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How to Record & Edit Green Screen Videos

If you have ever watched the shooting scenes of a movie's blooper, especially some science and fiction movies, you may always notice a green screen, before which, the characters are photographed. The original green screen will become the scenes we see finally via a series of post treatments. It is also widely used in weather forecasts, spoof videos and so on. Then what on earth does the role green screen play? How does the simple green screen turn into so many cool and fantastic scenes?

Record a Computer Screen

What Is Green Screen

Green screen is the background screen for shooting stunt scenes. Actors perform in front of the green screen and are photographed by the camera. The screen is then processed in the computer for cutting out the green background and replaced by other backgrounds. In a word, it is a green-colored screen against which actors or other moving objects can be filmed and to which separate moving images can be added.

You may also hear about the words of chroma key or blue screen. In fact, both of them are just as same as green screen.Chroma key is an editing technique in which two images are composed together to create a single, finished image. This editing technique is sometimes referred to as blue or green screen, referencing the backdrop used to film the subject of an image which will be subjected to the chroma key process.

What Can Be Chroma Key Be Applied For

Green screens are used extensively in film and television to create a range of special effects. Apart from the professional occasion, they are instrumental in our daily life such as the making of spoof videos. Guess you may question whether complicated or precise equipment is needed for recording or editing green screen videos. The answer is NO.

VideoProc - a professional, powerful and easy-to-operate video editing software can help you make it easily. Just download and install it on your computer, and follow the steps below one by one. Then you will know that we did not lie.

How to Record and Edit Green Screen Videos

Step 1: Prepare a real green/blue background, or a recorded video that has green/blue background.

Step 2: Open the digital background, which you plan to insert on your recording video, on your computer.

Step 3: Launch the VideoProc application, and then choose Recorder.

Step 4: Select Webcam or Screen & Webcam. Then choose either of the options: Record screen while showing facecam or Record webcam while showing screen. Please remember that any of these modes require a real facecam connected to your computer or a virtual camera on your computer.

Step 5: Go to the Gear button in the top right corner of VideoProc, and then the Settings.

Step 6: On the pop-up page of Settings, scroll down to the Recorder part and find the remove webcam background feature. By default, this feature is not enabled. If so, check it to turn it on.

Green Screen Recording Settings - VideoProc
Green screen recording settings

Step 7: Then work with the Color Value option. The aim of this job is to choose the color as same as the current background of the webcam video background. Click on it, and another window will be showing, where you can Pick Screen Color or set the color value with detailed options. Choose the color value as same as the recording background. Lastly, click OK.

Step 8: The third part of this job is about adjusting Similarity, Smoothness, Color Spill Reduction, and Opacity. Do not know what each of them means? Don't worry, and here are the details below.

Set green screen parameters
Set green screen parameters

Step 9: Once all settings above done, you can head to the Record feature of VideoProc to start recording your video with the background you want.

Bottom Line

VideoProc – the one-stop solution for all your creation on a video, is one of the most powerful video editing software that enables you to edit, trim, merge, adjust, shift and compress (4K) film files carefreely. Armed with hardware acceleration engine, it allows you to complete all kinds of audio and video work in the shortest time. Just download and try such a cannon in the field of video editing and recording.


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