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AVI Converter | How to Convert Between AVI and Other Format Videos

Summary: This article will introduce a qualified AVI video converter software that can convert AVI to any video or vice versa, on Windows or macOS. And you'll find out it is way more than just a video converting tool.

Audio Video Interleave or AVI was developed back in 1992 by Microsoft. It has gained widespread popularity due to its compatibility with various video players, but also with some inconveniences. And these are just why we need to get an AVI converter to transfer AVI to other formats, or change other formats to AVI.

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What Are Pros and Cons of AVI Format

Pros: How AVI Beats Other Video Formats

1. The easy architecture of AVI files makes it well suited for almost all browsers as well as OS such as Unix, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

2. AVI format has extremely good audio fidelity. The high compression capacity makes it the perfect choice for recording short movies, promos, and advertisements.

3. It also allows the running of the file without the requirement of any specific software application or hardware device.

4. The availability of a number of codecs also makes it easy to achieve the compression ratio required.

Cons: AVI Has Its Shortcoming

The main problem arises while trying to make changes in the video. Compressing AVI files can lead to substantial degradation in video quality. In such cases, users can try converting them to other formats to fix the issue.

All of these above bring us to our main topic of discussion – a proper AVI converter. We have scanned the market of AVI converters and have unanimously agreed on VideoProc to be the best option available. This versatile software comes packed with all the bells and whistles which can help turn your amateur video editing skills to a professional level even without the backing of an adequate skill set. You can change the format of your AVI file easily to other supported types using VideoProc.

Why VideoProc Is the Best for AVI Video Converting

1. It supports all kinds of video formats, so users can convert AVI to MP4 or any other format, or convert any other format to AVI.

2. Not only video formats, VideoProc is also good at converting DVD to AVI, or AVI to audio formats, like mp3, etc.

3. Level-3 hardware acceleration makes sure that VideoProc provides much faster conversion speed than other similar tools on the market.

4.Friendly user interface and simple operation procedure.

Now that you have gained a detailed understanding of the USPs of VideoProc, you can download the same for enhancing your video editing aptitude. We will now take you through the steps of using VideoProc as an AVI converter.

How Do I Convert Files to AVI or Vice Versa?

Step 1. Install VideoProc in your PC/Mac and launch the software.

Step 2. Click on Video from the main interface. Herein it is imperative to note that VideoProc possesses the ability of auto-detecting hardware resources available on your computer. In this way, users can make full use of the Hardware Acceleration Engine while converting the video to their desired format.

Step 3. Now you will have to select the videos you wish to convert. This can be done either by clicking the +Video button or dragging the videos to the operational area manually.

load video on VideoProc

Step 4. Here, you will have to choose the output format by clicking on the Video tab at the bottom of the interface. If you want to convert other formats to AVI, then you need to choose the AVI option. Similarly, if you wish to convert AVI to MP4 or other formats, then you need to take your pick from the available options. But if you cannot find your desired format on the list, then you need to click on the Target Format option.

Step 5. Now you need to specify the destination folder by clicking on Browse.

Step 6. Ultimately, you can initiate the transcoding process by hitting Run.

AVI video converting with VideoProc

VideoProc Has More Funny Features

With VideoProc, there is just no any difficulty to help you with AVI converting, but you can do more. VideoProc is a video processing software provided with lots of video editing toolkits, including rotating, flipping, cutting, merging, adding effects, stabilizing, etc. So why not have a try with these features now?


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