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iPhone Video Rotation: How to Fix Sideways/Upside-Down Video
By Reuben Zaback Updated: Nov. 29, 2018

When recording videos using iPhone, you may shoot the video in portrait but need to play it in landscape mode, or you hold the device at one orientation but unconsciously change it to another angle? Then the video results in sideways or upside-down? Like many users say on Apple Community, "I have a few video clips that I rotated the camera midway through. I've found a way to rotate full clips via Window, Movie Properties, however, is there a way to this midway through? " How to do that? Check the full guide on how to rotate an iPhone video, full chip or any part of it.

Which is the Best iPhone Video Rotate App?
VideoProc rotates videos freely
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How to Rotate a Full iPhone Video?

Free download the iPhone video rotate app on the computer:

 Download VideoProc to Windows |  Download VideoProc to Mac

Step 1: Load iPhone video

Launch the software and load iPhone videos to computer. You can see four options on the main interface of the software, click Video. Then click +Video to load the video you need to rotate.

Step 2: Rotate an iPhone video

VideoProc has offered two ways to rotate a video: editing vs ToolBox. Below we will show you both methods.

# Method 1: Rotate with editing feature. First, you will need to select an output format. As iPhone videos are in HEVC or H.264, you can select the same output format from the tab at the bottom of the interface to make sure the best quality. Then find and click the button Rotate on the tab below the video info.

You will now see buttons to rotate iPhone videos to 90 degrees, 180 and 270 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise. You can also flip the video vertically or horizontally. On the right preview window, you can see if the iPhone videos are rotated to the correct orientation.

rotate iPhone video app

# Method 2: ToolBox. After the iPhone video is loaded to the software, click ToolBox on the bottom tab and find Rotate. In the window below, click the right Rotate Left or Right button. On the left of the window, you can set the part that you'd like to rotate. But you should note that it will export the selected part only and you can't just fix a sideways/upside-down iPhone video section directly this way.

rotate iPhone videos 90 degree

Editing vs ToolBox

1. Editing allows users to flip video while ToolBox can't.

2. Editing has a preview window to let users check if the video is rotated to the right direction while ToolBox hasn't.

3. ToolBox doesn't need re-encoding when rotating the iPhone video, so it's suitable for those who want the best output quality.

4. ToolBox allows users to set the specific part they need to rotate.

Step 3: Start rotating

When you're ready, click Done and go back to the main interface. Then click Run to start the iPhone video rotation.

How to Rotate iPhone Videos from the Middle?

To fix sideways/upside-down iPhone videos from the middle, there will be a few extra steps. The first thing is to split the part you need to rotate and merge it to the original section after rotation. Follow the guide below.

Free download the iPhone video rotate app on the computer:

 Download VideoProc to Windows |  Download VideoProc to Mac

Step 1: Add the iPhone clip

Launch the software and load iPhone videos to computer. You can see four options on the main interface of the software, click Video. Then click +Video to load the video to rotate.

Step 2: Split out the section to be rotated

Similarly, select an output format. HEVC or H.264 is recommended. Then find and click the button Cut on the tab below the video info.

 fix sideways/upside-down video

In the Cut window, you need to split the part you want to rotate. Move the green knobs on the progress bar to choose the section and then click the orange Cut button beside. Then click the Edit button to precisely adjust the length by entering the specific starting and ending time of the period.

rotate iPhone video from the middle

When you're ready, click Done and go back to the main interface. Then click Run to let the program split out the part you need to rotate. Considering that you need to combine the rotated section into the original video, you need to split the two sections before and after the part to be rotated as per Step 3.

correct the direction of iPhone video

Step 3: Crop the video

Import the sideways/upside-down iPhone video section to the program and rotate it to the right orientation as per the guide in the first section.

Step 4: Merge pieces together

Now add the rotated section, starting and ending sections split to the program. Check the Merge box on the right lower part of the interface and click the up and down arrows behind each video tab to adjust the position of the video. Then just click Run and the corrected video will be merged into a full video.

fix sideways/upside-down video

VideoProc will convert, resize, edit, and optimize iPhone video for any displays!

In addition to rotating iPhone footages to the right orientation you need, VideoProc has a full set of features that help iPhone videos fit the requirements of any displays, social media or online sites.

Resize iPhone 4K UHD/HD videos to 90% smaller size and right aspect ratio without quality loss;

• Convert iPhone HEVC recordings to H.264, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, any other formats for easier distribution;

• Adjust bit rate, resolutions, quality, codecs, frame rates, other parameters of iPhone videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.;

• Stabilize, denoise, merge, trim, cut, split, add effects, add subtitles, create GIF, do more with iPhone footage.

How to Rotate Videos on iPhone?

If you simply need to rotate the full iPhone footage to 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees, you can do it right on iPhone without opening iMovie app.

Rotating on iPhone is not very efficient if you have a long or large recording. For example, when I try to rotate a 40-second video @ 1080P 30fps on iPhone, my iPhone goes black during rotation and it gets stuck when exporting the rotated video. Plus, you can't fix a sideways/upside part in the middle of the iPhone video. But this is a very convenient way if your video is small and short.

how to rotate videos on iPhone

Step 1: Open Photos app and find the iPhone video to rotate in iPhone's camera roll and tap Edit on the right up corner.

Step 2: Then you can see the icon with three dots, tap it.

Step 3: You will see iMovie with another icon with three dots, just tap iMovie.

Step 4: Then put two fingers on the screen and move them clockwise or counter-clockwise and you will see the arrow on the picture above. Move your fingers to rotate the iPhone video in the right direction. After that click Done and it will export the rotated video in the correct orientation to camera roll.

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