Your GoPro Studio Has Conversion Error?
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[Solved] GoPro Studio Failed to Convert (Long/Large/Multiple) GoPro Footages Error on Computer
By A.J. McCann Updated: April 19, 2019

GoPro Studio, although reached its end-of-life in middle 2017, still exists on the computers of many GoProers. They get used to editing their raw footages with GoPro Studio, because compared to Quik (the substitute for GoPro Studio to some degree), Studio is more intuitive and enables them to do more advanced edits such as modifying the size/quality, adding template/music/title blocks and similar.

Every editor has its own workflow, so does GoPro Studio. Here, if you want to edit your fresh GoPRO MP4 footages with GoPro Studio, you should import and convert them into AVI/MOV first in [Step 1 - VIEW& TRIM]. Only in this way can you move on to the next Step 2 - Edit. While in the first step, Studio usually faces some convert errors like:

- The GoPro Studio just stoped conversion while processing at 0%/stucking at 50% (or some other percentage). When dragging the cursor over it, it says "Error" and may get a message "Error Details: Could not build the conversion graph."

- I can't convert any of my videos, and all stop for a long time and then just crashes saying the operation is complete, but it's not.

- When I'm making a longer video like a long bike ride, it will randomly stop converting the video.


Since there are many possible reasons for GoPro Studio's not converting error, the following content will represent the potential causes and fixing ideas one by one. You'd better try them all to resolve your convert issue completely.

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Possible Reasons & Fixing Ideas on GoPro Studio Not Converting Video

That GoPro Studio failed to convert video often occurs randomly and the feedback on GoPro forum seems a little bit messy. It's not frustrating, but makes it much harder to troubleshoot the issue quickly. Here we collect some effective fixes that have helped many users resolve their "GoPro won't convert video" problem successfully. Just work your way down to find the one that's useful.

reset advanced settings in GoPor Studio

# Reason 1 & Fixes: The Conversion Setting of GoPro Studio

In many cases, changing conversion settings could help you get rid of the Studio not converting problem easily.

To begin with, you can try to reset the output image size and frame rate to source or other value, toggle conversion file format between AVI and MOV to see if it works. If the MOV is grayed out, you can Press M on the keyboard to choose it.

Then, define a decent Save To directory, preferably on the C drive.

If the error happens when converting video to an external drive, you must keep an eye on two things:

a). Sometimes it's workable to fix conversion error by altering the saving folder to the desktop.

b). If the external drive is formatted to FAT32, the maximum file size of each converted file is 4GB. Any output larger than 4GB won't be here due to the size limit. So for long and large video conversion, you'd better trim the video into smaller pieces and then convert them.

Run GoPro Studio in compatibility mode

# Reason 2 & Fixes: The Compatibility Issue of GoPro Studio

You'd better use GoPro Studio 2.5.9 - the latest version so far to avoid some performance bugs. Since GoPro Studio was once bundled with Quik desktop but removed from Quik since v2.4, you can get Studio package by downloading its installer alone or Quik for desktop before 2.4. Take care not to get a virus or other malicious stuff when downloading it from non-official sites.

Alternatively, you can run GoPro Studio as administrator or run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or Windows 8 by right clicking and choosing properties and heading to Compatibility to set.

# Reason 3 & Fixes: The Convert Limitation of GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio supports converting GoPro videos in bulk. But maybe for performance bottleneck, it's officially said that "Never convert more than 10 clips at once". Therefore, if you have imported a large amount of clips into Studio, don't add over 10 of them into the conversion list and convert them all. Do the conversion in batches.

Here we have to say that it's been one and a half year since the death of GoPro Studio, which makes the GoPro Studio, even the "newest" version 2.5.9, work hard on new operation systems, say Windows 10 and macOS Catalina. No more updates, performance bugs will be here forever. If you have tried all the troubleshooting tips and still fail to work the conversion error out in GoPro Studio, don't waste your time and get some other GoPro converter and editor instead.

Fix GoPro Studio Not Conversion Error with VideoProc on PC/Mac
Want to Convert GoPro Videos Without Error or Limit on Computer?
Try GoPro Converter - VideoProc

USER GUIDE - How VideoProc Converts Videos That Failed to Convert in GoPro Studio

# Reason 4 & Fixes: The Issue of Computer

In many cases, changing conversion settings could help you get rid of the Studio not converting problem easily.

