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How to Solve Bitrate Reduction in Quik Issue

GoPro Quik Exports Low Bitrate? Make It Solved!
By Carissa Morland Updated: March 29, 2019

Quik offers a quick way to access and edit videos from GoPro cameras. It is the preferred choice for users who would like to create a clip great for sharing on YouTube, Facebook etc. However, Quik is not so perfect as we think. For example, bitrate problem bothers many users a lot.

- I have recorded 4K 30fps (57Mb/s Bitrate) video. When saving my edited video from GoPro Quik, it converts to a disappointing 14Mb/s bitrate video.

- I took some GoPro footage from a trip and tried Quik. When I saved a 4K video, it looks like Quik saved the video as 15mbps bitrate instead of the source 60 – and absolutely no way to alter this.

The lowered bitrate seriously influences the quality which probably causes pixelation on video. If you want a high-quality output, Quik bitrate problem should be fixed.

Bitrate & Quality

A bitrate is "the number of bits processed in a unit of time". The standard symbol is "bit/s" which is usually replaced by the abbreviation form “bps”. 1 Mbps means that one million bits are being processed every second.

Generally, bitrate control corresponds to video quality and file size. A higher bitrate a video has, the better quality and large size it will be. On the other hand, it brings hardware a big stress to process higher bitrate video. Online platforms also recommend the best bitrate (according to resolution and frame rate) for uploading.

As a matter of fact, Quik will automatically decrease bitrate to prevent choppy performance on editing or meet uploading requirement. But, the “terrible” output will disappoint you.

Quik Bitrate Problem – 3 Troubleshooting Tips

Tip 1. Update Quik to the latest version

Update Quik to the Latest Version

Every update of Quik brings improvements. The latest version theoretically delivers the best performance you can enjoy from Quik.

Firstly, please check your Quik version. Launch Quik > Help > About. It gives the version of Quik you're using. If it is an older version, uninstall it. Download the newest version from official page and then install. Also, on this page, system requirements are listed. Please make clear what you'll need to run Quik on Windows/Mac before installation.

Tip 2. Upgrade Your Computer

Upgrade Computer

The post-production of GoPro 4K or high frame rate footage probably involves in a shutter if you run Quik on an underpowered computer. Quik will lower bitrate in order to make editing process smoother. To avoid the occurrence of bitrate decreasing in Quik, you need a better computer. If you have no idea of how powerful a computer should be, please refer to minimum system requirements for 4K/HEVC editing and playback as well as Quik.

4K Minimum System Requirements | HEVC Minimum System Requirements | Quik Minimum System Requirements

Tip 3. Use Quik Alternative

In some cases, users have GoPro bitrate problem solved through the above 2 tips. However, more feedbacks and our personal experience figure out that low bitrate and bad quality issue still happen even though we run the latest version of Quik on a fully qualified computer. If you try to get a high bitrate video, it is suggested to seek for a Quik alternative.

GoPro Video Processing
Try to export GoPro videos without bitrate reduction after editing?
VideoProc is the good choice!

VideoProc concentrates on offering the easiest way to process and edit virtually all GoPro videos, 4K 60fps, slow-motion, time-lapse and so on. It enables you to cut, split, merge, crop, rotate, flip, add effects/watermark/subtitles as well as stabilize shaky image, correct fisheye, reduce wind/background noise. During editing, the bitrate will be kept as original. Also, it enables you to adjust bitrate and other resolution for compression or other purposes. It helps keep a high quality even the video is shrunk so that you can get videos uploaded online with vivid images.

Full GPU-acceleration is the secret that VideoProc can output a great resulting file and meanwhile delivers a quick and stable performance. It takes full advantage of Intel QSV, NVIDIA NVENC and AMD VCE to take the burden of video encoding, decoding and editing. It can not only unlock CPU for other tasks, but make video processing and your computer work smoothly.

If you try to alter bitrate to meet online uploading requirements, please follow the steps.

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and click Video button.
Adjust Bitrate - Step 1
Step 2. Click +Video to import target video(s).
Adjust Bitrate - Step 2
Step 3. Move to the bottom of the interface. Click Video tab and select an output format (which can be the same as original file), for example H264 MP4.
Adjust Bitrate - Step 3
Step 4. Double click the format icon to get access to setting window. Make Bit Rate as Manual and give a value of target bit rate. After that, click Done.
Adjust Bitrate - Step 4
Step 5. Click Browse button to set an output folder. At last, click RUN to have your change done.
Adjust Bitrate - Step 5


GoPro Quik bitrate problem brings bad quality after editing and exporting, especially for 4K and high frame rate footage. If you are the one who are really tried with this issue, we highly recommend you to try the alternative – VideoProc. It helps make all basic edits more than Quik can do and offers better performance of video processing. The most importance is that it puts quality at the first place allowing you to obtain a crisp resulting file without compromising quality.

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