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Editing 4K Video with Slow and Laggy? Fix It Now

"I currently have a dell laptop with a 2.7ghz dual core i7 with 8gbram. I have edited a few 4K clips but its really slow and laggy. I am sick of windows and am looking to upgrade to an iMac but don't want to spend the money on a brand new one. Was looking at 2013 models with the quad core i5s. Was wondering if anyone here uses a iMac for their edits and how well it handles 4K workloads?"

This user is not alone. Read from the forum, we see that there are lots of people stuck in the similar situation as the user does. But don't worry, in this post we will help you figure out why this issue happens and more importantly, how to fix it. So keep reading and find more.

Why Computer Becomes Slow and Laggy When Editing 4K Videos?

The first possible reason, which most users may have already known, is related to the hardware. In fact, abandoning dual core i7 and going with quad core i5 is not the most sensible move for your choice. Processor may have impact on 4K video editing and processing, but other hardware issue can be the causing factor, namely, GPU cache, RAM (Random Access Memory), etc. By the way, isn't 2013 models way too obsolete for you to go back to?

If the basic hardware system in your computer is not capable of editing video files in 4K resolution, then the targeted solution is to upgrade them, or make a new build. With the most budget rebuild, hundreds of money spending is inevitable, still it is quite economic compared to invest in a brand new laptop.

We are clear that when editing a 4K video, both hardware and software are called for. So the second possible reason is about the software, which is easily overlooked by us. And in most occasions the software is possibly the real core reason why the computer becomes slow and laggy during 4K editing.

Nowadays, most hardware is capable of processing 4K video files. But if the software cannot stimulate the potential of the hardware for 4K video processing, the slow and laggy issue would come out as well. So in this guide, we mainly focus on the reason stems from software and will introduce a powerful video editing tool that can save you from the tedious slow and laggy 4K editing. Check it in the following content.

Slow and Laggy 4K Video Editing Can be Overcome by Hardware Acceleration

The tool we use is VideoProc, with a specialized built-in hardware acceleration engine, is perfectly designed for 4K video editing. Its Level-3 Hardware Acceleration is empowered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA®.

The picture below demonstrates that video processing under CPU only, GPU acceleration and Hardware Acceleration yields different: video editing with CPU only, 6 times speed faster than that of real time editing; with GPU acceleration, 24 times speed improved compared to the real time processing; with VideoProc's full hardware acceleration, which doubles the GPU acceleration performance, hits nearly 8 times performance that CPU only does, and peaks up to 47 times than that of the real-time processing!


CPU, GPU and Full Hardware Accel

CPU, GPU and Full Hardware Accel Comparing with Real-time Processing

A Step-by-step Pictorial Guidance on Editing 4K Smoothly in Full Hardware Acceleration

Before kicking off, download and install VideoPorc on our Window or Mac, then we can roll the following 3 steps on.



Step #1 - Fulfill the registration process. Clicking the Register icon on the bottom right of the main board, then fill in the licensed email and registration code you obtain from the full version payment.

Notice: The trial version is chained to one 5-minute video editing, for a better editing experience, please work with its full version.

Registration Button
Registration Button

Step #2 - Check your hardware acceleration. Left-clicking the Video button on the main board as pic shown in step #1.

Option Button
Option Button on the User Interface

Hit the Option button on the left window of user interface and hardware checking will be automatically triggered. To get detailed data on codec supported info, you can click the Recheck button.

Hardware Info1
Hardware Info1

Notice: This algorithm can detect which processor your PC is working with so as to trigger accordingly acceleration when you are editing videos.

When the recheck process is done, you can edit your 4K video with hardware acceleration in VideoProc! Hit the Next button to get started.

Hardware Info2
Hardware Info2

Step #3 - Edit 4K video with hardware acceleration. Speed is marginally quickened than ever before!

Export Video with Hardware Acceleration
Export Video with Hardware Acceleration


Most of the time, 4K video will be a beast for CPU only processing, thus easily causes video slow, choppy and laggy. Have a go with VideoProc, its built-in hardware acceleration engine is specially made for 4K video editing. By cracking the slow and laggy issue with its hardware acceleration technology, VideoProc will return you a wonderful editing experience you ever have. Hope this post can help you kill the slow and laggy pains in 4K video editing.



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