Firstly, keep the driver of computer up-to-date.

Then, If your computer has several graphics cards, please choose and set one as the preferred graphics processor.

For Nvidia: Right click on desktop and open Nvidia Control Panel -> Choose Manage 3D Settings at 3D Settings -> Click on the Global Settings tab and select the graphics card -> Select the 'preferred graphics processor' in the drop down list. If you want to use the dedicated graphics card, Select the High-performance Nvidia processor.

For ATI/AMD: Open the control center in the same way like Nvidia. Open graphics then PowerPlay and set plugged in and/or battery to maximize performance.

The last thing is to check the free memory space of your hard drive. Do have enough room for the output videos guaranteed, especially when you plan to convert footages into AVI format which own larger file size compared to MP4 in the same quality level. If not, the software may warn you by popping up a message begin with "Not enough room for converted files..."

# Reason 5 & Fixes: The Issue from GoPro Footage Itself

Improper name of GoPro video file or folder path may cause GoPro Studio not converting the footage rightly. So make sure there's no non-English character in the name of the file and its saving folder.

In some cases, the video that's unable to be converted in Studio is just corrupted. So try to play it with other media player, say VLC, to judge whether it's OK. If it's a damaged one, you have to restore the quality with video repairing software or quit the conversion.

# Reason 6 & Fixes: The Issue of QuickTime

When using GoPro Studio to transfer GoPro videos to MOV in STEP1, users need to install QuickTime player to make it happen. Here you can uninstall and install the latest or some elder QT to see whether the software works well in conversion. But you are suggested to pay more attention to the security issue on Windows, because since early 2016, QuickTime for Windows version was no longer supported by Apple due to some critical vulnerabilities.

How VideoProc Converts Videos That Failed to Convert in GoPro Studio

VideoProc, thanks to its well-designed software architecture and rich codec support, is really a good mate to process common camera videos, including those captured by GoPro boxes. Now let's see how you can use VideoProc to convert and edit your GoPro footages at will with it.


- Connect your GoPro to computer or export the footages into hard drive.

- Free download, install and launch VideoProc to standby.

Step 1 - Add GoPro Video into VideoProc

There are four feature buttons on the main UI. Just click Video button to enter into a larger video processing panel and input GoPro video source by clicking "Video"/"Video Folder" to choose and open. You can also drag GoPro video into the panel directly. Note that VideoProc supports batch converting videos with no size or quantity limitation.

Step 2 - Choose Output Format

When it's loaded completely, select a target format as you require. VideoProc here offers 420+ output profiles covering all mainstream video formats, audio formats, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and video sharing sites. Specifically, you can convert GoPro MP4 to MOV, AVI, MKV, WebM, WMV, iPhone, iPad, Android, YouTube, DVD NTSC/PAL, Xbox, PS4 and more.

VideoProc Converts Videos Failed to Convert in GoPro Studio 1
Step 3 - Edit If Necessary

You are powered to edit GoPro videos in two ways. The first way is to edit basic media parameters, like video codec, frame rate, bit rate, resolution, aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, saturation and such. The second and more advanced way is to cut, crop, add effect/subtitle/watermark, changing video playback speed, stabilize, denoise etc. You can find all edit functions at Toolbox section and Format/Edit Video control (tap codec/Option to pop it up).

VideoProc Converts Videos Failed to Convert in GoPro Studio 2
Step 4 - RUN Conversion and Export

Hit RUN button to start the conversion immediately. If the graphics cards of your computer support hardware acceleration, VideoProc will take advantage of it automatically to speed up the conversion speed to the most.

Bottom Line

It's really a pity that GoPro team has replaced feature-rich Studio with lite Quik for desktop. However, there are many other video converter and editor choices you can select to do the same conversion and post-production too, VideoProc, VSDC, Adobe Premierer Pro, iMovie, Sony Vegas, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro, just to name a few. Among those great programs, easy, affordable but pro-grade VideoProc is more preferred if you are a new comer to GoPro gaming.

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