GoPro Studio Tutorial
How to Cut and Split Video in GoPro Studio with Step-by-step Guide

How to Cut and Split Video in GoPro Studio with Step-by-step Guide
By Alisa Cassiel Updated: March 19, 2019

8 steps to cut and split video in GoPro Studio to make cool videos to upload to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. or embed into your vlogs.

GoPro Studio is a free video editor tool designed by GoPro. You can use GoPro Studio to edit the video footages recorded by your GoPro cameras. This tutorial provides a detailed guide to show you how to cut and split video in GoPro Studio, so that you can make marvelous videos to upload to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other apps to share your master piece to the world.

To Cut and Split Video in GoPro Studio - You'll Need 8 Steps

Step 1. Download and install GoPro Studio

At the beginning, check if you have GoPro Studio installed on your computer. If so, you can go to Step 2. If not, check whether and how you can download and install GoPro Studio on PC or Mac.

Is GoPro Studio Still Available?

GoPro Studio is not available any more. It was once included in the installation packages of GoPro new video editor Quik for desktop, but it was removed from Quik since August 2017. If you've downloaded GoPro Studio on your computer and love it, do not uninstall it since you can't download it any longer from its official site.

However, some software download sites like Softonic, Softpedia, and TechSpot can still allow you to download some versions of GoPro Studio. You can download and use them, but with no updates or support any more. The bugs in these versions are existed all along.

Anyway, if you don't insist on using GoPro Studio and can receive a top GoPro Studio alternative, this post also provides a suitable one. Jump to how to use best GoPro alternative - VideoProc - to easily cut and split videos. The video cut and split operation of VideoProc is much easier than GoPro Studio.

Best Video Editor for GoPro Editing
Stellar Video Editor for Windows (10) and Mac as Best GoPro Studio Alternative
Step 2. Import GoPro videos to computer

Before starting cutting and splitting videos in GoPro Studio, you need to import videos to your computer from the GoPro SD memory card. Use a USB memory card reader and USB adaptor to read and copy the GoPro action camera video clips to computer.

Step 3. Trim and convert GoPro raw footages (Rough cutting)

Launch GoPro Studio and click the blue Import New Files button on the left column. You can add multiple files into GoPro Studio.

Click on one video file and it will display in the video viewing window. Here you can roughly cut the need parts of the video clip.

Click Play button -> Drag the play bar to the your preferred point and click Mark In icon to mark the beginning of the cut video clip -> Again drag the play bar and click Mark Out icon to mark the ending of the clip -> After you get the clip, you can click Add Clip to Conversion List, then the cut clip will be listed in the right column.

You can follow the same operation to choose best parts of other source videos.

Rotate/Flip: if you sometimes record the GoPro video upside down, you can flip the GoPro video.
Advanced Settings: you can click Advanced Settings button to set output file format, quality, resolution, frame rate, or speed up the video. If you'd like to apply the settings into all cut video clips, please click Remember Settings.

Step 4. Choose destination folder

GoPro Studio has a default file name and output folder, but you can change the output file name, and choose a target folder to save the output video by clicking Change Directory.

Step 5. Convert the video files

Then you can click Convert All button to convert the raw videos for later precise editing. After the conversion is completed, it will appear Proceed to Step 2 button. Click it and continue.

Cut and Convert GoPro Raw Footages
Step 6. Create and add title to video

You can choose an edit template GoPro Studio provides and replace the videos with your own videos to create a marvelous video.

choose an edit template on GoPro Studio

Alternatively, you can also click Blank Template -> Create button -> Title icon -> Input a title for your video. You can set the font, size, and color of the title.

After that, you can click Drag Video Here to drag the title to video. Or you can click Drag Title Here to set the title appeared in the video.

Step 7. Cut and split video in GoPro Studio (Precise cutting)

Then you should be in Step 2 in your GoPro Studio now (if not, tap Step 2 Edit option at the top) and you can start the precise video editing with GoPro Studio.

How to cut video in GoPro Studio:

Choose and drag the video clip which you want to set it be the first scene of your final video, from the left column to the Timeline (where you can see Drag Videos Here).

Then you can do precise cut of start point and end point of the video. Click the first video you just dragged into the timeline and click Play button. When it comes to the desired starting point, you can click Mark In. Click Mark Out icon to specify the ending point of the clip. Thus, you cut the unwanted beginning and end part of the video.

