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How to Merge Audio with Video Synchronously Without Lag?

When merging the image and sound of a video asynchronously, there will be an unpleasant audio-visual experience. It seems like you are watching a lip-sync show. Users of Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X may have faced with this out-of-sync problem when they merge audio with a video.

For example, Adobe users are troubled by the audio track lagging 500 seconds later than the video track, and the unpleasant watching experience drives them crazy. But Adobe users are not alone. Final Cut Pro X users are frustrated that if they set the output format bigger than 20MB, the same out-of-sync problem occurs.

Some possible factors are found to be responsible for the out-of-sync matter:

First, you may happen to pick up the less recommended output format, eg. .avi, .mkv, which are able to play smoothly only with typical media players.

Second, the dissonant image and sound are impacted by the frame rate and the code rate. And sometimes this may be attributed to the media players.

Third, the variable frame rate can cause this A/V out-of-sync issue. Many Adobe Premiere users have encountered this problem, and they get it solved by converting the frame rate.

Is there any software that can settle this problem? Here we would like to recommend VideoProc, which can guarantee A/V sync when joining videos together and can fix out-of-step media file.

Free Download VideoProc to Fix the A/V Out-Of-Sync Issue!

Force A/V Sync in VideoProc - No Lagging Issue When Combing Tracks

VideoProc, a one-stop video processing software, is favored by thousands of videographers. Why do users choose VideoProc? Several highlights on its features can be the right answer.

• It supports various kinds of video and audio formats. Some uncommon formats like TOD, AC3, FLAC are available on VideoProc. There's a wide choice for customers to go with the output format they prefer.

• It is quality-oriented with accelerated speed. VideoProc is full GPU accelerated video processing software (it can be 47 times faster than the real-time speed). It contrives to save the quality of the video to the largest extent. Merging video and audio with VideoProc can achieve a higher image& sound quality but without lag issue or quality loss.

• This well-performed video editor is easy to operate. The interface of VideoProc is simple so users can easily master the merging skills. Besides, users don't need to set the professional parameters in person as all these professional numbers can be selected in the list.

Audio Not in Sync with Video After Merging? Solved It with A/V Sync

Step 1: Free download VideoProc and install it on your Windows or Mac.

*Note: Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit).You need to finish the registration process according to the guidance - fill in both your Licensed Email and Registration Code, next click Activated, then you can move to step 2.

Registration Process

Step 2: Launch VideoProc and import your video.

• Double click VideoProc icon and open it. Choose the Video column to enter the user interface, next click the +Video button to import your video.

• Then choose the output format. Click the Video button at the bottom, then choose one format according to your actual needs.

Main Interface

Step 3: Sync audio and video track.

• Click Effect column of the blue bar on the top to enter the Edit Video window. Move to the Audio&Video column.

• Tick "Recalculate Time Stamp" , and a window will pop up, asking you whether to "Continue" or "Cancel". Click the "Continue" button, when finished, click the "Done" button.

Synchronize Audio and Video Button

Step 4: Set the output destination.

After you have synced the audio and video track, you need to set the output destination for your new content. Choose the proper output folder on the last interface, finally click the RUN button on the bottom right o finish the task.

Final Words

Apart from fixing the A/V out-of-syn issue when merging, VideoProc is capable of solving the lags of recorded videos, too. Besides, users can perform other operations like cutting, cropping, converting and more customized settings. VideoProc is a powerful audio/video cutter and merger that can serve your various editing needs, no wonder it is the best choice for you.


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