GoPro Quik vs. VideoProc - Which Performs Better on Cutting/Trimming GoPro HERO 8/7/6/5 Videos

By Nicole Moore Updated: April 29, 2019
GoPro Quik or VideoProc, Which Is Easier on GoPro HERO 8/7/6/5 Video Trimming/Cutting

With the release of the HERO5 product line, GoPro gives another option - GoPro Quik to edit their contents. It's primarily designed to help you quickly (as the name implies) make simple edits, and upload GoPro videos to Facebook or YouTube. You can access and import your GoPro camera clips directly and cut out the redundant parts of your GoPro videos. It's quite simple that you can trim GoPro videos within several steps.

How to Trim GoPro Videos with Quik?

1. Plug your GoPro HERO 5/6/7/8 camera into the computer using the USB cable that came with your GoPro. Turn on the camera on and the Quik for desktop will detect it and display its details in the Device Window. And Click on the blue IMPORT FILES button to import GoPro clips to Media Library.

2. Select Media or Recently Added along the left sidebar for a particular clip or time lapse sequence that you would like to trim.

3. Double click or right click to open and view the video clip.

how to trim videos in Quik

4. Click on the scissors icon along the lower left corner. There will be a blue in and out marker, move it side to side to the area that you would like to trim.

5. Press the Save button along the lower right hand corner to save you clip. Then press OK. If needed, you can share the trimmed GoPro video to Facebook or YouTube.

Alternatively, what if you'd like to cut a couple of videos all at once for a perfect workflow? Things are different since step 2. You need select several clips and open in create mode, hover over and choose HiLight moments, delete or shuffle cut if needed, add music you desired, and finally save your GoPro video and post it to Facebook or YouTube if necessary.

Possible Problems with Quik on Cutting GoPro Videos

However, things don't always go to plan. As I cut GoPro HERO 8/7/6/5 videos with Quik, I was stumped by some problems. Meanwhile, I found I'm not alone when I'm trying to search solutions from GoPro Forum. Here is a list of the main problems that I and other GoPro users have ever met.

● Fail to import video. When connecting your camera to your computer via USB cable, the device doesn't appear in GoPro App for Desktop. Even if the camera is recognized, GoPro Quik won't import videos still, since there is a "No Files to Import" notice appears and the "Space Used" bar is clearly showing some data inside the micro SD card.

● Clip in wrong place. Following the above steps in View mode, yet get a random selection from the original source video, having little to nothing to do with the portion I highlighted...

● Black screen with audio. There are also cases that you can import files and they play fine. But once you edit in Quik (cut out a clip, add speedometer etc), there is a playback error on saved clip, which has no video, just a black screen with audio. But the speedometer is there and functional.
Check How to Solve GoPro Quik Playback Errors >>

● Huge quality loss. When the GoPro video is trimmed through scissor-shaped create clip button in View mode, your GoPro video looks bad with a quality loss. What's worse, things are severer in Create mode. As I input a 4K 30fps, 57Mb/s bitrate video, I finally get a Quik bitrate problem with a video of 1080p 30fps 14Mb/s, which looks embarrisingly pixellated.

● 15/30/60 seconds limit in create mode. If you'd cut and edit your GoPro videos in Create mode, your final video length will be limited at 15, 30 or 60 seconds, which are friendly for Facebook and YouTube sharing. But it's too rigid for some GoPro users since they cannot customize and export a longer video.

For that, many GoPro users are just on the fence, hesitating to insist on trimming GoPro videos with Quik, or turning to another GoPro video cutter, like VideoProc. So, GoPro Quik vs VideoProc, which is easier to cut GoPro videos? Scroll down for the answer!

Cut GoPro 4K/2.7K/1080p video
Cutting GoPro 4K/2.7K/1080p Videos Has Never Been Easier with
VideoProc GoPro Video Editor
Free Download VideoProc to Cut/Trim GoPro Footage Easily!

