How to Split DJI 4K/HD Videos without Audio Video Syncing Issue

By Jordi D. Rodríguez Updated: Aug. 2, 2019
Audio is out of sync with video after video splitting in DJI OSMO Action? See the WORKAROUND

DJI OSMO Action, the new-comer of the action camera family, comes with a number of amazing features and brings a lot of fun to the users. But there are some tiny or seriously nerve-wrecking problems, according to our personal 4K editing experience and the the feedbacks collected from forums.

But here we provide you with an easy solution. This is a complete guide on how to split DJI video files without audio and video out of sync. If you run into the error after splitting video in DJI OSMO Action camera, check the following guide.

Audio Is Out of Sync with Video After Splitting in DJI?

DJI OSMO Action Camera

This issue was firstly found by an OSMO Action user named David_Harry, who posted it on the DJI forum. He tried the camera built-in split feature to cut a 4GB video into multiple files. But got the result of audio of some files goes out of sync with the video.

We thought it would be the same as the OSMO Pocket issue, for the Pocket also had audio gap issue. But as digging the issue deep, it seems that they are totally different.

As for the Pocket, the audio goes later than the video. Or simply put, there is a passage of audio missing from the start of the video. While about the Action audio/video syncing issue, the audio runs ahead of the video. There is a passage of video lost from the start of the audio. Besides, in the second file, we cannot find the missing audio file.

Another much more interesting thing is that when we watch the clip directly on the OSMO itself, it plays in one continuous stream, and the audio stays synced. So it possibly has something to do with the video latency issue. But how to fix it?

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How to Fix This DJI OSMO Action Audio/Video Syncing Issue?

For now, the DJI company has not provided any practical solution to this issue. However, they have known it and will work on it soon. Here are the words coming from the DJI support in the following.

DJI's Words on the Audio/Video Syncing Issue

So to make it clear, there is no a possible way to fix this issue now until the company release one in the future.

Surely, we can also ask for help from some professional video post-processing software, which has the feature to fix the audio and video sync problem, for example, VideoProc.

Also, we can split the DJI OSMO Action video by some other ways, not its built-in split feature, to get away from the audio/video syncing issue. And in the following part, we will introduce one such way - a new way to split DJI OSMO Action video files. Check it now.

A New Way to Split DJI 4K/HD Videos without A/V Sync Issue

To make this job done, we sincerely recommend the post-processing application - VideoProc. Why? Because this DJI video editor can meet all your needs for DJI OSMO Action video splitting. With it, you can simply trim the unwanted start and (or) end of the video; split the video into multiple standalone items, which all can be regular with the same duration, or irregular with the unique and different duration, just as you need; and cut the video into several parts but merge these part into a whole. Keep reading and find the details.

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VideoProc - No Crash, No Stutters

How to Split DJI 4K/HD Video with VideoProc

This section will mainly tell us how to split DJI OSMO Action videos into multiple independent files.

Step 1. Download VideoProc and install it on your Windows or Mac computer, if you have not yet. And then launch the application and select the Video button.
Step 2. Then we will enter the Video page. Choose +Video button to import the OSMO Action video which you would like to edit; After the video is imported, select Toolbox at the bottom of the software interface, and then double-click the Split button, which will bring you to the Split page.
VideoProc Video Processing Page
Step 3. On the Split page, there are several features or functions to make the splitting much easier.
Video Splitting in VideoProc

At its lower left, you can set which section of the video you prefer splitting. You can move the green button on the timeline to locate the section, or manually set it by the Start Time and End Time features.

At the lower right, there you have two options about how to split the video. By default, VideoProc will split the video into 10 segments, or split it every 60 seconds. You can change the number as you need.

Above these two features, there are the details about each segment, ID number, the Start Time, the End Time, and its duration. You can click on these specs to change them, too.

After you finish these settings, just click Done button to the next step.

Step 4. Then we will go back to the video importing page. Then what we need to do is to check the Nvidia / Intel / AMD under Hardware Acceleration Engine, which allows VideoProc to process the video at the maximum speed that the hardware can provide. Then choose the output folder, so you can quickly find where the clips are after processing.
Step 5. The last step is just clicking on the RUN button to make VideoProc start the splitting job.

Bonus Tips:

1. Why VideoProc Splits Videos without A/V Syncing Issue?

Because VideoProc applies the linear video editing technology. When VideoProc edits a video, it modifies the image and audio just in the predetermined and ordered sequence.

2. How to Cut DJI OSMO Action Video and Merge?

When we use DJI OSMO Action, or some other digital cameras, to record, it is no doubt that there will be some useless images interspersed in the whole video. In this situation, what we want to do is cutting them and merging them into a new video.

It seems that there is much work to do, but VideoProc can just make it much more easily than you expect.

3. How to Trim DJI Video?

If you do not have so many needs, and what you want is just to remove some section in the start or end of the OSMO Action video.

Bottom Line

These words are pretty much all about how to split DJI OSMO Action video files without audio/video syncing issue. As you see, VideoProc can help you with this job much more easily but, at the same time, without the audio/video syncing issue. Why not free download and give it a try now?

Besides, our job is definitely not going to stop here, and we will keep going forward to search, collect, and find more info about DJI OSMO Action, and help the users like you use this device much more easily. So please read more articles on our website and stay tuned.

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