranging from digital audio and video to subtitles and images. Also, it supports streaming transmission through networks in that it can accommodate video in bitstreams (such as advanced video encoding streams).

Supported Video Codec: MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264/H.263 and more.
Supported Audio Codec: AAC/MPEG-1 Layers I, II, III/AC-3 etc.

4. MKV

Matroska (MKV) is a container format that can encapsulate multiple encoded images and more than 16 different audio and subtitles of various formats into a Matroska media file. It is also a popular multimedia packaging format for open-source which is favored by laptop users very much.

Supported Video Codec: any.
Supported Audio Codec: any.

Part 2: The Best Video Formats for Windows Laptop

As WMV (Windows Media Video) is a video codec developed by Microsoft for several of its audio and video codecs, it will naturally overpass the performance of other third-party formats. Not to speak of Windows has claimed that the compression ratio of WMV9 is twice as much as that of MPEG-4. Since WMV is a container format specifically designed for the streaming media by Microsoft, it is thus the most suitable one for a Windows laptop.

Optimal for Windows

Container format


Video Codec


Audio Codec


Part 3: The Best Video Formats for mac OS Laptop

MOV, or QuickTime movie format, is an audio and video file format developed by Apple for storing commonly used digital media types. As this container format is supported by a large number of multimedia editing and processing software and in some cases, it can even work better than WMV, so using it to save movie and TV show is out of the question a best choice. Of course, many people will also use lossless compression of video as video format in their editing, and most of them will choose apple computers and its editing software.

Optimal for mac OS

Container format

QuickTime Movie (MOV.)

Video Codec


Audio Codec


Final words:

According to the above analysis, the most suitable format for Windows and Mac OS laptops are ASF and MOV, respectively. Now that this article has already given you a general view over the features of various formats, we hope you can find the best format for your laptop.

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