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GoPro HERO 7 Black Live Streaming Not Working

6 Solutions to Fix GoPro HERO 7 Black Live Streaming Not Working Issue
By Carissa Morland Updated: December 19, 2018

New HERO 7 introduced by GoPro in fall 2018 hypes old and new users up for improved stability; new tweaks like SuperPhoto, Voice Command, TimeWrap; and live streaming which builds intimate integration of GoPro and social media. HERO 7 Black gives native support of broadcasting every moment as it happens to Facebook and other sites inspiring people to share their adventures or travel to the public.

Posts from HERO 7 community figure out how popular live streaming is and on the other hand how frustrating users try to stream GoPro lives online. One of the most frequently mentioned problems is live streaming not working on GoPro HERO 7 Black. Want to live this feature up on your GoPro? Here's how to do.

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You Should Master How to Stream GoPro Live to Facebook etc. Exactly

HERO 7 Black allows you to stream live video to Facebook directly and other compatible sites via RTMP URL. To make live streaming work, it requires a proper setup. Otherwise, not working issue happens. Read this in-depth tutorial of how to get started with live streaming on GoPro HERO 7 Black and see if you do it right.

Importance: GoPro app (iOS, Android) and Wi-Fi/Hotspot are essential for GoPro live streaming. And, make sure that your camera has been paired with the GoPro app before everything.

Stream to Facebook:

1. Open GoPro app on your phone. Click camera icon to enter preview mode.

2. Select "Live" and Tap "Set Up Live".

3. A message pops up asking you to allow Facebook live. Agree.

4. Sign in your Facebook account.

5. When "SET UP LIVE STREAM" screen appears, connect Wi-Fi or personal hotspot; choose sharing to Public, Friends or Only Me; give a title and description of your live; confirm the resolution (720p or 480p); turn on "SAVE A COPY" to save a high-res version of your stream to SD card.

6. Tap "Go Live" or press camera shutter button to start live streaming.

7. Tap "View on Facebook" and you can check your live on Facebook.

8. If you want to stop live, back to GoPro app and tap stop button.

Stream to other platforms:

1. Visit any compatible platforms: YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo.

2. Create an RTMP URL through live streaming tutorial.

3. Open GoPro app. Tap on "Live".

4. Click Facebook icon and select RTMP.

5. Tap "Set Up Live" and input RTMP URL.

6. Now, connect network and adjust other settings (resolution, title, description etc.).

7. Tap "Go Live" or press camera shutter button to start live streaming.

8. Tap stop button whenever you want to stop live.

You Need Connect to a Good and Stable Network

Network is a must to start live from HERO 7 Black on any platform. Although it can automatically decrease resolution from 720p to 480p if there is a weak signal of your Wi-Fi or personal hotspot, a bad connection inevitably results in jerky streaming and even interruption.

If you have everything properly set but still experience live streaming not working issue on HERO 7 Black, please ensure that the network connection is good and stable enough. If not, restart router if living at home; switch to another available Wi-Fi network or keep cell phone in areas with better reception.

You Can Try to Re-Pair Your GoPro HERO 7 Black and Phone

It is suggested to re-pair the camera and GoPro app. Out of sync problem may occur when you attempt to connect a paired device thus causing live streaming not working on GoPro HERO 7 Black. Please follow the steps below to remove camera on your phone and re-pair.

1. Open GoPro app and tap Camera icon.

2. For iOS, tap the pencil icon at the top-left corner and then the red X appears on the image of the camera. Click X to delete it. For Android, press and hold the image of the camera. Next, delete it.

3. Remove Bluetooth device ID and Wi-Fi settings from your phone.

4. Open GoPro app again and it will search for your camera.

5. Power on your camera. Tap Preferences > Connections > Connect Device > GoPro App and then your camera will be in pairing mode.

6. Tap "i" icon to get WiFi name and password.

7. Go Back to GoPro App. It has found your GoPro and gives a Connection button. Tap it to pair your camera. You are allowed to change camera name or leave it default.

8. Once you see the live preview of your camera, you have re-paired HERO 7 Black and GoPro app correctly.

9. Try to start live streaming and check if everything is OK.

It Will Be Helpful to Uninstall and Reinstall GoPro App

Please confirm that you have installed the latest version of GoPro app which probably helps fix a sort of errors. If you still can't stream live from GoPro HERO 7 Black, try to uninstall and reinstall the App.

For iOS:

• Uninstall: Press and hold GoPro app until X icon appears. Click X to delete the app.

• Reinstall: Open App Store > Search GoPro app > Get.

For Android:

• Uninstall: Open Settings > App & Notifications > find GoPro app > Uninstall.

• Reinstall: Open Google Play > Search GoPro app> Install.

Don't Forget to Update HERO 7 Black Software

The latest release v1.51.1 of GoPro HERO 7 Black software was available since September 26, 2018, which can optimize the performance of your camera. Update to the latest version and live streaming not working may be fixed.

You can update the camera in 3 ways:

1. With GoPro App

First of all, make sure that your camera is fully charged and well paired with the app. Open GoPro app on your phone and it will show available update. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your camera.

2. With Quik for Desktop

Fully charge your camera and connect it with computer via USB cable at first. After launching Quik for Desktop, a prompt of available update will be shown. Follow the on-screen instruction to perform the update.

3. Update Manually.

• Open your camera and go to the update page.

• Tap "Update your camera manually" under "Other ways to update".

• Enter required information (Serial Number etc.) and click Next Step.

• Tap "Download Update".

• Click "Click her to download firmware".

• Follow the on-screen instruction to update the firmware.

Restoring to Factory Settings Is a Good Fix

Restoring to Factory Settings will reset all information such as date/time, camera name/password, connections and so on. Feedbacks from users indicate that live streaming not working can be well fixed after resetting camera.

It is very easy to restore your camera to factory settings. Open camera and swipe down to get preferences from main screen. Click Reset > Factory Reset > Confirm Reset.

If you have tried all above solutions but still can't get live streaming worked on HERO 7 Black, please contact GoPro.

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How to GoPro Video Processing Fix GoPro HERO 7 Black Live Streaming Not Working Issue

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