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How to Merge Video with Subtitles in Different Languages?

What Problems You Will Have When Merging Video with Subtitles?

When editing a video, many a time it happens that you have respective video files and subtitle files which you wish to merge them into one but fail to achieve it in a lossless way. Clearly, soft embedded subs can be easily turned off, whereas, hard subs are much more troublesome and will cause substantial quality loss whether you try to add them or remove them.

For sure, some software may combine your files in a different container, but the problem is, various containers are only compatible with a limited number of subtitle formats. (e.g. AVI theoretically supports few subtitles like SRT, SSA/ASS only through a third party software.) You may also search for help from other tools such as Handbrake, but this tool will re-encode your video which inevitably reduces the video quality and costs you plenty of time. Besides, it becomes even harder if you want to add multilingual subtitles to your video.

Please keep reading this article as it will offer you a feasible solution within minutes.

What VideoProc Can Do for Merging Subtitles with HD/4K Videos?

VideoProc can easily merge subtitles with video without any quality damage and can convert video with subtitles to multiple video formats (e.g. mp4, mkv, avi, m4v, h.264, h.265 etc.). Namely, you can always achieve it with only a few clicks if you want to convert video with subtitles without re-encoding, integrate subtitles into MP4, and convert video with subtitles to MP4, along with attach the most commonly used captioning format like SRT (SubRip) to the most popular video format like MP4, to name a few. In short, if you want to integrate subtitles in multiple language tracks (e.g. with subtitles of both your first language and English) into your video, there are basically two methods for you: to hardcode or to softcode them. To learn more about it, please move on to the next part.

Add Subtitle
Add Subtitle to a Video

How to Merge Subtitles with Video?

Step 1. Download and install VideoProc on your PC/laptop. You can download this video editing software below directly.

Step 2. Open VideoProc and click the '+Video' button to load your targeted video file for merging subtitles. Click 'Subtitle' to enter the interface where you can add multiple subtitles to a video.

Merge Videos with Subtitles
Merge Videos with Multiple Subtitles - VideoProc

Step 3. Click 'Add Subtitle Files' to embed subtitles of which you will have three different formats (.ass/.ssa/.srt) to choose. Then, click 'Search Subtitle File' to search for your targeted subtitle files. Click 'Done' to save this process.

Step 4. You must choose one of two accessible modes to the output you encoded video: softcode and hardcode. Softcode allows you to hide/display the subtitles in a manual operation, while in hardcode, subtitles will play with video by default as the subtitle tracks and video tracks are going to merge into one playback track. Set the right output path and save your file.

Final Thoughts

The step-by-step tutorial stated above has shown how useful VideoProc is when it comes to merging video with subtitles/ merge subtitles with a video. In short, VideoProc has many evident advantages for merging subtitles with video and extracting subtitles: it has a simple interface for operation; it supports the playing of multiple subtitle tracks; also, it supports the embedment of three different subtitle formats; in addition, it provides two options for subtitling (softcode & hardcode); and it is a one-stop editing software which brings better experience for video editing enthusiasts.


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