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Big Video Quality Loss after Edit in GoPro Quik Desktop

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Fixes: upgrade Quik to 2.7, roll back to Quik 2.3 or use GoPro Quik alternative

"I tried to make my first clip with GoPro Hero 6 using Quik ( on my computer windows 10. However I struggled because the clip suffered from a huge quality loss. Indeed, I have few videos (4k, 30fps) which I try to merge with quick, but the result is not as good as the original video."

This GoPro Quik quality loss problem has been there since 2017. Yet, after all these years and all the upgrades from 2.3 to, it still remains to be resolved. Some people even give up on GoPro HERO7 because of Quik.

Original GoPro HERO6 video
Big quality loss after editing with Quik

Analysis: As you can see from the pictures above, the video output by Quik becomes fuzzy and blurry. It seems to be downgraded from 1080p to 240p. Why is there such a big loss of quality after editing in Quik? It's hard to pin down what's wrong. It might be the Quik version, your graphics card, the GPU driver, or the memory available for use. But the odd thing is that Quik app running on mobile phones works great, without too much compression things.

There is no official useful tips on how to fix video quality loss after editing in GoPro Quik The Key: Turn to Quik alternative for desktop The Easiest Solution

Solution: How to fix video quality loss in Quik? The basic step is to upgrade GoPro Quik to the latest version ( However, very few users find it useful, according to the comments in GoPro community. I've tested it myself. True, it doesn't work. Part of the users solves the Quik poor quality issue by uninstalling the current Quik and rolling back to Quik 2.3.5383. But it doesn't work for all. For now, the most efficient way out is to use Quik alternative for desktop, like VideoProc, especially if Quik also drives you crazy with errors like "Quik freezes when saving the edit".

VideoProc - GoPro Quik Alternative for Desktop (Windows/macOS)

  • Throw any video into it and start editing now!
  • Handle videos of GoPro, DJI, Sony, iPhone, etc.
  • Save edits in high quality for sharing online.
  • Easy editing experience: cut, crop, merge, stabilize...

Download VideoProc on Windows

Download VideoProc on Mac

Edit GoPro Video with VideoProc Now, No Quality Loss!

Step 1. Import GoPro video into VideoProc

- VideoProc is a Quik alternative for desktop PC only. Free download VideoProc.exe or VideoProc.dmg and then get it installed.
- Click "Video" to turn to "VideoProc - Video" center.
- Click "+ Video" button to import your source GoPro footage.

Add GoPro video to VideoProc

Step 2. Do video editing

[Cut] Split your footage into several clips by simply dragging the slider or manually set a definite range of time, so that you can apply different editing to each clip, or remove the unnecessary parts.

[Crop] Enable "crop" to cut off letterbox, change image aspect ratio to 16:9, 4:3, or 1:1 (for Instagram), or freely cropping the video by setting the position of left, right, top and bottom.

Crop GoPro video in VideoProc

[Watermark] Enable watermark option to add three types of watermarks: Text, Image and Timecode. Drop the watermark anywhere by specifying the position of left and top, width and height. Transparency is also adjustable.

[Subtitle] Upload external subtitle file like .srt or search subtitle online for movies and TV shows.

[Rotate] Change video orientation clockwise or anticlockwise. Or flip video vertically or horizontally. Change the playback speed of video and audio to create timelapse or slow motion effect.

[Effect] Apply filters like Technicolor, Sharpen or Blur. Technicolor is recommended for imposing cinema color effect. At the same time, adjust the values of color settings precisely.

Apply filters and correct colors

[Toolbox] More editing features are placed in toolbox, including video stabilization, denoise, lense correction, and many more.

Step 3. Save your edits and output video

- Choose an output format, like MP4 H.264.
- Set the destination folder and enable "Nvidia/Intel/AMD" GPU acceleration if there is.
- Press RUN to start encoding video.

Encode video and output

If you still want to stick with GoPro Quik, keep your eyes on this GoPro Quik loss of quality after edit thread in GoPro community to see if there are any Quik updates or new useful tips.

Final Words:

Besides converting videos, VideoProc is also able to perform some video editing tasks, including cutting, trimming, merging, splitting, deshaking, denoising, adding special effects, and more. The operation is really beginner-friendly. Moreover, it can digitize DVDs, convert audios, download videos and music from 1000+ sites, and record screen and webcam.

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