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4K YouTube to MP4? Not a Big Deal Only If with the Capable Tool

Mostly, YouTube only allows it's premium account users to download videos and play them on mobile devices. The video with 4K resolution you download from YouTube has the extension name of .WEBM. WEBM, a container format project sponsored by Google, is widely deployed by YouTube. Although WEBM has collected a wide interest from video publishers, there are many occasions that it doesn’t play well as .WEBM was built for web browsers in the first place.

While WEBM video files are playing well on your mobile devices, they might not perform as well on your Windows media player. Under such circumstances, do you really need to download a special media player to play that WEBM video? How about converting your 4K YouTube video to one container format that is more compatible to all video players? To an MP4 format, for sure.

WEMB Fail to Play Warning

WEBM Fail to Play Warning

Note: It will be choppy, stuck and out-of-sync if you compulsorily consent the Windows media player to play the WEBM video.

How do you switch 4K YouTube to MP4? Is there another way to work everything out? The answer is right here for you. Keep reading.

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Part 1: How to Convert 4K YouTube to MP4? Explicit Steps with Pictures

For users who already have offline 4K videos downloaded from YouTube but would like to play it on MP4 devices, here's what you can do: converting them to MP4, then the 4K video can be played smoothly on your MP4 devices. In order to get the conversion job effectively done, here I’d like to recommend you with a professional video editing tool - VideoProc. It is a pros-recommended, beginners-favored tool that can fulfill video editing, converting, compressing, encoding and decoding in one-stop.

Note: WEBM file is slow to decode without Hardware Acceleration Decoding Technology. Not a big problem in VideoProc. With its specially built-in acceleration engine - Level-3 Hardware Acceleration fully powered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs, VideoProc is entitled to process 4K HEVC video editing and transcoding quickly while in high quality. All you have to do now is to double-click your mouse on the desktop to launch VideoProc, so let's kick off with its main interface as shown below.

Launch the Main Interface

Launch the Main Interface

Do not Have a VideoProc Icon on Your Desktop? Free Download VideoProc and Convert 4K YouTube to MP4!


After you have finished the registration process, continue with 3 steps shown below:

Step 1: By clicking the Video button on the main interface to enter the user interface. Add Video file to the board by left-clicking the "+Video" icon on the top bar, or you may drag it to the central square.

Step 2: Move to the bottom bar. Pick up the MPEG-4 codec in the Video column. Click the wheel-like icon on the top right of the column to make your personalized setting.

Step 3: Tick the two checkboxes spotted with the arrow - this will ensure the high quality of the output video. Finish the whole converting process by clicking the RUN button on the bottom right.

Enable High Quality Output

Step 1-3

Part 2: Bonus tip: Download 4K YouTube to MP4 in VideoProc

As you have acknowledged how to convert the 4K YouTube to MP4 from previous sections, you may start to ponder: if I can download 4K YouTube to MP4 in the first place, then I'll probably skip the converting process. Your idea can be achieved by VideoProc as well. With a video downloader engine nicely built inside, VideoProc allows you to freely download from YouTube and more platforms (see the full list) with whatever output format (eg. WEBM, MP4, M4A, etc.) you like or whichever codec compatible to your device!

Bottom Line

VideoProc, a professional HD/4K video editor, is specialized in video processing. You will be surprised at how convenient that all editing process can be achieved in this one-stop software. Apart from converting 4K YouTube to MP4 very effectively, you are allowed to compress the video size without a frame loss. For users who don’t have a YouTube premium account, you will find downloading with your preferred format in VideoProc is another unexpected chill.



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