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Top 5 Online Video Recorders You Should Know [2020]

People are in love with online applications and choose to use online tools to complete their works as you don't need to worry about data loss for sudden power failure or crashed computers. All of your files will be automatically saved to the clouds. If you are prepared to screen record a long-time project like screen tutorial, webinar, Movie, TV shows, etc. but afraid of accidents that will cause your works missing, take consideration of online video recorder. This article has carefully put our top picks of 5 best online video recorders. Let's check it through!

Looking for screen recorder software? VideoProc is just the way to go.

Best video-recorder-software

When it comes to online video recorders, you will not shun its counterpart screen recorder software. And I have to say that VideoProc is the yardstick by which all other video recorders are measured.

  1. • Full GPU accelerated encoding powered by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.
  2. • Record system sound, voice-over and facecam overlay at the same time.
  3. • Record the entire/regional screen.
  4. • Modify recording settings like video container, codec, quality, etc.
  5. • Chrome key effect is available.

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1. Screencastify

It's fair to say that this online video recorder appears to be ground-breaking in that it's really an all-in-one, browser-based and online recording tool. Some online recorder can only make screencasts; while Screencastify provides a suite of editing tools, which allows you transcoding, cropping, trimming, adding titles and more. And there is another one key feature that the former twos are incapable of realizing. That is the ability to automatically save your recording in the cloud, and you can check your recorded footages in My Recordings tab. To access this ability, you have to register an account in the very first place. After that, you can opt for saving your clips to the local drive or Google Drive as you wish.

And the steps below will walk you through a tutorial that will help you use this online video recorder. First, you will navigate to their site and install the add-on to the browser. When you launch the tool the first time, you will go through some recording settings about the permission to access your camera and microphone, and where to save your footages. Next, customizing video quality before recording. Move to the wheel-shaped icon at the top-right of the UI, you can set up resolution, frame rate, etc. in this tab. What amazes me is that you can record videos at 1080P@60FPS FOR FREE in this small browser-based addon!

Then select what contents you will record: a site, the entire screen or webcam only. Another feature surprises me is that even I was recording at 1080P@60FPS, CPU was not so intense. Unbelievable! What's more, a suite of annotation tools is available in the course of recording. Finally, when you finished recording, click on Stop sharing at the bottom of the window, and a pop-up window will appear. You will see some video information attached on the right; of course, you can edit your footage with its built-in editing tools.

Screencastify online video recorder


  • • A lite but powerful browser-based addon.
  • • Cloud service is available.
  • • Highest video quality at 1080P@60FPS.
  • • Support MP4, WEBM and GIF format.


  • • 5-mins restrictions on video length to the non-membership

2. Recordscreen.io

Believe it or not, this would be a game-changing, nice-to-have and genuine online video recorder. Why do I call it a genuine online video recorder? Cause you can enjoy a smooth recording journey without installing an addon or launcher. The site is rather clean and simple, without any Ads. In addition, this online video recorder has a definitely flat learning-curve, which takes you less training to complete a screencast with ease.

Following is a step-by-step tutorial of how to use this online tool. First, open a Chrome browser and type Recordscreen.io to navigate to the site. You will see a few product descriptions at the center of the browser. Then click on Record button to customize some settings before recording. You can opt for only capturing the computer screen or taking screen with webcam overlay at the bottom-left corner.

Next, it asks you what contents on the screen you are going to record, ranging from the entire screen, application to a website, this move will minimize mistakes happening in the course of recording. When recording is complete, check Stop Recording and click the playback button preview the clip online. At last, click Download to save the footage to your computer.



  • • Free to use.
  • • Uncomplicated and clean site.
  • • Easy-to-use and nifty online video record.


  • • GPU accelerated encoding has not been available.
  • • Only one video format: WEBM 

3. Video Recorder (add-on)

Published by MyBrowserAddon community, Video Recorder is a browser-based add-on and open-source project that helps people to screen record computer webcam for free. Enabling this tool does not ask you to download any application to your computer, but you have to install a small add-on to your browser. When you use it, press on the icon in the toolbar at the top right corner, and there is a pop-up window that is the UI of the online video recorder.

Working with this online video recorder is quite simple. At the main UI, click on Camera Start and there will be a pop-up message asking you the accessibility to the camera. Once all the permissions are given, check Record Start to get recording activated. When recording is finished, select Record Stop or Camera Stop to keep recoding in the list. And move to the list of recoding to save the footage. If you want to ungroup audio from recording, you can enable its built-in MP3 converter to keep audio only.

Video Recorder addon
Video Recorder addon


  • • Free and open source tool.
  • • Available to various browsers and operating systems.
  • • Flat learning curve.


  • • Record webcam only.
  • • Don't support GPU acceleration.
  • • Support only WEBM video format.
  • • Video is kept in 4:3 aspect ratio.

4. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is an online video recorder developed Hong Kong Apowersoft Company that includes annotation tools, video sharing, regional recording, etc. It can help you to complete various tasks such as computer onscreen tutorial, online webinar, and entertainment videos with both system sound and voice-over. Besides, a variety of recording modes such as full-screen recording, area recording, picture-in-picture are available, allowing users to easily get a video recording when inspirational sparkle comes to their minds. Besides, it is capable of making a screencast at maximum 1080P@50FPS, and posting them to various social media platform directly.

Next, we will run through this online application in length. At the start of your journey, you will install a tool launcher from its website. When the installation is done, click on Start Recording at the homepage and confirm the permission to enable the tool. At the main UI, a small window, you can modify recording settings like recording area, sound, webcam overlay; or you can access to adjust shortcuts, location, video profiles through More option at the right. If you have already signed in your social media account, you can share your footage directly within the tool after recording.

Apowersoft online video recorder
Apowersoft online video recorder


  • • The online version has no time limitation on recording to all users.
  • • Support MOV, MP4, AVI, GIF, H.264, and other video formats.


  • • No video editing tools.

5. ACE Thinker

And here's the last one online video recorder I want to share with you guys – Ace Thinker. It is a free online video recorder, which can not only record all activities on the computer display, but also record the computer webcam. The maximum image quality is 1080P@50FPS, which greatly meets the user's needs for high-quality recordings. With ACE Thinker behind you, recording screen activities has become a piece of cake.

This online video recorder makes footages more appealing. For example, you can add annotations to let viewers understand the points without struggling when recording an educational material. Apart from this, you can enable the audio recorder to capture voice-over. With the narration to the video, people can easier chew up your lectures. Considering that the usage of ACE thinker is similar to Apowersoft, there is no longer to repeat again.

Ace Thinker online video recorder
Ace Thinker online video recorder

Note: Apowersoft and Ace Thinker share the same launcher, so their UIs look identical to each other.


  • • You can adjust video profiles, such as container, codec, resolution, and more by accessing settings panel.
  • • No watermark and time restriction.


  • • It might not be available to some of the browsers.

Final thoughts:

Screencastify probably is the best online video recorder I've ever tested and used. With installing a small addon, you can record videos at 1080p@60FPS smoothly and enjoy the cloud service that will automatically save your files. Recordscreen and Video Recorder will let you go through a simple and quick recoding journey. Ace thinker and Apowersoft allow you to capture videos with time limitation for free.

But if you would happen to weak or even broken internet, online video recorders would not be available. In this situation, give a try to an all-in-one screen record software – VideoProc.

Tip: Not a big fan of online tools, no worries, and we have also prepared for another post about best screen recorders on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, which you can trust.


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