How to Edit iPhone HD and 4K 60/30fps Videos on PC

By Jordi D. Rodríguez Updated: Oct. 20, 2021

The perfect one-stop solution is likely to be recording 4K with iPhone, editing and then uploading 4K videos to Twitter, Instagram, etc on iPhone. Well, there is such a match. iMovie app allows you to deal with 4K clips: apply filters and add theme music. It's convenient but that's it.

There are no functions for you to cut, crop or combine footages, let alone resize or re-encode large 4K 60fps files for sharing in UHD. So if you just want to capture 4K short clips and share the moment with friends right away, use iPhone editor apps. But to make advanced processing and present a masterpiece, edit iPhone 4K videos on PC.

System Requirements for iPhone 4K Editing on PC
The higher your system is, the smoother the iPhone 4K editing will be, especially when you edit raw 4K footages captured by GoPro action cameras, DJI drones, Sony, JVC, etc, which have much higher bitrates. Besides, hardware acceleration plays a crucially important role in 4K video editing. Let's see the system recommendations for iPhone 4K video editing offline.

CPU: Intel Core i7 2.3GHz four-core or above



OS: Windows 7/10 Pro 64-bit

Software: A hardware accelerated 4K video editor

An All-Purpose Hardware Accelerated 4K Video Editor

"My iPhone really stalls and stutters on 4K videos. My question is what are the bare minimum requirements to edit these big 4k files? Will iPhone 4K editing on PC be smoother and what software are you using to edit your 4K videos?"

iPhone 4K Video Editing Software for Users at Different Level

Errors like 4K video editing lags or freezes happen on both iOS and Windows/Mac platforms, even if you are using the new Apple-designed A12 processor, 2-core CPU and 4-core GPU, 50% faster than its predecessor or Intel 8-core i7 series.

But compared with solely depending on iPhone, recording with iPhone but editing 4K on PC is a better way to go. There are much more 4K editing options, bigger screen, flexible operations, full support of GPU acceleration, etc. For well experienced users, Adobe Premier Pro is the best choice. If you are just about to edit your first 4K video captured by iPhone, VideoProc Vlogger deserves your attention.

  Software Editing features Unique features
Entry level VideoProc Vlogger 4k compatibility, cut, trim, rotate, crop, flip, merge, watermark, color tuning, filter, speed control, GPU acceleration Timeline, transition, 3D LUTs, 360/VR, motion effects like pan and zoom, speed ramping effects, color correction and color grading, audio editor, etc
Medium level Cyberlink Timeline, pan and zoom, freeze frame, transition, etc
High level Adobe Premier Pro Timeline, transition, pan and zoom, 360/VR, masking tools, freeze frame, etc

As you can see from the table above, VideoProc Vlogger is an all-in-one video editor. VideoProc Vlogger includes not only basic video effects enhancer and video cutter but also a 4K video transcoder. More importantly, its strong support for all three kinds of hardware accelerations powered by Intel, Nvidia, and AMD makes 4K editing run smooth as butter.

How to Edit iPhone 4K Videos with VideoProc Vlogger

4K video recording was added to iPhone 6s for the first time. Back then, there was only a 4K 30fps option, while the newest iPhone 13 now allows you to record 4K video at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps. There are both resolution and frame rate compatibility issues, meaning some programs don't accept videos in 4K resolution while some others can't present 60fps, 120fps, etc.

But VideoProc Vlogger can deftly manage 4K/8K UHD at up to 240fps. Next, we will give you a few examples of how to edit iPhone 4K videos with VideoProc Vlogger on PC. Before all that, click the button below and install VideoProc Vlogger on your PC or Mac for free.

iPhone 4K Video Editing - Apply Filters with VideoProc Vlogger

Step 1. Launch VideoProc Vlogger and add your iPhone 4K video to the Media Library by clicking the + icon in the upper left corner of the main software interface.

Step 2. Drag your footage to the Video Track in the Timeline.

Step 3. Click the Color button in the toolbar to get access to the Color & Filter Editor.

open iPhone 4K video editor for PC

Step 4. Click the filter you like on the left side of the interface, and VideoProc Vlogger will automatically apply it to your footage. You can also add local 3D LUT file. VideoProc Vlogger allows you to perform color grading and color correction like adjusting exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, and other parameters.

Step 5. Click Apply to save the change.

apply filters to iPhone 4K videos with VideoProc Vlogger

iPhone 4K Video Editing - Change Play Speed and Create Speed Ramps

Even the slightest change in speed can create a large impact on how your video looks. With VideoProc Vlogger, you can create speed ramps, change iPhone slo-mo video to normal speed, and vice versa.

Step 1. Import your iPhone 4K video into VideoProc Vlogger, then drag and drop it to the Video Track in the Timeline.

Step 2. Hit the Speed button in the toolbar underneath the preview window.

Step 3. Click the Constant box and choose a linear speed preset to change the constant speed. Or choose a Bezier curve preset you prefer and customize your own non-linear speed.

Step 4. Click Apply to save the speed change.

Change Play Speed and Create Speed Ramps with VideoProc Vlogger

iPhone 4K Video Editing - Imitate camera movements for Cinematic Effects

Apple introduced a new camera feature called Cinematic Mode with the release of the iPhone 13 series. But for now, it’s only available in 1080p at 30 fps. With VideoProc Vlogger, you can create another cinematic effect by applying motion effects in your iPhone 4K videos.

Step 1. Load your iPhone 4K video in VideoProc Vlogger and drag it to the Video Track.

Step 2. Hit the Motion icon on the toolbar to get access to the Motion Editor.

Step 3. Choose a motion preset and click Add to apply it to your footage.

Step 4. Adjust keyframes and values, including frame size, time, duration, rotation, speed, etc.

Step 5. Click Apply to save the cinematic motion effects.

Imitate camera movements with VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger has virtually all the basic features that you'll need when editing an iPhone 4K video. It will inspire your creativity and give you the full flexibility to turn your 4K footage into a masterpiece.

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