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Convert iPhone Video (MOV) to MP4!

By Kayla Collins, Updated: Jan.16, 2019

MP4 maintains overwhelming superiority in the modern video format world. Most camcorders, camera and handheld devices use MP4 as default output format when shooting video footages. However, Apple iPhone is out of the ordinary. It adopts MOV as default output format, which leads to much inconvenience in iPhone video editing, uploading, and playback. For example, you're no doubt familiar with "unsupported video format" error when using iPhone HEVC videos. Even though some of your devices or platforms have no problem with iPhone MOV format, but they are crippled by the iPhone recordings' bit rate VBR, leading to audio sync problems. What's even worse, your iPhone HEVC video is incompatible with some of your devices or platforms.

In such cases, you're urgently needed to convert iPhone (MOV VBR) video to MP4 (CBR). To reach this goal, you require a top iPhone video converter first. You can choose to spend a precious weekend to single out a reliable tool one by one, or instead have a try on the world-class VideoProc to do this job.

convert iPhone video to MP4
To Convert iPhone Video to MP4 with High Quality
Give VideoProc a Whirl
  • - Convert iPhone MOV video to MP4 H264/H265 with best quality.
  • - Decode iPhone MOV VBR video to MP4 CBR for smooth editing in Premiere.
  • - Batch process iPhone videos to MKV, AVI, FLV, Galaxy, Huawei, Sony, etc. 420+ output formats.
  • - Change iPhone video 4K to 1080p, lower 60FPS to 30FPS & adjust aspect ratio 4:3 to 16:9 or vice versa.
  • - Edit iPhone clips at your willing, cut, trim, crop, split, merge, add subtitles, etc.
  • - Process and convert iPhone 4K videos to MP4 with a 5x faster speed and no quality loss.

How to Decode and Process iPhone Video to MP4

Free download VideoProc to have a try. With 370+ audio/video codecs supported, this iPhone video converter enables you to decode and convert iPhone MOV video from H265 to H264, H264 to H265 or VBR to CBR bit rate formatted by MP4 file container. Better still, it also makes it painless to lower iPhone video resolution from 4K 2160p to 1080p, tweak frame rate 60FPS to 30FPS and adjust aspect ratio 4:3 to 16:9 or vice versa. Certainly, it's no brainer to edit iPhone videos if necessary, including cut out unwanted part of iPhone video, trim/crop iPhone footage, add special effects to iPhone recording, remove background noise from iPhone video, etc.

More importantly, the iPhone video decoder supports the unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech based on Intel QSV, Nvidia Cuda and AMD. This allows the iPhone video converter to decode large iPhone HEVC .mov videos and convert iPhone videos to MP4 H.264/h.265 with an industry-leading speed yet no quality loss. Check the guide below to learn how to transcode iPhone video footage to MP4 format, as well as discover more features you're interested in.

Step 1: Load iPhone Video Source.

Fire up VideoProc on your macOS or Windows after the download and installation. Click Video on the home screen to activate the video processing window, where click "+Video" option to load iPhone video source. You can load more than one iPhone footage at a time or press "+Video Folder" to add a sizable selection of iPhone video files.

Step 2: Choose MP4 Format.

VideoProc is built-in with 420+ readymade profiles to address your different needs. There are several MP4 profiles for you to choose from. Which one should you select? You may need a quick view on the below suggestions:

Case 1: To play iPhone HEVC videos on more mobile devices, you're advised to tap "Target Format" at the left bottom of the main interface to make the output profile window pop up. Then, you can select converting iPhone MOV videos to "MP4 H264" from "General Profiles" or select iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Android phone/tablet, Microsoft, etc. from "Mobile Video Profile" with MP4 H264 format and the optimal settings if you have the specific playback device.

Choose iPhone MP4

Case 2: To upload iPhone MOV H265 video to Instagram or Facebook, you'd better convert iPhone HEVC to H264 for better compatibility. Therefore, go and choose "MP4 H264" at the bottom of the main panel. As for uploading iPhone MOV H264 video to YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, you can consider to choose "MP4 HEVC" with smaller file size for faster uploading.

select MP4 H264

Case 3: If you're inclined to edit iPhone VBR video in Premiere or other video editors, you're asked to choose "MP4 H264" as output format first and then convert iPhone VBR to CBR, for Premiere and most video editor software don't work with iPhone VBR videos. So, tap "Codec option" at the video info bar > change "Auto Calculate" to "Manual" at Bit Rate option > choose "CBR" > tap "Done" button.

change VBR to CBR

Note: on the video settings window, you can also change iPhone video frame rate 60FPS to 30FPS, 240FPS to 120FPS, lower resolution 4K to 1080p or 2K to 1080p if the iPhone video file size is too large to upload for Instagram or Snapchat.

[Optionally] tap Effect, watermark, cut, crop, rotate and subtitle to edit your iPhone footage if you have such demand. And there are more video editing features available for you, including deshake iPhone videos, denoise, merge, split, trim, mirror & flip, video to GIF, correct video fisheye distortion, etc.

Step 3: Start Converting iPhone MOV to MP4.

Click Browse to specify the output folder where you want to save the converted MP4 video, and press RUN to begin the conversion from iPhone MOV to MP4.

Kayla Collins

Kayla Collins, a senior member of Digiarty software for 5 years, knows a thing or two about digital devices & video processing software like GoPro, DSLR camera, Drone, iPhone iPad, iMac, iMovie, etc. and is glad to share her knowledge to help people out of trouble. She's also deeply passionate about yoga, jogging, roller-skating, handcraft, reading, music, movie and more.

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