[Solved] Quality Loss When Exporting 4K Videos from Premiere

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"When I watch the original files versus the final edit, the edit suffers from a dramatic loss in image quality over the original. The new edit appears to have less saturation and contrast and the overall picture seems less sharp." from an Adobe User.

As an Adobe user, I know you have a rough ride in editing videos of 4K resolution, especially when you finally manage to finish editing, but get quality-degraded videos after exporting. According to users review,quality degrading involves lower resolution, less saturation, contrast and sharpness, and image jerky. And this is what users can't stand most, so let's take a close look at this issue.

4K quality loss after exporting
4K quality loss after exporting

Reasons Analysis

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editor, and there are plenty of parameters and settings you need to pay attention to. If the output quality is different from what you expected, there must be something wrong with editing presets or exporting settings.

1. Sequence resolution is different from exporting resolution.

To edit different video materials freely, users incline to set sequences to edit clips separately. And if the sequence resolution differs from the output, like, lower than the final output, it will be first down scaled, and up scaled when exporting. In the process of changing resolution back and forth, it finally upscales the resolution from the lowered video, not the original 4K video, and thus results in bad quality after exporting.

2. The output video settings don't match the 4K source.

Adobe has default presets for exporting settings, so you'd better check the settings by yourself, whether the width, height, and frame rate are the same as the source video, in case that it down scales the 4K video to 1080p, 720p or other lower resolution.

3. The bitrate settings are not proper.

Bitrate is the number of megabits per second which decides how much data it processes per second. Different formats present different bitrate options. Rendering a high-resolution video needs a high bitrate to keep up with the information stored in the video frame. So quality loss occurs when you have a low bitrate to compress 4K videos.

Solution 1: Preset in Sequence Settings

Follow the instructions to match the sequence resolution to the output resolution:

Step 1. File> New> Sequence> Sequence Presets>Digital SLR>1080p 24

Sequence Preset
Sequence Preset

Step 2. Switch to Settings from Sequence Presets, and set Frame Size as 3840x2160.

Set Frame Size
Set Frame Size

Step 3. Hit OK to save sequence preset.

This method is to check and fix quality loss caused by sequence settings. If it doesn't help you out, please turn to the next solution.

Solution 2: Set Exporting Options

Step1. After editing, open File> Export> Media>Basic Video Settings. Set the width and height of the video to 3840 and 2160, and change the Frame Rate to 60. You can refer to the summary info in the upper place if you are not sure about the source frame size and frame rate.

Basic Video Settings
Basic Video Settings

Step 2. Choose VBR 2 pass in Bitrate Settings, and set the target bitrate to 40, and maximum to 60. If you are uploading a 4K video to YouTube, you have to set it much higher, because online video platforms will compress your video again.

Bitrate Settings
Bitrate Settings

Tips: If you mix videos of different resolution, like 4K, 1080p, 720p and others together, please select Use Maximum Render Quality to avoid quality degrading, saturation and contrast losing.

Solution 3: Keep 4K Resolution Throughout the Process

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful and comprehensive video editor when editing 4K videos, but it changes the video resolution to meet to different editing requirement, so it is hard to handle the resolution properly. Now here comes an easy yet powerful 4K video editor, VideoProc, which keeps 4K resolution from importing to exporting.

Download and install VideoProc to export flawless 4K videos in a few clicks!

VideoProc - A Powerful and Fuss-free 4K Video Processor
  • Editing large 4K files smoothly with full GPU acceleration.
  • Export 4K videos without compromising quality.
  • A one-click video editor that can cut, trim, crop, denoise, stabilize 4K videos.
  • A powerful video convertor that can convert 4K videos to 420+ formats.

Step 1. Launch this program and import 4K videos.

Step 2. Follow your ideas to edit 4K videos: cut, merge, crop, rotate, add effects, and so forth.

Step 3. Double click the desired output format listed in the lower Video box, and get to the Format settings. Choose 3840x2160 (4K) or keep the original resolution of 4K videos in Video Codec Options.

Set 4K Resolution - VideoProc
Set 4K Resolution - VideoProc

Step 4. Click RUN to export the video.

Final Words

VideoProc was born to edit 4K videos shoot by iPhone, GoPro, DJI, DSLRs and more. It allows users to go through a smooth and fast 4K editing process. For good measure, it specializes in converting videos to hundreds of formats, backing up DVDs, recording screens, and downloading videos from online video sites.

That’s all for troubleshooting problems of 4K quality loss after exporting from Premiere Pro. Hope it help you out.

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