4K 60fps Can't Import or Save in Quik
[Fixed] to Edit GoPro 4K Videos with No Limit

[Solved] Can't Add/Export 4K 60fps Footages in Quik for Mobile or Desktop
By A.J. McCann Updated: April 19, 2019

In the GoPro ecosystem, Quik, available for both mobile and desktop, is mainly responsible for basic video editing and sharing work. But when it comes to editing 4K 60fps videos from GoPro Hero 6/7/8, many users are complaining that they cannot import 4K 60fps footages into Quik on their iPhone iPad Android or computer. Also, another query existes still and that's Quik can't save 4K 60fps video in the same resolution and frame rate but save in 1080p 60fps instead.

Why are there so many issues on editing 4K 60fps video with Quik? That's because Quik is definitely a limited 4K video editor. For one thing, it only accepts large 4K 60fps videos on certain machines. For another, since the maximum export of a Quik edit is 1080p 60fps, it won't save 4K 60fps video at original looking, but transfer it to 1080p 60fps by default.

Then how to fix these annoying problems so that you can import your 4K 60fps footages into Quik smoothly or edit them without compression at will? Please head to the right section below to find out relevant fixing ideas.

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Part 1: How to Fix 4k 60fps Can't Add/Use in Quik?

Fix 4k 60fps Can't Add/Use in Quik Troubleshooting Keywords: Upgrade the machine; Compress 4K to 1080p

Large-format video editing needs high-performing hardware. Put it simply, since 4K 60fps GoPro videos are 100% taken by Hero 6 Black and Hero7 Black and encoded with HEVC, if you want to edit 4K 60fps videos with Quik, the mobile or desktop must be compatible well with 4K and HEVC at the same time.

So we just list some 4K 60fps friendly gadgets and computer configurations for your reference below. If your mobile or computer is not qualified, without doubt, you will fail to input 4K 60fps into Quik for editing and sharing.

System Requirements for Editing GoPro 4K 60fps (HEVC) Videos in Quik


   iOS 11/12 devices using the Apple® A10 processor and newer:
   iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs/Xs Max, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (both 1st & 2nd generations included) and 10.5 inch iPad Pro.


   Android 5.0+ devices using the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 series (or equivalent) processors and newer, e.g:
   Samgung Galaxy S7-S10(Plus), Note 8/9; Huawei P9/10/20 (Plus), P20/Pro; Pixel / Pixel XL and newer; Sony Xperia X and newer; OnePlus® 3 and newer etc.


   Windows 10 computers using the Intel Kaby Lake (or equivalent) processor and newer.


   macOS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina computers using the A10 processor and newer:
   Macbook® – 2016 or newer; Macbook Pro – 2016 or newer; iMac – 2017 and newer; iMac Pro – 2017 or newer; 27-inch 5K iMac (2015-2017).  

If possible, switch to another powerful phone, pad or computer to run 4K-capable Quik. Otherwise, you must downscale the big 4K to Quik friendly size, say 1080p, before adding to Quik. Here you are suggested to use open-sourced HandBrake to resize 4K 60fps GoPro video to 1080p 60fps in clicks.

HandBrake Compresses GoPro HEVC 4K 60fps to 1080p 60fps

Compressing is just a workaround to enable Quik to recognize your "4K" video, which will bring about some quality loss. If you don't want to edit your crispy 4K 60fps movie with quality sacrifice, you must turn to some Quik alternative editor to work with 4K 60fps footages perfectly.

Part 2: How to Fix Quik Can't Save 4K 60fps in the Same Quality?

Fix 4k 60fps Can't Save in 4K 60fps Quality Troubleshooting Keywords: Try Quik alternative editor

As mentioned above, currently Quik has no output option for 4K. Therefore, no matter what 4K content you shoot in, GoPro Quik can only save as high as 1080p by compression. Exporting video at 4K 60fps is impossible in Quik, then the only way to fix this performance issue is surely to obtain a Quik alternative program to make things up. Here we recommend VideoProc, a dedicated GoPro video processing tool, as your top choice.

Fix Quik Can't Import Save 4K 60FPS
[No export limit] Edit your GoPro 4K 60fps videos without compression.
Try Quik Alternative - VideoProc!

VideoProc is one-stop video processing software focusing on handling various videos from GoPros, DJIs, DSLRs
and phones easily and fast. With it, you can:

How VideoProc Edits and Outputs 4K 60FPS GoPro Clip without Compression

Please free download and install VidoProc according to your desktop system. It's compatible well with Windows 7 - 10 and Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.14. After the quick installation, connect your GoPro to hard drive and move 4K 60fps video off SD card to standby.

Step 1 - Add 4K 60FPS Footage

When opening VideoProc, you will find 4 buttons located in the main UI. Press the leftmost Video icon to pop up a bigger video processing panel, where you should click +Video to import source 4K 60fps video. Also, you can drag video into the panel directly.

Step 2 - Make Easy Video Edits

When the video is fully loaded into software, you can do simple edits by clicking the related editing icon placed on the video information bar, say, Effect, Watermark, Cut, Crop and Rotate. If you don't need to convert your HEVC 4K MP4 video into other codec or container format, do remember to check the target format is set as MP4 HEVC and the frame rate is defined as 60fps or "keep original" (double click MP4 HEVC to see the settings). Also, you can navigate to Toolbox to do more edits like deshake, denoise, trim, split, mirror & flip and such.

Load Lagging GoPro Video into VideoProc

Compared to Quik, VideoProc obsolutely provides more editing features and output profiles than Quik. Except those features listed above, VideoProc gives more functionalities when stepping into the edit control, for instance speed up/slow down video, force A/V sync and adjust video brightness/contrast/saturation. >Detailed comparison between GoPro Quik and VideoProc

Step 3 - Export the 4K 60FPS Video

When you finish the preset and adjustment, click RUN to make the edits happen. VideoProc will leverage hardware acceleration engine powered by the GPU from Intel QSV, AMC and Nvidia to boost video processing speed to the fastest ever.

Hardware acceleration is quite useful when working with high definition videos. If your computer is built in with newer graphic card, it will promise to wrap your 4K 60fps video processing up in VideoProc, without hammering the CPU. 

Final Words

Quik, as a basic GoPro editor, offers a super easy and fast way to edit GoPro video for sharing online thanks to its HiLight tags, transitions themes, soundtracks and trimming features. But the lack of other editing features and output profiles makes it hard for Quik users to modify videos more precisely, and also impossible to edit 4K 60fps video without resizing or quality loss. At this time, for advanced users, VideoProc is a good bet to choose. It can help GoPro video shooters hit the ground running with the video production needs and be well on the way to producing excellent action videos.

External reading:

[1] Hardware Acceleration [wiki]: In computing, hardware acceleration is the use of computer hardware to perform some functions more efficiently than is possible in software running on a more general-purpose CPU...

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