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Fail to Upload Video to Facebook? Use the Best Facebook Video Format

Facebook has long become a popular way to share videos with others. But sometimes we cannot upload videos to Facebook. Why? Some of the most common reasons are:

1) Your video exceeds 120 minutes or it is larger than 4GB.
2) You are not using the latest version of the browser.
3) Poor internet condition.

To fix up those issues, you can open up a new window, shorten your video to make sure it is within 120 minutes and 4GB, and try uploading again after upgrading the browser on a good network connection.

If your video still fails to be uploaded after you fix those common issues, you should notice that something uncommon happens - take the video format into consideration, that is, your video format may not be supported by Facebook. The incompatible format issue is also the culprit of poor Facebook picture quality. This article will focus on what video formats are accepted by Facebook, which the best video format for Facebook is and how to make the video format be friendly to Facebook and more SNSs. Keep reading to find the answers. Quick access to the part as you like:

Part 1: What Video Formats Are Supported by Facebook?

Get to know what video formats are supported by Facebook, and upload your video(s) in Facebook friendly formats, in which way will you upload Facebook video smoothly without being interrupted by the annoying "Your video fails to be uploaded." issue anymore.

Below is the full list of video formats supported by Facebook, check them with your video and see whether the extension name of your video is listed here. You can't upload a video in format that is not within the list.

What Format are supported by Facebook?

• F4V/FLV (Flash Video)
• GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
• M4V/MP4/MPEG4 (MPEG-4 Video)
• MKV (Matroska Video)
• ASF/WMV (Windows Media Video)
• DAT (MPEG Video)
• DV
• MTS (AVCHD Video)
• M2TS
• MOV/QT (Quick Time Video)
• NSV (Nullsoft Video)
• OGM/OGV (OGG Video)
• TS (MPEG Transport Stream)
• 3g2/3gp/3gpp(Mobile Video)
• VOB(DVD Video)

If your video format is not listed above, you should convert it to the friendly video format supported by Facebook (eg. MP4 or MOV), in which way can your video be uploaded with no error. With the powerful assistance of this third-party tool - VideoProc, you can efficiently finish the whole conversion process within a few simple clicks. Let's see how to make that happen step by step.

What is the Best Video Format for Facebook?

Here we recommend MP4/MOV (H.264). Taking, MP4 format, for example, it is most compatible and also time-saving for uploading to Facebook. With a strong balance between video quality and video size, MP4 format is supported by not only social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube but also mobile clients e.g. iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc..) and Android devices (Sony, Samsung, HUAWEI, etc..).

Part 2: Convert to Facebook Friendly MP4/MOV Video in 3 Steps


To convert any video to Facebook friendly MP4/MOV video in 3 steps, we need the best Facebook video converter – VideoProc. This professional one-stop video processing software is favored by many Facebook pro and beginner users to edit, compress and convert video. As it is accessible to 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats, it is rated as one of the most powerful video converter. Just download and run VideoProc on your Windows or Mac. Choose Video to enter the main interface. Below are the steps.

Step 1: Import the Target Video

Click Video, and then click + Video or +Video Folder to add the video(s) you want to convert
Alternatively, drag the video or video folder to the main interface for conversion

Step 2: Select Best Facebook Format

Click Target Format at the lower left bottom side to open up Select Output Profile panel
Scroll down to find Facebook Video on the section of Web Video Profile, and click it. Pick up the first format label named MP4 Video (MPEG4) for Facebook. Click Done

Choose MP4 the Best Facebook Video Format

Step 3: Start the Conversion

Click Browse to browse your Local Disk and find one output folder on the left sidebar below the preview window. Move to the right bottom corner and click RUN to start processing

It is worth noting that: the whole process is impressively speedy as elevated by VideoProc built-in Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology, which is even obviously noticeable in batch processing.

Part 3: How to Optimize Format Parameter for Facebook Video to Look Their Best?

Apart from your video format being unfriendly to Facebook which responsible for uploading failure. There is another possible reason why your video can't be uploaded to Facebook - some parameters you set have exceeded Facebook's maximum requirements.

What is Facebook Video Upload Limit?

• Video width within 4,000 pixels
• Frame rate lower than 30fps
• Sample rate 44,100 Hz

Now, take a look at your video parameters. If your video width exceeds 4,000 pixels, frame rate higher than 30fps, the sample rate is not 44,100 Hz, your video will not be uploaded to Facebook successfully then. The lucky thing is, you don't have to navigate to other places as this issue can be perfectly fixed by customizing the parameters in VideoProc as well. Follow 3 simple steps below.

Free Download VideoProc to Get the Best Video Format for Facebook

Step 1: Enter the Format Adjust Panel

After download and install VideoProc on your Mac or PC, click Video > +Video to load video(s) on this fancy video converter. Click the Codec Option button in the rear of the profile window
Alternatively, click the gear-like graphic icon in the upper right of the MP4 (MPEG4) format tag

Parameters Settings Entrance

Step 2: Customize Parameters to Fit Facebook

Now, you are already on the Format setting panel
Frame rate: lower than 30 (fps)
Aspect ratio: 16:9 (most recommended aspect ratio by Facebook)/1:1
Sample rate 44,100 Hz

Customize Parameters

Step 3: Export the File

After everything set properly, click Done and hit Run. Seconds later, you will get your exact video(s) as before but with the best Facebook video format. That's it.

Final Words

In VideoProc, you can quickly get the best Facebook video format no matter you know about video format, codec or not. This one-stop video processing software can edit, convert, record, download video with super-fast speed while retain 1:1 quality. It is fast in processing, highly intuitive, user friendly, and most importantly, it's 100% safe and clean. Unfriendly Facebook video format can be rapidly converted into the most friendly one, and parameter adjustment can let you customize your video with personal preferences.

Free download VideoProc now and share your Facebook video with the most compatible video format!



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