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Best 4 Ways to Convert MP3 to WAV or WAV to MP3

Though MP3 is currently the most popular format, many of us still prefer to convert this lossy audio format to WAV for enjoying our favored rhythm in the placebo quality. As true audiophiles, we all know something about lossless and lossy audio formats, as like, the former is highly compressed formats that deliver lower sound quality when compared to the latter. But does convert MP3 to WAV is that necessary? That depends. WAV and other lossless audio files come with a larger size that needs lots of disk space. And many devices don't play WAV at all. Therefore, some of us also need to convert WAV to MP3 to save storage space and play on all devices. Here comes our post. We are going to show you how to convert MP3 to WAV or turn WAV to MP3.

WAV MP3 Converters
WAV MP3 Converters

Part 1 How to Convert WAV to MP3 with the Best WAV MP3 Converter? 3 Steps

Whether you are going to convert MP3 to WAV or WAV to MP3, a decent audio converter is a must and in this article, you're going to learn about 4 ways of conversion between WAV and MP3. The easiest method is using VideoProc. This simple yet powerful auido converter allows you to compress WAV file to MP3, or convert MP3 to WAV in 3 steps.

VideoProc - How Can the Best WAV MP3 Converter Helps You?

  • • Process multiple audio files in different formats in a batch.
  • • One-click to customize audio settings.
  • • Edit metadata information including albums, artists and more.
  • • Create MP3, WAV, M4A and many other popular formats from 420+ audio and video formats.
  • [3 Clicks] How to Convert WAV to MP3 with VideoProc?

    Step 1: Load the Audio File

  • Free download and install VideoProc on your PC or Mac. Open it and click on +Music, and then load your WAV files from disk to the app.

  • Step 2: Convert WAV to MP3

  • Click the Music tab and select MP3 in the section of Target Format.
  • Convert WAV to MP3
    Convert WAV to MP3

    Step 3: Start the Conversion

  • Click RUN to ask VideoProc to change MP3 to WAV. The output folder will pop up after the conversion gets over.
  • Bonus Tips:

  • 1) Customize the output parameter: click Codec Options. Customize the settings as per your needs on the pop-up panel.
  • 2) Apply all customized settings (batch conversion): click Apply to All
  • 3) Change the metadata information: go to the Name & Tag section on the main interface.
  • 4) Merge multiple WAV or MP3 files: Check Merge on above the Run button
  • Part 2 3 Free and Paid MP3 to WAV Converters as Your Alternatives

    #1. Use Online WAV MP3 Converter

    If you don't wish to clutter your desktop with separate software, then you can readily opt for online-convert.com which is compatible with 20 different file formats for being converted to WAV. For this, you will simply have to visit the above-mentioned hyperlink and upload the audio file you wish to process.

    How to convert WAV to MP3 online with an Online WAV MP3 Converter?

    Step 1: Select the WAV to MP3 Feature
    Visit the above mentioned hyperlink. Go to Audio converter and select convert to WAV. If you need to convert something to MP3, here you chose convert to MP3.

    Step 2: Load the Source File to Online-converter
    Drag and drop the audio file or browse it from your system. This web-based converter is also compatible with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Online MP3 WAV Converter
    Online MP3 WAV Converter

    Step 3: Customize Output Parameter
    Make optional changes to bit resolution, sampling rate, and audio channels in the section of Optional settings.

    Step 4: Start the Conversion
    Once you have decided on all the settings as well as the ultimate file name, click on the Start Conversion button to initiate the process.

    #2. Use the Conversion Feature of VLC Media Player

    Step 1: Load the Source MP3 or WAV Files
    1) Launch VLC player and toggle to its Media tab before choosing the Convert/Save option.
    2) Browse your music files by clicking the Add button on the pop-up Open Media Dialogue box.
    3) Click on Open.

    Step 2: Go to the Parameter Setting Panel
    1) Hit the Convert/Save button and a new Convert dialogue box will appear.
    2) Click on the drop-down box next to the Profile section.
    3) Select the resultant audio format. By default, MP3 (MP4), Vorbig (OGG), FLAC, MP3 and CD formats are present in the drop-down list.
    Tips: You can add more container options and codecs by clicking the Create a new profile button positioned to the right of the profile dialogue box.

    Convert Audio with VLC Media Player
    Convert Audio with VLC Media Player

    Step 3: Adjust the Parameter for the Target Output MP3 File
    1) Now switch to Audio codec tab and activate the Audio checkbox before making changes to codecs, profile name, sample rate, channels, bitrate and encapsulation tab (from where you need to select WAV as the target format).
    2) Once you are done selecting these options, you will have to save the new profile which will now appear as an option under the profile selection dropdown.

    Step 4: Start the Conversion
    Give a proper file name and then initiate the audio conversion process by clicking on Start.

    #3. Use Windows Media Player

    Step 1: Import WAV File to Windows Media Player
    1) Launch your Windows Media Player on your computer and next click on the Burn menu button.
    2) Drag and drop the WAV file to the right side of the primary window.
    Alternatively, you can insert the CD carrying an MP3 file in your system and click the Start Burn button.

    Convert audio with Windows Media Player
    Convert audio with Windows Media Player

    Step 2: Select MP3 as the Output Format
    1) Click the Organize button, and then Select Options on the drop - down list.
    2) Switch to Rip Music tab that is followed by Rip Settings. And then select the Format button from the appeared list.
    3) Choose the desired format. Here select MP3 before clicking on Apply followed by OK.

    Step 3: Start the Conversion from WAV to MP3
    Click on the Rip CD option. Once the burning process is complete, the CD drawer shall eject automatically.

    Part 3: Frequently Ask Question about WAV MP3 Converter

    1. What's WAV?

    WAV is the earliest digital audio format. It uses Pulse-Code Modulation technology to represent sampled analog signals with quantization for retaining the features of the source audio signal as much as possible. And it has a large size and poor compatibility which currently can only play on Win10.

    2. What's MP3?

    MP3, or MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, first came to light in 1993. Now, it is already the most commonly known lossy audio format. Though being heavily compressed, MP3 can still provide us with good sound quality with the proper setting in bitrate (up to 320kbps). Almost all recent devices can play MP3.

    3. Is WAV Better than MP3?

    WAV delivers better sound quality. It can provide bit-rates of up to 4096kbps which is nearly 13 times the highest MP3 bit-rate. But MP3 is highly portable and compatible, so WAV can hardly be referred to as a superior codec to MP3. They've got their own features. To decide WAV or MP3, we should know what we intend to get.

    The song recorded in a studio always prefers such formats for original raw sound quality. If you are trying to process an HD audio and create seamless loops for flash animations, then WAV needs to serve as your ideal pick. MP3 is widespread among music players and all kinds of multimedia devices. It is the only music compression format having the highest level of playback support with different devices.

    4. What is the Best MP3 to WAV Converter?

    VideoProc (Recommend), developed by Digiarty, is tagged as the best MP3 to WAV converter. This all-to-any converter not only enables you to convert MP3 to WAV or turn WAV to MP3 but also supports the output of 420+ popular formats with default or customized settings in easy steps.

    5. What is a Safe and Free WAV to MP3 Converter?

    There are mainly 4 types of safe and free WAV MP3 Converter, they are:
    1) Versatile medial player: VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player.
    2) Open-source WAV to MP3 converter: Audacity, Handbrake, Avidemux, FFmpegX.
    3) Audio Converter Software: ALL2MP3, VSCD Free Audio Converter.
    4) The free trial version provided by commercial converters like VideoProc is also safe and useful.


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