GoPro Wind Noise Reduction
5 Ways to Reduce/Remove Wind Noise on GoPro Videos

How to Reduce or Remove Wind Noise on GoPro Videos
By Carissa Morland Updated: March 27, 2019

GoPro, is topped the ranking list of action camera, driving users to film innovation while excellent action clips, especially for X-sports, such as skydiving, snowboarding and so on. Hot models HERO 6 Black and HERO 7 Black offer a higher resolution option - 4K @60fps – to deliver vivid images. However, audio issues frequently happen. Wind noise is one of the biggest problems which probably disturb the sounds what you really want to show out. In this article, we will discuss how to reduce or remove GoPro wind noise.

GoPro Video Processing
Bothered with wind noise on your GoPro footage?
VideoProc Gives the Hand!

Apart from noise reduction, VideoProc unlocks more powers to process GoPro videos. It includes a batch of basic editing tools available to cut, split, merge, crop, rotate, flip videos as well as add effects, watermark, subtitle for your clips. Moreover, it can help stabilize shaky image, correct fisheye and so on.

GoPro Wind Noise Reduction – 5 Ways You Need to Try

Way 1. Open Back Housing Door

GoPro Housing

GoPro housing is an accessory which provides underwater protection against flying debris, gravel, dirt and small rocks. If waterproof is unnecessary, you can open the back housing door to override wind noise through the engine or exhaust noise picked up by the microphone.

Way 2. Mount GoPro in a Better Location

Mount GoPro Correctly

The location where you mount GoPro camera is important. You will listen to loud noise if the camera is mostly exposed to the wind. Please don't place the camera right in the line of the wind stream, for example at the top of the windshield.

If you try to mount GoPro on the car, please make it closer to the surface. Extended extension arm is used to mount camera for shooting more area while probably producing wind noise. Don't make the camera in an area of high wind if you have to use extension arm.

Way 3. Use Accessories or External Equipments

GoPro WindSlayer

GoPro officially released some particular accessories to reduce wind noise. WindSlayer is one which is designed for old models, including HERO 3/3+, HERO 4 Black/Sliver. It aims to help users to enhance audio capture with least disturbing sounds for high-speed activities or windy environments. External microphone is another option to decrease wind noise on GoPro video. A more professional external mic can generate better audio quality.

Way 4. Enable Wind Noise Suppression

Wind Noise Suppression

GoPro HERO 5 and new models add the feature called Wind Noise Suppression to minimize wind noise. Multiple microphones help capture better sounds. Generally, the camera will automatically switch audio modes from Stereo to Wind Reduction. You can also use the Manual Control Setting (for HERO6 or older) to make Wind Reduction mode as priority selection. If you are using HERO 7 Black, please enable the Wind Reduction as following: Enable Protune > Select Mics > Select Wind.

Way 5. Try VideoProc

If you have already finished the filming but wind noise made an influence, it is suggested to use video editing software to reduce or remove wind noise on GoPro videos. Here, we would like to introduce the program – VideoProc – which offers an easy and quick solution to make GoPro wind noise reduction a reality.

VideoProc is a beginner-level video editor with full support of GoPro footage. First of all, it has a user-friendly interface so that you can get started with it without guesswork. It offers an editing toolbox which includes a batch of editing tools, one of which is Denoise. Denoise enables users to reduce extra sounds like background/wind noise to optimize the audio. Moreover, it can help remove all audios for adding background music later.

Download and install VideoProc. Then, follow the tutorial to reduce wind noise on GoPro video.

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and click Video button.
Reduce GoPro Wind Noise - Step 1
Step 2. Click +Video to load the video you want to reduce wind noise.
Reduce GoPro Wind Noise - Step 2
Step 3. Click Toolbox tab on the bottom of the interface and select Denoise.
Reduce GoPro Wind Noise - Step 3
Step 4. Double click Denoise icon to get access to the setting window. Look at the right panel, there are Low Pass and High Pass options. Adjust the value until the noise is lower enough. Click Done to get back to main interface.
Reduce GoPro Wind Noise - Step 4
Step 5. Click Browse button to set a new output folder if necessary. At last, click RUN button.
Reduce GoPro Wind Noise - Step 5

In order to make wind noise as little as possible on GoPro video, you'd better make some preparations before shooting. The former 4 ways in this article are really helpful. However, if you have recorded a great video but are bothered with wind noise, video editor accurately gives a big hand. Compared with other pro-level programs (for example Adobe Premiere), VideoProc is much easier to use while wrapping powerful ability to improve audio quality. If you are a newbie and seeking for a convenient way to reduce wind noise on GoPro video, VideoProc is recommended.

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How to GoPro Video Processing Reduce GoPro Wind Noise

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