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Reduce 4K/HD File Size without Quality Loss

By Reuben Zaback Updated: October 27, 2018

Many iPhone users are plagued by large file size of iPhone videos caused by the higher 4K resolutions. Sometimes iPhone users can't play 4K/HD video, send a video via Email or share on Instagram and other social media due to the large size. Apple's move to HEVC format has helped reduce iPhone video sizes to some extent, but it's not very effective every time considering its limited compatibility. Here is the most useful way: we will show you how to compress iPhone 4K/HD video size without losing quality.

Compress iPhone videos to 90% smaller?
VideoProc Converter makes it possible
  • - Compress 4K, FHD, HD and SD videos from iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7, etc.
  • - Reduce iPhone video sizes by 40%-90% based on your settings.
  • - Advanced compression algorithm ensures the best output video quality.
  • - Reduce iPhone videos for email, web browsers and social media in one click.
  • - Level-3 hardware acceleration offers No.1 fast speed dealing with iPhone 4/HD files.

Your Best Compressor for iPhone 4K/HD Videos

The higher resolutions and higher frame rates on iPhone all result in bigger file size. However, file size limits are everywhere on social sites, chat apps, cloud storage, email services, device capacity, etc. that prevent iPhone users from sending or sharing videos freely. For example, below are part of iPhone video sizes and some common size limits:

iPhone Video Size Common Size Limits
4K HD 60fps - 400MB/min (400MB HEVC)
4K HD 30fps - 350MB/min (170MB HEVC)
1080P HD slo-mo 240fps - 480MB/min (480MB HEVC)
1080P HD slo-mo 120fps - 350MB/min (170MB HEVC)
1080P HD 60fps - 200MB/min (90MB HEVC)
FaceBook - up to 4GB large
Instagram - maximum file size 4GB
Twitter - maximum file size 512MB
Linkedin - maximum file size 5GB
WhatsApp - maximum file size 16MB
Email- 20MB to 25MB

VideoProc Converter has versatile features to make iPhone videos smaller. Users can trim, cut, crop and split a large video; convert large-size iPhone H.264 to smaller formats like H.265, WMV, FLV, 3GP, etc; downscale 4K to 1080P, adjust video settings (resolutions, bit rate, frame rate, etc.)... It has a special compression algorithm that's able to reduce up to 90% of the original file size yet with the best possible output quality for compressed videos. Not only that, no matter 4K HEVC or HD 1080P/720P iPhone videos, it ensures world's fastest speed.

Step 1. Import iPhone videos. Run the software and click Video on the main interface. Then click +Video to load the iPhone video from local hard drive.
 Download VideoProc Converter to Windows |  Download VideoProc Converter to Mac
iPhone video compressor
Step 2. Below we will shrink iPhone video size from three aspects. You can stop at any step, or apply the three methods together.

1. Convert iPhone video format

Click Target Format tab at the bottom of the interface. The formats of iPhone footages are in HEVC or H.264, so you need to select a smaller format from the list (HEVC H.265, WMV, and FLV are the most commonly-used small formats). There are also ready profiles for YouTube, FaceBook, Vimeo and other web sites.

resize iPhone 4k videos

2. Adjust video settings

Back to the user interface; click the Option button with a gear icon. Here you can tweak the video parameters to further downsize the iPhone video. There are three main parameters to adjust: resolutions, bit rate and GOP.

* First, you can downscale 4K to HD 1080P or 720P by lowering the resolutions. If your video is not going to be played on a large screen, lowering it to 720P is enough. To do this, select a lower resolution like 1920x1080p or 1280x720p. Don't forget to check the Expand Video box below, this will add letterbox if necessary to let the compressed image show properly.

iPhone clip size too big

* Second, select the Manual from the Bit Rate dropdown menu. Select ABR (sometimes it's VBR) and you can also enter into a number in the Target Bit Rate. The compression algorithm of Variable bitrate (VBR) is more efficient to compress data into minimum bitrate with the best quality. Average Bitrate (ABR) will give higher quality over Constant Bitrate (CBR) while you can still predict the file size. While as you enter the target bit rate, you should note that bit rate will influence output quality- the lower bit rate, the lower quality. So don't enter into a number that is lower than the original settings.

In addition to the video settings, don't forget to adjust the audio bitrate in the Audio Codec Options. For those who are not audiophile, the bit rate of 128 Kbps usually results in a good sound quality.

shrink iPhone 4K video by changing bit rate

* Third, adjust the GOP. GOP stands for Group Of Pictures, namely individual frames of pictures that grouped together and played back so that audience view the spatial motion. The GOP contains inter frames (I-frames), predicted frames (P-frames) and bi-directionally predicted frames (B-frames). Simply put, I-frames are the complete images while P- and B- frames are incomplete images that references the I-frame and surrounding images to fill in the blanks, and therefore i-frame has larger size. Beacuase  a GOP MUST start with an I-frame, the number of frames counting from an i-frame to the next i-frame constitute a GOP Size. What a user needs to know is, that as the GOP size increases, the video data size gets smaller. However, the less I-frame means smaller file size, yet worse output quality.

 reduce iPhone video size

* Forth, lower the frame rate. Frame rate will influence file size to some extent. The higher frame rate means more still images are packed each second, and thus means more information and bigger size. That's why iPhone slow-motion recordings at higher frame rate are often larger in size than normal footages at the same resolution but lower frame rates. But you should note that you're not suggested to change frame rate if not necessary as improper adjustment will make the video jerky.

3. Edit the video

The size of iPhone videos can be further shrinked via editing. To get into the editing window, click any button on the tab below the video info.

* First, cut out unnecessary parts. If your iPhone videos are too big due to long length, you can cut out unwanted parts and join separate clips together. You can do this on iPhone, but the device allows you to cut the beginning and ending only. VideoProc Converter will let you cut out any parts from the iPhone video. Click Cut and move the header on the progress bar to set the length you want to keep, you can also do this by entering the specific starting and ending time in the box below and then click the orange Cut button. To cut any unwanted parts from the middle of the video, move the header and Cut again. Then you will see a new part below. You can adjust the precise position by clicking the Edit. You should note that the selected length are the parts you want to keep, and all the segments will be exported in a single file.

reduce size of iPhone footages

* Second, enable Crop. The extra file dimensions and unnecessary parts of the video also take space. You can just remove them out to shrink iPhone file size. In the Eidting window, click Crop and then Enable Crop. Then drag the edges of the bright overlay to the desirable area you'd like to keep. Or you can enter the specific position of the area you want crop from iPhone to reserve in the box below. After the settings, click Done.

shrink iPhone video size

* Third, split long videos into small pieces. If after all the above compression methods, your iPhone video is still too big (normally caused by long length), try to split it into short and small pieces. Go back to the main interface and find the Split button in the ToolBox from the Target Format tab. Double click it. First of all, select the section of the video that you'd like to split on the left panel, or leave it as default if you want split the whole iPhone video. Then go to the right lower part, enter into the number of segments you want to split the video into, or the duration of each segment. Then click Done and the iPhone video will be split averagely based on your settings.

compress iPhone 4K videos
Step 3. Before we start to reduce iPhone video size, don't forget to uncheck the Auto Copy box on the right lower part of the main interface. Now click Run to apply all the adjustments.
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