GoPro Studio Is Unsafe with QuickTime!
Then How to Fix This Security Issue on Windows?

[2 Ways] to Fix GoPro Studio Is Unsafe with QuickTime Player Installed on Windows
By A.J. McCann Updated: April 19, 2019

All PC owners pay much attention to the machine's security problem, because they don't want to lose their most privacy and precious data due to improper behavior. Software security is the most crucial part of computer security. Get down to things related to GoPro gamers, Apple's QuickTime player is a good example.

Two years ago, the 11-year-old QuickTime for Windows got its end-of-life after a cybersecurity firm found two critical vulnerabilities, named ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242 respectively, in its code. Apple could have fixed the security bug by further software update but it finally chose to deprecate QuickTime on Windows for good. That's to say, no way to remove danger off QuickTime for Windows at all. Even the U.S government made a urgent call at that time to warn Windows customers delete the software immediately...

Installing risky QuickTime player on Windows is dangerous, and running GoPro Studio with QT installed is unsafe too. But without QuickTime, GoPro Studio will lose some conversion & edit permformance. How to solve these QuickTime security issues for GoPro Studio users? Please keep reading to find out the answers.

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Things You Need to Know about QuickTime and GoPro Studio

1. The Relationship Between QuickTime and GoPro Studio

All GoPro Studio users are familiar with the connection between Studio and QuickTime player, because if they don't have QuickTime installed on the computer, they will give a tooltip during software installing process, which says "Apple QuickTime (TM) will need to be installed for full file format support. Would you like to download QuickTime now?".

QuickTime not installed on computer

If the user refuses to download the player here, every time they launch GoPro Studio to edit clips, it will pop up a warning message too. On Windows enviroment, it may be "QuikTime for Windows Not Installed: QuikTime for Windows was not found to be installed. If you wish to access the full audio functionality of the CFMediaPlayer you must have QuickTime installed."

uninstall unsafe quicktime for windows

2. It's Unsafe to Run GoPro Studio on QuickTime-Installed PC

GoPro Studio remains reliant on QuickTime for Windows even after both Apple and US Department of Homeland Security made the uninstalling urging. GoPro Studio support team was once claiming to make efforts to improve the situation, but no further QuickTime-related upgrade at all. All of the potential negative consequences QuickTime may bring about on Windows , including loss of data and damage to systems, seem like time bombs for users who keeps QuickTime still on the PC.

So for all GoPro Studio consumers, the only way to keep the PC safe from attacker is to remove QuickTime completely.

GoPro Studio without QuickTime Instaled

3. What If Running GoPro Studio Without Installing QuickTime?

Just like the alert message mentioned above hints, if anyone doesn't set QuickTime up on the Windows computer, GoPro Studio will continue to run normally, but lose some functions. Put it in detail:

1. The user can't convert GoPro footages into MOV in Step 1 so that the MOV option is grayed out.

2. It's impossible to import external MP3 file into the edit for mixing into the edit in Step 2.

The feature deficiency problem is both big and small, which totally depends on the actual needs of using GoPro Studio, say whether the user wants to transfer video to MOV or add an audio file into video. For those who are willing to convert GoPro footages into Apple MOV or add audio to GoPro clips, and those who have other editing errors with GoPro Studio after deleting QuickTime from Windows system, the only workaround is to get a GoPro Studio alternative.

GoPro Studio Alternative without Installing Unsafe QuickTime
GoPro Studio is unsafe with QuickTime installed on Windows?
Try GoPro Studio Alternative- VideoProc

How to Convert / Edit GoPro Videos with VideoProc on Windows

Please free download VideoProc and install it on on your Windows computer. Before you begin the conversion or editing, you are suggested to export and locate GoPro videos into the hard drive. Now let's get the easy user guide started.

Step 1 - Open VideoProc

The very first thing is surely to launch VideoProc, and head to the video processing panel by pressing "Video" button on the main UI.

Step 2 - Add Video to Software

The next thing is to add GoPro video into VideoProc. You can find the source video on hard drive and drag it directly into the software, or click "+ Video" to choose and load. VideoProc supports batch converting clips with no quantity limit, so you can import and edit multiple videos as you like.

GoPro Studio Alternative to Convert/Edit GoPro Videos 1
3. Preset for Conversion or Edit.

When the raw footage is fully loaded into VideoProc, you can see video/audio codec, resolution, and duration for both input and output file in the video information bar. Right below the information area, you can see "Effect", "Watermark", "Cut", "Crop", "Rotate" and "Subtitle" icons, all of which gives a fast access to related editing control. Another "Option" button is just an entrance to set parameter values for output format.

GoPro Studio Alternative to Convert/Edit GoPro Videos 2

At the bottom of the interface, you are given a wide range of output profiles optimized for video formats, music formats, phones, tablets, game consoles, web sharing sites and more. You can choose and double click the option to adjust video quality, codec, resolution, frame rate, bit rate etc. as you prefer.

Toolbox, the last and rightmost option, offers more editing features to help enhance GoPro video quality like deshake (stabilize GoPro shaky video), denoise (denoise/remove wind noise from GoPro video) and fisheye (remove distortion from GoPro video).

Step 4 - RUN Conversion and Export

Click "RUN" to convert and export the modified video to hard drive fast. Thanks to hardware acceleration, VideoProc would deliver buttery smooth video editing and conversion with high quality still.

VideoProc is an easy, affordable and feature-laden converter and editor software designed especially for the beginners. You can check the full comparison between GoPro Studio and VideoProc from the comparison table and download it for your macOS system here.

If you have any question or suggestion on this program, just feel free to email us>>

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