[Solved] Can't Load GoPro Video to iPhone? Edit & Adjust Video

By Reuben Zaback Updated: November 29, 2018

What are you trying to do?

Transfer videos from GoPro to iPhone.

What's your problem?

1) GoPro videos can't be loaded to iPhone because of unsupported video. Many users complain that when they try to download 4K and 1080P videos from Hero 5/3 into iPhone via Capture app, the app gets the error "Failed: Video not supported".

2) Transferring GoPro videos to iPhone via Wifi always seems to take forever. During the process, you cannot run anything besides the GoPro app in the background else the GoPro to iPhone transfer stops. You need to keep the screen active which means both iPhone and GoPro camera need to be charged during the transfer process.

3) It's really difficult to transfer large 4K videos from GoPro to iPhone. The video easily gets stuck in the middle of the transfer unless you use a lower quality option.

4) GoPro cuts large videos into small pieces. Like a user reported on GoPro community: "I'm able to download the smaller files (under 3 minutes or 512 MB). The issue is the larger files. The GoPro seems to cut up the videos into 12-minute segments."

Video settings of GoPro and iPhone

First, let's check the video settings of GoPro recording and iPhone supported parameters. Then we will better know how to solve the problem.

GoPro settings:

For the official site of GoPro, the cameras record videos in h.264 codec and the MP4 file type with different resolutions and frame rates. Newer models like HERO6 & HERO7 Black also support HEVC (h.265) for certain HD/4K modes. Take GoPro Hero 6 as an example, we will show you below the resolution supported by GoPro.

Video Resolution Frames Per Second (fps) - NTSC [PAL] Field of View (FOV) Screen Resolution
4K 60 [50] Wide 3840x2160
4K 30, 24 [25, 24] Wide, SuperView 3840x2160
4k 4:3 30, 24 [25, 24] Wide 4096x3072
2.7K 120 [100] Wide 2704x1520
2.7K 60, 30, 24 [50, 25, 24] Linear, Wide, SuperView 2704x1520
2.7K 4:3 60,30, 24 [50, 25, 24] Linear, Wide 2704x2028
1440p 60, 30, 24 [50, 25, 24] Linear, Wide 1920x1440
1080p 240 [200] Wide 1920x1080
1080p 120, 60, 30, 24 [100, 50, 25, 24] Linear, Wide, Superview 1920x1080
720p 60 [50] Linear, Wide 1280x720

* Videos are recorded at HD and higher resolutions, namely the GoPro videos tend to be large.

* When you transfer GoPro videos to iPhone over WiFi using GoPro App, you should note that the app won't transfer 4K 4:3 videos from GoPro to iPhone.

* There are options to record videos at high frame rate for each resolution, make sure your iPhone can handle that.

iPhone settings:

1. iPhone is able to play H.264, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) and H.265.

2. HEVC is supported on iOS 11 devices using the Apple® A10 processor and newer: namely iPhone 6 (for certain bitrates only) and later.

3. Even when the iPhone supports HEVC, it doesn't mean all the 4K resolutions. So GoPro App may automatically lower the resolution when transferring GoPro to iPhone that doesn't support the resolution. For example:

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus – max resolution of 1080p/240 fps;

iPhone 5s – 1080p/60 fps or 720p/240 fps.

4. You may experience stuttering or choppy playback of the higher resolutions and frame rates on older iPhones.

Check more on iPhone supported formats

How to Fix When GoPro Videos won't Load into iPhone?

This post focuses on the process to fix the problems mentioned above and alike. The tool you need is VideoProc Converter.

* It will resize gigabytes of 4K/HD videos to 90% smaller without quality loss, thanks to its unique compression algorithm.

* Flexibly adjust the resolutions, frame rates, bit rate, codecs, and other settings of GoPro videos to fit iPhones.

* Convert GoPro HEVC, H.264, MP4 or other formats to iPhone XS (Max)/XR/X/8/7/6S or earlier directly.

* Stabilize, denoise, split, trim, cut, rotate, crop GoPro videos, fix GoPro fisheye effect, adjust the speed, add subtitles, effects, watermarks, and do more.

* Its unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration can process 4K/HD videos from GoPro, iPhone, DSLR, DJI, other devices with super-fast speed.

How to Transfer GoPro Videos to iPhone

Export the GoPro videos to computer. You can insert the MicroSD card to an SD adapter and transfer the content to a computer, or use Quik or Image Capture (Mac). As most problems are "can't load 4K GoPro to iPhone", you're suggested to do it manually with the SD adapter.

