One-stop workflow to solve
DJI video editing annoyance of settings, software and creativity.

#1 Check Your Device's Compatibility

Problems with DJI videos editing are mainly caused by two reasons:one is lacking of proper guidance, and the other is the improper setting of our handy DJI devices. Why we need get knowledged of your DJI devices? When we are editing DJI videos, we normally work with footage from different video shooting devices. Therefore, it's important to figure out what video content and effect we want to produce before videographing.

We can start to set the parameters of the equipment, shooting mode and output format correctly, which help to avoid many mistakes in the coming editing procedure. Following the tips to check your demand.

  • Parameter:

    Resolution, FPS, HDR, Color Space

  • Optional Shooting Mode:

    Landscape, Portrait, Night mode

  • Device using tips:

    QuickShots, RockSteady, Time-lapse, Slow-motion

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#2 Choose Video Editor Which Suits You Most

How to find the highly matched software to process DJI videos while facing with numerous choices.
From beginners to professionals, our workflow will help you find the DJI video editing software you need.

VideoProc Features

for DJI Drone, Action Camera and Mobile Phone

VideoProc Complete DJI Video Editing Toolbox
for Easier and Faster Output

  • Speedy video output with GPU Acceleration
  • Worry-free editing presets and codec
  • Rich parameters setting for DJI video editing
  • Adjust video frame rate with two steps
  • High quality UHD HD video and music converter
  • Efficiently change resolution between 1080P and 4K
  • Customizable video bitrates to get smaller file size
  • Smoother DJI drone video editor in old computer

For Professionals

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very powerful and comprehensive nonlinear software for DJI video editing. Its flexibility not only enables professionals to edit, use color grading, and adjust the effects of wide-range videos with high degrees of freedom, but also has good extensibility to support third-party tools. However, because of the complicated export settings of software, sometimes many beginners do not get the final video format as well as face many unknown errors.

How to convert your DJI video format with one click?
VideoProc supports more than 420+ formats to provide you with the most accurate export presets.

Convert with VideoProc

For Mobile Users


To use mobile phones to edit DJI videos, DJI GO, DJI GO 4, DJI FLY and DJI MIMO are great choices. These Apps provide similar DJI video editing features, convenient presets and music libraries, enabling users to complete own videos in a short time and share them to social platforms immediately.

However, the file size of high-resolution videos footage is often large, sometimes file transfer cost more time to import as the limited speed of WIFI. Due to flashbacks, output resolution and screen limitation, DJI Apps also take more time to do basic video editing than sofeware on PC. It will be better to use a computer video editor to process them.

DJI Official Apps VS VideoProc

DJI Official Apps
  • Limited speed to transfer video files
  • Unable to cut video accurately
  • Prone to crash while editing
  • Only support 720P/1080P resolution Output
  • Fast & easy editing with full GPU Acceleration
  • Cutting video can be accurate to 0.01 second
  • Excellent at processing 4K and large-size DJI videos
  • One-stop video editing, converting feature for post-production
Download VideoProc Download VideoProc

#3 Improve Your Creativity

From the workflow mentioned above, we can solve most annoyance while doing DJI video editing, but it's hard to rule out all the possibility that we can't make the ideal video. In this case, it's best to start with improving your creativity. Whether devices or software, they exist to achieve our own creative ideas. Sometimes we don't have good ideas, just because we don't know the latest information. To improve creativity, we can start from the following three aspects: shooting idea, imitation and effective polishing.

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