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What Is 1080p Resolution? Best 1080p Monitors and TVs

You may be familiar with 1920 x 1080 but confused about what 1080p is and wonder if there is any difference. Is 1080p better than 1920 x 1080 or 720p? Is 1080p 1K or 2K? How to set 1080p on computer? How to change 1080p to 4K? If you have loads of such questions to be answered, we've got you covered.

In the last part of this article, we will show you the way of how to change 1080p resolution, in case you want to upconvert 1080p to 4K or downscale 1080p to 720p/480p.

1080p resolution
1080p resolution

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Part 1 - What Is 1080p Resolution

What does 1080p mean?

  1. The number 1080 indicates the pixels displayed vertically on screen.
  2. p means the progressive scanning method, the opposite of interlaced scan - 1080i.
  3. Although 4K and 2160p are the same thing, 4K refers to the pixels displayed horizontally.
Progressive vs Interlaced
Progressive vs Interlaced

What is 1080p resolution?

1080p is a resolution standard for computer, mobile and TV screens, for media distribution, for digital film and for post-production. One of the most well-known 1080p resolutions is 1920 x 1080 (width x height). To be precise, it is 16:9 1080p. So there is a difference between 1080p resolutions and 1920x1080.

What is the resolution for 1080p?

As we said before, 1080p solely stands for the vertical lines, while the horizontal pixels can vary. So there are a set of 1080p resolutions in different aspect ratios.

1080p Resolutions

Aspect Ratio

Total Pixels





1080p 4:3, HDV








Digital cinema 2x




FullHD+, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2




Samsung Galaxy S10e




Avielo Optix SuperWide 235 projector




UltraWide HD, Cinema TV from Philips and Vizio, monitors of Dell, ASUS, NEC, Philips, LG, AOC, etc

Which is better? HD or 1080p?

  1. 1080p is a type of HD display/video resolution standard.
  2. 1080p is usually referred as FHD -Full HD (HD-2), while 720p is HD (HD-1).
  3. Strictly speaking, 1080p is slightly better than HD.
  4. For your information, the same goes to UHD. Both 4K and 8K are UHD - Ultra HD resolutions. While the famous 4K is actually UHD-1, 8K is UHD-2.

What is higher than 1080p resolution?

1080p used to be synonymous with highest quality, although having been replaced by 4K UHD. After years of development, there are several outstanding resolutions higher than 1080p - 2.7K, 4K, 5K, and 8K.

Video resolutions
Video resolutions

What is HDMI 1080p resolution?

  1. HDMI is an abbreviation of High-Definition Multimedia Interface.
  2. HDMI is a type of cable used to connect HDTV and other HD devices, for transmitting both HD video (videos in 1080p resolution) and HD audio.

What is 60fps 1080p?

  1. 1920x1080 1080p signifies that each frame has 2,073,600 pixels.
  2. FPS stands for frames per second. 60 fps means there are 60 frames (images) in every second of your video. So a 10-min 60fps video contains 36000 frames, given there is no compression.
  3. To sum up, a 60fps 1080p video is a video recorded with 60 pictures every second in 1080p resolution.
Frame Rate

How to check 1080p resolution?

To check if you video is 1080p or not: right click the video -> Properties -> Details -> Video -> Frame width and Frame height.

How to get 1080p resolution on PC?

To set 1080p resolution on PC: right click any part of the desktop -> Display settings -> Display -> Scale and Layout -> Resolution -> 1920 x 1080 (Recommended)

Set 1080p on PC

Part 2 - 1080p TVs and Monitors

Best 1080p monitors for gaming

  1. Acer Nitro XV273X
  2. BenQ Zowie XL2540
  3. Acer Nitro VG240Y
  4. ViewSonic XG2402
  5. LG 27GL650F
  6. Asus VG278Q

Best 1080p HDTVs
The following results are the picks of Lifewire.com

  1. Samsung UN50M5300
  2. TCL 49S405 4K Roku Smart TV
  3. LG 49LK5700PUA
  4. Sony W650D
  5. Vizio D48f-F0

Part 3 - Change 1080p Resolution

Upscaling from 1080p to 4K?

  1. It is possible to upconvert to 4K if your video is originally shot in 1080p resolution. Also, you can downscale 1080p to 720p or 480p if needed. In general, better not change 1080p to 4K, for quality.
  2. To upscale video, video converter software is needed.
  3. The most popular free video converters include HandBrake, FFmpeg, VideoProc, etc.
Free Download VideoProc to Fast Change 1080p Resolutions!

How to convert 1080p to 4K?

Step 1: Download and launch VideoProc, then choose "VideoPro - Video".

Step 2: Click +Video to load your 1080p video.

Step 3: Options -> Format -> Video Codec Options -> Resolution -> select 3840x2160 (4K) directly or Custom the resolution yourself.

Step 4: Press Done and RUN.

Change 1080p resolutions
Change 1080p resolutions


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