VideoProc - An Incredibly Simple and Powerful Tool to Cut GoPro Videos

VideoProc is an easy-to-use, quick-to-learn, and surprisingly powerful video editor, allowing you to cut GoPro videos easily, such as trimming head and/or the tail of your footage, split videos into fragments, and cut out the redundant parts and splice the rest of clips together. Unlike GoPro Quik's trimming available only for GoPro source clips, VideoProc accepts every footage and does more than video trimming, but also a series of video edits like cropping GoPro video frame size, merging several clips into a single one, making a video rotation, turning the volume up/down, correcting video brightness, contrast etc. Besides, the impressive Toolbox is specifically designed to cater to the unique features of GoPro, enabling you to correct GoPro fisheye distortion, remove background/wind noise, stabilize shaky GoPro footage and so on.

VideoProc is fast, too, using the Intel QSV/NVIDIA/AMD hardware acceleration, while taking advantages of multi-core CPU processors, and Hyper-Threading technology. Meanwhile, the unique auto copy mode can cut/trim GoPro videos without video re-encoding at even faster speed. Put it all together, VideoProc achieves up to five times faster than GoPro Quik and similar apps.

[Tutorial] How to Cut GoPro Videos (4K/2.7K/1080p/720p HD) with VideoProc

Firstly, you need free download VideoProc on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac version on Mac OS 10.6 and above. I'm working on my Windows desktop here to clip GoPro footage, yet the GoPro video editing tutorial follows the same steps on macOS.

Step 1: Launch the GoPro video cutter and click "Video" button on the main interface. Drag your desired GoPro videos to the current window or click "Add Video" to import source videos from GoPro.
GoPro video cutter
Step 2: Tap "Cut" button from the edit bar below the video info, and you'll be navigated to a new window. Drag green knob to set the start time and end time of your GoPro clip that you want to keep. After that, click the orange "Cut" button next to slider. Repeat the action to cut other clips of your GoPro video. Then, click "Done" button to make your clip valid, and the multiple short clips will be merged into a single one.
cut GoPro footage
Step 3: Optionally, get access to "Target Format", you're able to transcode your GoPro video to HEVC, H.264, MP4, MOV, AVI, or optimal presets for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. Certainly, if you'd like cut GoPro video without re-encoding, you can skip this step.
Step 4: Hit "RUN" button at the bottom right to export a new GoPro video of shorter length.

GoPro Quik vs VideoProc: Side by Side Comparison on Video Cutting & Editing

You may have a rough idea on the differences of video trimming between VideoProc and GoPro Quik. But that's not all. There are also some indispensable features both on VideoProc and GoPro Quik, giving facility to you for cutting GoPro footage easily. Now check the short rundown of GoPro Quik vs VideoProc comparison and find out which is easier for trimming GoPro videos.

Feature VideoProc
GoPro Quik
GoPro Quik
Input & Output Input: Accept every footage, Output: 420+ output formats
See the full supported inputs & outputs >>
Input: Videos in GoPro camera, or GoPro SD card,
Output: AVC, H.265, MP4, MOV
Output quality Original, up to 8K, 4K 60fps Macximum output video in 1080p 60fps
Easy-to-use Yes, take no time to master Yes
Trim and splice video clips Yes Yes
Crop video frame size Yes No
Make a video rotation Yes Yes
Add sutitles and watermarks for video Yes No
Add music tracks for video No Yes, 10 tracks limit for free accounts
Fisheye removal Yes No
Video stablization Yes No
Remove background noise Yes No
Edit effect, brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. Yes Yes
Upload video from GoPro camera automatically No Yes
Upload (Non-GoPro) video from other cameras Yes No
Extracted photos from Videos or Time lapses Yes Yes
Share to YouTube/Facebook No, but offers preset profiles for YouTube, Facebook Yes, sign in your account for Facebook/YouTube sharing directly
Operating System support Mac OS X 10.6 or above, Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit) Mac OS X 10.10 or above, Windows 10 (64-bit)

Final Words

VideoProc and GoPro Quik, you can trim GoPro videos easily in either way. But they vary in different situations. If you'd like to make a quick clip of your GoPro videos and then share it to YouTube or Facebook, it's okay to use GoPro Quik. Yet usually, what you need to do is more than video trimming, but also a series of actions like crop, merge, rotate, fisheye removal, video stabilization etc. to make a polish of your GoPro footage. In that case, you're highly suggested to turn to VideoProc, which not only enables you to trim GoPro footage easily, but also do some other video editing, as well as video transcoding and compression.

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