How to split video in GoPro Studio:

If you'd like to split the video into several parts, you can click Split icon to divide one video into two or more clips.

As you can see, in the right column, you can change video playback speed to make slow motion or time lapse video effect, and adjust other video, audio, image settings based on your needs.

You can also click Media to add music audio track to your video.

Follow the same guide above the cut, split and edit your other prepared video clips, and include them into the final video.

To change the video order, you can simply drag the selected video and move it to the preferred position in the timeline.

Cut and Split Video with GoPro Studio
Step 8. Export the output video file to computer

Tap Step 3 Export button at the top of GoPro Studio, and choose your preferred output quality. Then hit Export button to save the output video to computer. The exporting time depends on the file size of your video and your computer performance, ranging from a few minutes to an hour or so.

export video from GoPro Studio

Can GoPro Studio Cut and Split non-GoPro Videos?

GoPro Studio is specifically designed for editing GoPro camera videos. You may have problems to use it to deal with videos from other devices or sources, e.g. can't import video to GoPro Studio. Besides, it also has some issues when processing your videos, e.g. GoPro Studio crashes, fail to launch, etc.

Any GoPro Studio alternative to allow you to cut, split, edit, and convert video more easily and smoothly? VideoProc is top recommended.

Much Easier Way to Cut and Split Any Videos – VideoProc

For those who didn't download GoPro Studio or have troubles in using GoPro Studio to cut and split video, luckily, there is a smart GoPro Studio alternative – VideoProc. This all-in-one video software can convert and edit almost any video in an easy and fast way.

Check what this program can do for you and the detailed how-to guides of cutting and splitting video with VideoProc. Its operation is much simpler.

1) Edit video: Cut, split, merge, crop, rotate, flip, stabilize, denoise video. Add effects/subtitles/watermark to video. Adjust output video/audio parameters.

2) Convert video/music: Convert almost any video to MP4, H.264, AVI, WMV, MOV, HEVC, FLV, iPhone (XS), iPad, Android, etc. Perfectly support 4K, HEVC, MKV. Convert music format like M4A to MP3.

3) Download video/music: Free download 8K/4K/1080p/720p videos, movies, MP3 songs from YouTube and 1000+ sites. Record YouTube live streams.

4) Record video: Record computer/iOS screen with audio. Freely select video recording area. Record video with web-cam. Record screen and webcam together.

5) Convert DVD: Convert home-made or commercial DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, H.264, HEVC, MKV, iPhone (XS), iPad, Android, etc.

6) Hardware acceleration: Perfectly support Intel/Nvidia/AMD hardware tech to deliver ultrafast video decoding/processing/encoding speed.

Free download and install the 100% clean program VideoProc on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac.

Step 1. Import video

Run VideoProc and click Video on the main UI. Click +Video button to load your source video files. You can add more than one video file for batching editing and converting.

Add Source Video into VideoProc
Step 2. Choose output, cut or split video

At the bottom, you can choose your preferred output format. Popular output formats like MP4 are listed in the column. You can also click Target Format to check the hundreds of output profiles VideoProc provides.

Cut video with best GoPro Studio alternative – VideoProc:
Click Cut icon to open the video cutting window. Then drag the two green knobs to set start point and end point of the cut clip, and click orange Cut icon. The cut video clip 1 is listed below.

You can further click Edit icon to precisely set the start time and end time of the clip.

You can follow the same operation to cut more clips, and they will be merged into your final video. Then click Done.

How to Cut Video with VideoProc

Split video with best GoPro Studio alternative – VideoProc:
Click Toolbox at the bottom and double click Split option.

Click Split Icon

Here you can split your video into number of parts. You have two ways: split the video by time, split the video by parts. Freely set a preferred number of segments or set the time of each split video clip, and hit Done.

Split Video with VideoProc
Step 3. Save output video

Need to mention a point: VideoProc supports Nvidia/Intel/AMD hardware acceleration which can make your video conversion speed fast enough. Tick Hardware Acceleration Engine.

Finally, hit RUN to start cutting or splitting your video with the best GoPro Studio alternative – VideoProc. The output folder will auto pop up after the process is finished.

If you are searching for a GoPro Studio video cut and split guide, and wonder how to cut and split video in GoPro Studio, hope you find your way out in this post. Also, if you are seeking the best alternative to GoPro Studio to fast cut and split any video, VideoProc is worth a try. Download VideoProc below.

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