Free download the software to your computer:
 Download VideoProc Converter to Windows |  Download VideoProc Converter to Mac

Step 1. Load the video

Launch the software and you will see four options on the interface. Click Video to the next window. Then click +Video button to import the GoPro videos from computer, or you can do it by drag and drop.

GoPro to iPhone video transfer
Step 2. Convert the format

Problematic GoPro to iPhone transfer may start with improper video codecs. Select a format from the Target Format tab at the bottom of the interface. You can scroll to find the format you need (like H.264), or simply select the specific model like iPhone XS (Max), iPhone XR or iPhone X from the list.

convert GoPro to iPhone
Step 3. Resize the GoPro video

When GoPro App takes too long to transfer videos to iPhone over WiFi or it automatically split the video into small pieces, it means that the GoPro video is too big. VideoProc Converter has a full set of features to compress GoPro videos to 90% smaller. Here is a more detailed guide on how to resize GoPro videos

#1 When selecting an output format in Step 2, choose HEVC as it is a format that can save half the size.

#2 Click the Option button behind the video info. Let's adjust the GoPro video settings.

- First, find Resolution and select a proper figure from the drop-down menu. It's OK to lower the resolutions to one level below such as from 4K to 1920x1080p since you will notice no quality loss on iPhone.

- Second, find the Bit Rate option and select manual from the drop-down menu. Check the VBR instead of CBR and you can also input a figure in the Target Bit Rate (similarly, one level below is acceptable).

- Third, adjust the GOP. Find the button below the Bit Rate settings and increase the number a bit. There is a more detailed explanation about GOP in Guide "compress iPhone videos" Step 2.

- Forth, 240fps, 120fps slow-mo and super slow-mo videos are often larger in size. If this is the problem, adjust the aspect ratio properly. You should note that adjusting frame rate is the last resort, or the image may be distorted.

adjust GoPro videos for iPhone

#3 Click the Cut or Trim button below the video info. Here we can use the editing feature to further compress GoPro videos for iPhone.

- Crop. Click the Crop button and check the Enable Crop box. By removing the extra part from the video image, you can also reduce the size of GoPro videos. You can select an aspect ratio from the Preset drop-down menu like 16:9, 4:3 to fit iPhone's screen, or other ratios you may like, or you can set Free to crop the video as you like. Drag the cursor to select the area you need or set the precise position in the box below.

- Cut. Click the Cut button and then you can remove any part from the video. Move the knobs in the progress bar to select the part you want to reserve and then click the orange Cut button with a scissor icon on the right. You can select multiple sections from the beginning, middle or ending this way. Then the unselected parts will be removed from the final video.

compress GoPro 4K videos to iPhone
Step 3. Edit GoPro Videos

- Stabilize. GoPro cameras are usually used to record the sports and some fascinating motions, like surfing, mountain cycling, skateboarding, etc. These moves inevitably lead to shakes. After the GoPro videos are loaded to the software, click Toolbox on the bottom tab and find Deshak. Double click the Deshake button and then you can adjust the parameters to stabilize the video. Click to see more detailed step to stabilize GoPro videos.

- Denoise. Similarly, there will be noise during the sports like the sound of wind and waves. Find the Denoise button next to Deshake and double-click it. Now you can adjust the Low Pass and High Pass to lower the background noise.

- Fix fisheye effects. GoPro cameras are able to record wide-angle videos with a large field of view (FOV). However, this will lead to the so-called fisheye effect or barrel distortion. In other words, the videos are curved when you transfer the GoPro videos to iPhone. VideoProc Converter also helps to reduce the fisheye effect. Scroll the Toolbox and find Fisheye button. Then adjust parameters of the fisheye effect as per the guide here.

There are options to add effects, add watermarks/subtitles, adjust playback speed/audio volume, merge, trim, split, rotate video, cut, crop GoPro videos for iPhone and more features. It's very intuitive and easy.

edit GoPro videos for iPhone
Step 4. Start GoPro to iPhone Transfer

After all the above editing and adjustment, click Run button to apply all the changes. As VideoProc Converter support GPU acceleration for processing both H.264 and H.265, the whole process will be super fast, no matter it's 4K or HD videos at the high frame rate.

After the GoPro videos are ready, simply transfer the videos to iPhone. You can do it via:

1. iTunes
2. DearMob iPhone Manager
3. iCloud
4. AirDrop

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